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Blogtour: Gideon's Wish by Brian T. Clark

Gideon's Wish

by Brian T. Clark

He might be Mr. Right, but their timing is all kinds of wrong…

Gideon's Wish - Bryan T. Clark
Gideon Miller is done letting his heart do the thinking for him. Been there, done that, still has the emotional scars to prove it. Besides, he’s leaving Los Angeles soon. There’d be no point in starting up a new romance now. But when he meets the off-the-charts sexy, ex-military man next door, Gideon starts to question everything…

Isaiah Williams needs a fresh start. With his time in the Navy—and a painful, toxic relationship—behind him, he’s ready to start a new life. Now all he has to do is figure out how to keep his matchmaking mother out of his business…and how to not fall for his sweet, nerdy, and entirely too attractive neighbor…

They’re complete opposites with nothing but trust issues in common. Their timing? Terrible. And yet…none of that matters when they’re together. Will love be enough to get Gideon and Isaiah to happily ever after? Or are they destined to remain star-crossed?

“Gideon’s Wish, a standalone, steamy, lightly angsty, M/M contemporary romance, features a loveable, openly gay handyman and the not-so-openly gay alpha male of his dreams. HEA guaranteed. Download today and get ready to fall in love with your next favorite read.”

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“Your dad and I are so proud of you and the work you’ve done on the house. I admit, I thought your dad was crazy to want to take the loan out to do this…But it really looks nice.”

He knew she was referring to the latest pictures he’d sent her. Although he’d spent every bit of the twenty grand from the home equity loan they’d taken out for the project, they saved so much money in labor by him doing the work himself.

Gideon groaned into the receiver. He hated talking money with her. It was always ‘we can’t afford that.’ “Well, I wanted to talk to you and Dad about the master bathroom. I was thinking we should redo the bathroom before we put it back up for rent. I can pay for it with the money I’m making, and…” The sound of a door closing caused Gideon to look over his shoulders, out the window, and into the carport that he and his neighbor, Daisy, shared.

Jesus! Gideon’s lower jaw dropped as he stared at the young man coming out of Daisy’s house holding a trash bag. Shirtless, his gorgeous brown chest muscles were like two rounded mountains.

As the guy walked across the carport, Gideon’s eyes traced down his picture-perfect six-pack abs to a tapered waist and strong thighs. He had the classic military hair cut, trimmed short all the way around except for the top of his head.

“Hold on! Your father’s walking in. Talk to him about that. I love you!”

“I love you, too,” he tried to say before she was gone. As he waited for his dad to get on the phone, Gideon now remembered Daisy saying last week that her son, Isaiah, was coming home and would be staying with her until he got on his feet. Was this who this gorgeous specimen of a man was?

Gideon’s gaze fell below the guy's waist. Holy shit! What the hell is that swinging in his black nylon gym shorts? Obviously, commando under the tight shorts, the sheer size of it sent blood flooding into Gideon’s own groin.

The man’s warm chestnut skin tone complimented his black hair and thin, neatly-trimmed mustache that dropped to his jaw line. If this was indeed Isaiah, he was way better-looking than his brothers and in great shape. He was all kinds of sexy.

Author Interview

  1. What advice do you wish you’d had before releasing your first story?

Oh, this is an easy one because I still have to look at that mistake every time I see the book. My first published book was Ancient House of Cards. Although it’s one of my favorite story lines I have written to date, I didn’t know that Romance readers needed an HEA. In this book, without spoiling the end, the book has an Emotionally Satisfying Ending, not a HEA. Another great piece of advice I wish I fully understood back then was don’t get your smart friend to edit your book because they’re smart. A good edit is so much more than finding a typo. Oh, one more, don’t be upset when your family doesn’t read it. Remember, you didn’t write it for them and they are not your target audience. 

  1. What is your writing Kryptonite?

I mean this is the most lovingly way I can, but it’s my husband. Our work hours are different, so most days I can work all day with little interruption. But when he’s home, all I hear is “Honey! Where’s the laundry soap? Honey! Do we have any staples? Honey, did you know the dog stinks?” Okay, all of that is true, but it’s not really why he’s my Kryptonite. He’s my Kryptonite because I don’t want to be locked up in my office working when he’s home. I want to be with him. 

  1. What do you do if you get a brilliant idea at a bad time?

There is no such thing as bad timing… unless I’m on the toilet! I get some of my best ideas when I’m driving, and when I’m trying to fall asleep. I once heard that it is when your mind is at rest, that the creativity can come through better. I have an app on my phone that is a speech to text app, so when that brilliant idea comes and it’s not the best time, I just use the app and get the idea down… but of course, not while I’m driving! 

  1. Do your books spring to life from a character first or an idea?

I think initially it’s an idea. I have a ton of ideas for books written down. Some are just a little more than the idea, and some are an entire outline. I don’t ever start actually writing the book until one of the characters makes contact with me and says, “Hey, I know you want to write this other story next, but I am ready to tell my story.” I have to listen when their ready to talk. So, I guess the book actually springs to life when the character does. 

  1. What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

I always have several ‘cakes in the oven’. Unless the characters stop talking to me, my next release is Hawthorne Manor, set for release in May 2022. This story involves a cranky old man, a nosey housekeeper, and two men that can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. 

Author Bio

Bryan T. Clark

Bryan T. Clark is a hopeless, perpetual, unceasing, relentless, unremitting, persistent, interminable romantic. He is a voracious reader who is blessed with an innate love of writing and who, after over 30 years, remains madly in love with the man of his dreams. So, it is no surprise then, that his passion in life is writing captivating and engaging romantic dramas about men who love men. He is committed to bringing his readers stories of real life, with multicultural characters, riveting plots, and of course, what we all desire…ever-lasting love. 

A multi-published, Rainbow Award winning author and a 2x LAMBDA Literary Finalist, he is also a funny, loving, family-oriented, and a proud member of the LGBTQ community. He is the founder of Cornbread Publishing Inc. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bryan and his husband of thirty-six years have made their home and life in the Central Valley of California. Find out more on his website.


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