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ARC Review: A Real Good Lie by Kate Hawthorne

A Real Good Lie
From the Blurb:
Name - Callahan McMillian
Age - 31
Relationship status - Very single, and I like it that way.
Looking for - Someone to make my ex-boyfriend jealous for the weekend.
Biggest regret - Rhys St. George
Hobbies - N/A

Name - Jace Dare
Age - 26
Relationship status - DTF
Looking for - a good time, not a long time
Biggest regret - kissing that hottie at the bar two weeks ago and letting him leave without getting his phone number
Hobbies - art, photography, dancing, hanging out with my friends

Callahan and Jace couldn’t be less compatible, but they've been set up for the weekend and there's no going back. Callahan's pride is on the line, his mouth is all over Jace, and they need to put in the performance of a lifetime if they’re going to make their very fake relationship look convincing. To sell the lie, Jace and Callahan reach an agreement: real attraction, pretend emotion. But when make believe turns into making love, the only people they’re fooling are themselves.

Ky's rating:

A Real Good Lie is a fake-boyfriends-turned-to-real-ones story. Callahan has to go to an event where he knows he'll see his ex-boyfriend, Rhys, so his best friend, Sebastian, (who also happens to be Rhy's younger brother) convinces him to bring a fake boyfriend with him. He has two weeks to get to know that person so they can make their relationship seem real, but he doesn't contact him until they're one their way to the event. When they see each other on the plane, they're in for a big surprise.

I liked the first half of the book a lot less than the second half, because both Callahan and Jace were acting badly. Callahan had decided to pretend to be in a relationship, but then he ignored Jace or acted like he was the one doing Jace a favor and not the other way around. No one forced him to pretend to have a boyfriend, so acting that way was unreasonable.

The same happened from Jace's part too: he had agreed to play the part of the boyfriend for a weekend and then he acted like it was a chore. No one had forced him to be there either, so if he didn't want to go he could have said no. Instead, he went along with the plan and then turned around and caused scene after scene, sulking, getting mad, fleeing places and on top of all that, he was judgemental and critical of everything and everyone. My point is, if he didn't want to do it, why did he agree in the first place?

The second part of the story was somewhat better, and I enjoyed it a lot more. They had moved on from the fake part and were giving a real relationship a try. Callahan took some serious decisions about his future and Jace took his first big step professionally. Rhys made some more appearances, always with the same amount of arrogance. I don't know what Callahan had seen in him to stay for so long in the relationship. Either Callahan is a terrible judge of character or Rhys is a spectacular actor.

I didn't like Callahan's attitude towards his social class in general. He had only bad things to say about everyone, except his best friend of course, and he seemed to hate everything about it. I'm sure that not everything is perfect up there, but this much complaining was tiring. The only one he could stand, was his best friend, Sebastian, and he had the same attitude as Callahan did.

Saddly, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. Fake boyfriends is a trope that usually works for me, but this time the magic didn't happen. The second book is about this couple's best friends who fall for each other, but I'll wait to read the blurb before I decide if I'll read their story or not.

~ I read an ARC of this book. ~

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