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We are eight life-long readers, friends and romance lovers. Read on to find out more about us.

I'm Sandra, owner of My Fiction Nook. I'm a forty-something believer in equal human rights, wife, and mother, with a full-time job. My roots are German, my home is in the United States, and my heart is in Florida.

A voracious reader since childhood, I have in recent years switched from paperbacks to ePubs without a backwards glance. My trusty iPad travels where I go, so I'm never without a way to read the books I love.

I primarily read LGBTQ Romance in almost all shapes and forms, and also enjoy the occasional mystery/suspense, as well as books that are geared towards YA and/or deal with social issues. I'm not all that interested in Sci-Fi or Horror.

You can also find me on Goodreads and Booklikes.

Hello everyone, I'm Heather! I am in my early 30s, and I'm a part time dentist, a full time wife, and a mother of two crazy toddlers. I'm an east-coaster born and bred.

I would describe myself as a peppy, upbeat person who absolutely loves to read. When I'm not drilling teeth or changing diapers, you can find my nose buried in my Kindle Paperwhite (my poor neglected husband!).

My favorite genres are male/male romances, paranormal anything, sci-fi, contemporary romances, historical fiction, erotica, and young adult. I usually don't like horror and epic fantasy. I have a real weakness for books that make me laugh.

I read and review purely for my own enjoyment. I get no monetary compensation whatsoever. I hope you enjoy my reviews! You can reach me at Heather[at]myfictionnook.com or find me on Goodreads.

I'm Dani. I was born and raised in Europe, but I play an American on TV. I read and exercise voraciously, sometimes at the same time. I have a hunger for new experiences and have traveled the globe a couple times over. I was once detained at the Beijing airport for 24 hours.

I love (in no particular order) long trail runs, DNA, coffee, vodka, dogs, beaches, cobblestone streets, and books. I'm a Berkeley liberal, a rabid supporter of gay rights, and an opinionated introvert, an INTJ for those of you into personality types; apparently, so is Vladimir Putin.

By day, I'm a geeky academic; by night, an M/M romance junkie. My best friend is my 100-pound white Labrador retriever named Mags. I'm happiest hiking in the mountains, Mags at my side and my trusty Kindle in my pack.

You can find me on Goodreads, where I post and make witty comments on a daily basis.

Hi everyone, I'm Todd (aka The Book Pimp). I'm a Southern boy at heart, growing up in Tennessee, then uprooting to San Francisco and finally San Diego with my husband of going on 18 years, Eric. I work for a large software company to pay the bills, but when not toiling away, I love to travel to warm, beachy, gay-friendly destinations.

And, oh yeah, I have the teeny tiniest of book addictions. I pretty much exclusively read M/M books, because after YEARS of growing up in the South and having to pretend I wasn't into guys, listening to hetero drama after hetero drama, WHY would I not choose to delve into the big queer world? Simple answer is I wouldn't, so I don't.

Anyway, I love a good slow burn courting and the fastest way for me to close and delete an eBook is to smother the plot in too much erotica. Like my mom always told my sisters, a little makeup goes a long way. Same here. If I want porn, well, I'll download it like normal people do. ;- )

However, the fastest way to hook me would go a little something like this:

Nerdy, awkward (preferably snarky) introvert with a heart of gold, but a serious tendency to *blurt* out every single thing on his mind meets a hot guy (preferably athletic, who doesn't know he's hot) who woo's the nerdlet to within an inch of his life until he's in like Flynn. And there would be the requisite slow, sensual, yet sizzling bumping of *no-no's* to express their mutual affection, not uncontrollable horniness. No cheating, no BDSM, but put the crazy right out on the front porch for all to see!

Ahhh, color me all over that mess.

I think that about sums it up for me, but you can find me on Goodreads, where I post reviews and make smartass comments pretty much every day. Feel free to come visit there, too!

Hi all, I'm Jewel. Though I grew up in the South (North Carolina), I am not really a "Southern Child". I've never liked grits, and I am apparently nearly incapable of using the word "y'all". Go figure. I'm a recent transplant from the Washington, DC area, where I lived for 15 years, to sunny San Diego (it's Todd's fault), and I love it here!

