Friday, February 26, 2021

ARC Review: Forever Your Duke by Erica Ridley

From the blurb:

This year, the Duke of Nottingvale's Christmastide house party doubles as a bride hunt. The handsome duke seeks a blue-blooded debutante as respectable as he is, and his parlor is brimming with paragons of propriety.

Inveterate spinster and unapologetic hoyden Miss Cynthia Louise Finch does not fit the mold. Any mold. Her younger cousin is perfect for the duke! By matchmaking the two, Cynthia will save her favorite cousin from a horrific fate. The only problem? Cynthia has always held a tendre for the duke. And for the first time, she seems to have caught his attention...

The Duke of Nottingvale knows his responsibilities: Duty and decorum above all else. A respectable lord would never sneak away for stolen moments with a fearless, audacious minx he cannot make his duchess. He definitely wouldn't kiss her. Or fall in love…

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Another enjoyable, if a bit far-fetched, romance in the 12 Dukes of Christmas series by Erica Ridley, Forever Your Duke was a positively pleasant read.

I always read Erica Ridley, and she rarely disappoints. Sure, it's rare for her books to really wow me, but they always make me smile.

Forever Your Duke was a bit of an opposites-attract romance with a 30-year old dare-devil spinster matched with a buttoned-up duke. I liked their dynamic, even though the relationship development was too speedy for my liking (a consistent issue with this author's books). I thought it was a bit of a stretch that he would ignore his mother and all that he's proclaimed to stand for in a just a few days time of being with Cynthia Louise, but I still thought it was very sweet.
I was a bit disappointed that all we get, heat-wise, from this romance is a few kisses, but Erica Ridley tends to be lighter on the steam. However, this was chaste, even for her. It felt like the book could have used another few chapters to round it out and give more time after the couple finally admitted their feelings for one another.

Still, an easy read and an enjoyable start to my 2021 reading year.

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