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Release Blitz: Hold Tight by Sue Brown


By Sue Brown

Biker Daddy Bodyguards, Book 4

Price: $3.99

Griff spends his evenings unofficially protecting the successful club owner, Jem Peacock, for the Biker Daddy Bodyguards. But Jem is a boy in need of a Daddy and Griff is desperate to take that job. He will wait patiently for Jem to trust him with the secret of his heart.

This young Daddy, all wiry muscle and compact strength, is not Jem’s type. But when Jem’s world implodes, Griff is the one by his side, guarding him, and offering Jem the chance to explore his little side. Jem has longed for a special kind of Daddy, one who loves a femme little. Is he too old to have his dream? Can he trust Griff with that secret?

To his fellow bodyguards, Jem is a client. To their community, Jem is a boy in need of a special Daddy. To Griff, Jem is a little to be treasured. Will Jem give him that chance?


Griff needed Jem—Jemmy—to understand he wasn’t like his first Daddy. Nothing would happen that Jem didn’t agree to, before he slipped into Jemmy. Even the discipline. He would show his boy what it was like to be nurtured and loved.

But for now, they didn’t have much time. He pulled a onesie from the shelf above. “Let’s get you dressed, and we’ll have cuddle time.”

The onesie was a little big, but Jemmy didn’t seem to mind, tracing the purple dinosaurs with one finger.

Griff lifted him off the changing mat and led him into the playroom. “Do you want to play, read, or just cuddle?”

“Cuddle please, Daddy.”

The armchair was spacious enough for two large men. Griff sat down and drew Jemmy on top of him. Jemmy snuggled in with a contented sigh. Griff kissed the top of his head, then he reached out to an old CD player and switched it on. Nursery rhymes filled the room. He had music for all ages.



“You won’t tell anyone about this?” Jemmy sounded worried and too much like Jem.

Griff rocked him gently. “Baby boy, what happens here is between you and me.”

“Not even the other Daddies?”

“Especially not the other Daddies,” Griff assured him. “It’s just you and me.”

Jemmy’s sigh was heartfelt, and he burrowed into Griff’s chest. Griff stroked his head, feeling the silky hair under his palm.


“Yes, Jemmy?”

“Can I play with dolls?”

“Of course you can. Would you like to pick one to cuddle?”

Jemmy sat up and studied the line of dolls. Griff made sure he had all ages for his boys.

Jemmy looked at Griff who nodded, then he clambered off Griff’s lap and went to a pretty black baby doll dressed in a yellow lace dress.

“Bring it back here.”

Griff held out his arms and Jemmy returned with the doll and sat back on Griff’s lap, snuggling in, and hugging the dolly to him.

They sat in peace for a while as the CD continued. Griff watched Jemmy stroke the lace.

He wasn’t sure if Jemmy was even aware of it. “I have lots of clothes in the closet you can dress up in, including dresses,” he said quietly.

He felt tension flood through Jemmy, and he expected a protest that Jemmy was a boy and didn’t wear dresses. Jemmy stayed silent.

Griff kissed him again. “Whatever you want.” He heard a sob and held Jemmy tight. How long had his boy been holding back his needs? If Jem would allow, Griff would dedicate his life to giving his love exactly what he needed. His love. Griff held Jemmy closer to him.

Jem and Jemmy. His lover and his boy. 

Book 1: Hold Firm
Book 2: Hold Close
Book 3: Hold Safe  

About the author: 

Cranky middle-aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys. She loves her dog, she loves her kids, and she loves coffee; in which order very much depends on the time of day. Find out more on her website and sign up for her newsletter.  


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