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ARC Review: Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson

Not So Sincerely, Yours (For Him, #2)From the Blurb:
About last night... I could blame the bourbon. I could say I let things get out of hand, that I should have never called you, but I'm done lying to myself—to you. I know what you're going to say. You're not very good at keeping your opinions to yourself, but this can't happen. It's inappropriate, at best. I'm your boss. Not to mention, you're clearly still hung up on him. I'm not a consolation prize.



You didn't think it was inappropriate when you had your tongue down my throat, but I digress. As for your accusation, I'm not the only one stuck in the past, but at least I'm not running from it. I can't believe I'm about to say this… Maybe you're right. You shouldn’t have called me. Especially if you never intended to own it. Own that you wanted it to happen. Admit that you wanted me.

Not so sincerely,

Ky's rating:

When I read the blurb for this book I was intrigued and excited. It's the first time I'm reading something from A.M. Johnson but I'm already captivated with the way she writes.

Anders and Ethan had a bumpy start, more reluctant acquaintances than anything else. In my opinion, the sexual chemistry between them was off the charts right from the start, they just didn't want to acknowledge it.

Their emails and texts were funny and snarky at times but also painfully honest and real. Whenever they struggled to communicate about something in person, they resorted to writing it. It worked for them and the end result was openness and communication so the way they got there was of no importance.

They both had their hang ups from the past, but at the end of the day they had to decide if the possibility of a relationship with each other was worth risking their hearts one more time.

Even though I liked both characters, I have to confess that Ethan irritated me a little bit at times before they got together. It seemed like Anders was always apologizing to him and Ethan was always throwing attitude around. The bottom line is that he accepted the job freely so he had to at least try to be professional instead of acting like Anders was owing him some kind of favor.

It all worked out in the end, though, mainly because of how mature Anders was and how much patience he had for Ethan's attitude. I think it also had something to do with the sexual chemistry I mentioned before. And after a while I came to like Ethan just as much.

Not So Sincerely, Yours is a heartwarming story with good pacing and characters that felt real. They had insecurities and they made mistakes, but they owned up to them and tried to fix them. The fact that Ethan's attraction to Anders didn't magically make him get over his ex of two years in a matter of a few days made me give extra points to the story. He had just gotten out of a relationship that ended because they had reached a dead end and not because there were no more feelings there, so of course he needed time to get over him. However, that didn't make him shy away from the potential of something more with Anders. Ethan knew his feelings, he knew what he wanted and what he was emotionally capable of as time went on and he wasn't afraid to ask for it.

The names in this story deserve an honorary mention, no doubt about that. Some were common but then there were others that were rare or maybe even unique, but at the same time didn't sound pretentious or over the top. It was nice to have so much diversity and read some new ones.

I loved Andres and Ethan's story, the last few chapters solidified their commitment and gave them their HEA. I highly recommend their book, it's a low-angst (it's there at times but it's not overwhelming) feel good story about two men who at first glance don't seem to have anything in common except for some friends. The more you get to know them you'll realize that they really are opposites in most ways, but they were pulled together from the start and somehow they made it work.

Highly recommended!

Note: it can be read as a standalone.
~ I read an ARC of this book. ~

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