Like most of my friends, I would pretty much rather spend an evening reading a book, than going out or watching TV. On occasion, though, I do go out into the world and interact with others. But not for long -- books await! Even on those occasions I do go out, my Kindle (or Kindle App) is never too far away, or I get twitchy. You never know when you might need to read an emergency chapter!

I read almost exclusively M/M romance, these days and I love many genre's of it. I'll read anything from light and fluffy to dark and gritty. Contemporary or Sci-Fi/Fantasy are great, and I range from YA on up. I love a good story, especially if it has a lot of feels.

Aside from here, you can also find me on Goodreads and Twitter.

Jewel is currently on hiatus.

Hi everyone, I'm Karen, and they tell me I'm in my 50s so let's go with that. I was born and raised in Canada and I love it here but I also love it when I get the chance to go out and see what the rest of the world has to offer as well.

Reading is and always has been a huge part of my life. I grew up in rural Ontario and books were my salvation. I discovered the world of LGBTQ about 5 years ago and since then it's been a huge portion of what I read, but there are still authors in the world of fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery/thrillers and even some paranormal who will draw me out to play from time to time.

I adore my Kobo and we are basically inseparable but every once in a while the pages of a book will call to me and I will pull it down off the shelf so we can visit and travel to some far off exotic place together.

When I'm not reading, you can find me writing a review or chatting books with my friends on Goodreads or BookLikes or creating something with my needlework, playing with the worlds cutest Sealyham Terrier, Skyping/texting/talking with my son and/or his partner, or spending time with my husband of nearly 30 years who conveniently is also my best friend.

I’m Christelle, in my late 40s (according to my birth certificate, but I wonder…) and a proud French (no, I don’t eat frog legs…no idea where this clich√© comes from, but yes, I love cheese to the despair of my scale).

I split my time between my job in IT (but don’t ask me for any help : I’m only pretending understanding all the geeks surrounding me), my on-the side-job doing massages, spending time with my fantastic huge family and good friends, and of course, reading.

I’ve always enjoyed reading since I learned how to. Of course, by now, I left my childhood heroes behind me, as well as my paperbacks. My kindle is always close to me just in case I can grab a few minutes or long hours to read. And when it comes to fiction, it has only been in the English language for the last 3 decades and MM romances for the last years.

I favour contemporary, the more mature the characters, the better, balanced with a touch of angst, and why not a good mystery. But I’m curious, so I don’t limit myself to that. As long as I get some escapism and a good HEA, I’m all good.

Have fun on this blog : it’s full of nice ideas for reading !

Hi, I'm Ky. I love books, chocolate and sunny days. I'm from Greece and we get a lot of sun here so I'm lucky in that regard. I have an adorable, big puppy-dog that can't sit still for more than 5 seconds and has enough energy to fire up a spaceship. I have a big physical library that is one book away from collapsing and a digital one that is growing steadily every day. I'm a lifelong reader but I can't really choose a favorite book.

For the last few years I've been reading mainly - or maybe I should say only - m/m books, so that's what you'll find in my reviews, but I like all kinds of genres and tropes. I like contemporary, supernatural, mystery, some angst, clever humour and banter between the characters. I need a good, strong plot and as little fluff as possible, but other than that I'm not too picky. Generally, I'll read just about anything as long as the blurb sounds interesting, or I've liked the author's previous works, or the cover is intriguing, or my friends are raving about it, or --- Yeah, I'll read most things.

Aside from here, you can also find me on Goodreads talking about books I've read and discovering new ones.

About the blog:


Please note that we do not, under any circumstances, offer purchased content on this blog. All reviews reflect our honest opinion, and ours alone. Positive reviews cannot be purchased here. All Author Spotlights are guest/promotional posts that do not require compensation. This blog is not set up for advertising, nor do we use Google Adsense. We are not running this blog to make money or otherwise create financial gain from our love of reading. The only "payment" we receive comes in the form of a free ARC and/or published book for review, either via the publisher, Netgalley or Edelweiss, or the author him/herself.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra via the contact page. 

Thanks for checking us out!!

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