Sunday, May 9, 2021

ARC Review: Pinot & Pineapple Lumps by Jay Hogan

From the blurb:

Penn from Adelaide. That’s all I knew.

We shared a single kiss over a year ago, and I can still remember every toe-curling second of it. He thought I was too young for him. I thought he was running scared. But that kiss was the first time I’d felt alive in a long time, and I’ve been chasing the feeling ever since—doing my research, a lot of research, a lot of men. Something my protective older brother isn’t too happy about.

I’ve been through more than most guys my age, and I still bear the scars. My head’s not always my best friend, but I’m building a life, PTSD be damned. I can’t turn back the clock, and I’m not sure I want to.

Except maybe to that moment when Penn kissed me. I mean, the odds of us ever meeting again were slim to none, right?

Yeah, about that.

But this time I’m ready. I’m a year older, an ocean of therapy wiser, and I know exactly what I want.

Heather's rating: 

Pinot & Pineapple Lumps was the angsty, emotional installment in the Southern Lights series that I was craving. While sometimes Jay Hogan can insert too many mystery elements or make her books a little lengthy for my tastes, Pinot & Pineapple Lumps struck exactly the right note.

I've been waiting for Kurt's story for a very long time, and I'm thrilled that Jay Hogan wrote such a wonderful book for him. However, I highly recommend that you read this series in order. I actually had to take a moment to remind myself who all of the characters were because we are just thrown into the thick of the story and there is no time to catch up. But once I remembered, I was golden.

Kurt was such a lovely, well-developed character. Jay Hogan really made him more than just a tragic figure, and she made him feel strong yet vulnerable at the same time. He was a great match with Penn, and I loved how their chemistry was so strong that they couldn't fight it once they got entangled with each other.
Penn also had a lot on his plate, but he grew and changed organically with the story. I really liked that he wasn't just a prop to show Kurt's development, and that Penn had his own issues and depth as well.

My favorite part of the story was that there was drama, but there wasn't any unnecessary drama. It wouldn't be a Jay Hogan story without some plot twists that put characters into intense predicaments, but I loved how none of the drama stemmed from miscommunications or "I'm going to break up with you because I know what's best for you"-reasons.

While the pacing didn't always keep me glued to the story, it was still one of Jay Hogan's strongest works to date. It made me want a nice, big glass of wine, and to enjoy my loved ones while I have them around me. A very big win for this author, and the best book in a very strong series.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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