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Bookblitz: Chasing Xander by Lexi Lawton


Chasing Xander
The Collins Brothers Book 2
by Lexi Lawton
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kylie Quinn is positive nothing could be more embarrassing on her first day of college than having her unmentionables go sprawling across campus. She was wrong. Very wrong. Having a super-sexy co-ed twirl them around his finger like he's privy to all of Victoria's Secrets is so much worse.

Xander Collins has met his match with Kylie—she's gorgeous, smart, sarcastic as hell, and doesn't give a damn that he's loaded. She's also a virgin. And he doesn't do virgins. Been there, done that, and he's still paying for it. But that doesn't mean they can't be friends, despite the fact her flirty moves leave him with balls a shade of blue he never knew existed.

Kylie is special, and she deserves more than his typical "one and done" routine. But as his life implodes and his not-so-brilliant plan to take things slow blows up in his face, he's at risk of losing everything—including Kylie. Now he must decide if everything he's been fighting so hard for is worth it without her by his side.

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She nearly fell back onto her ass at the sight. Holy hell, his smile was A-list movie-star quality. A flash of yellow caught her eye, and reflexively she turned to look. All the color drained from her face, and her heart stopped. Her tampons were rolling down the sidewalk, and all of her personal items—bras and underwear included—were littered across the grass, on display for everyone to see.

Kylie scrambled to her feet, righted the box, and began frantically shoving her stuff back inside. Oh my God. Kill me now. She chased after a stray tampon and scooped it up before the guy saw it. Her shampoo and conditioner had rolled halfway across the parking lot. Looked like she’d have to buy new ones because she was not going to be the lunatic student chasing her shit across campus.

Please let him be gone, please let him be gone. But when she turned back to collect her unmentionables, she found the guy gathering her cosmetics and gently setting them in the box. She plucked her underwear from the ground as

quickly as possible, praying she could get them all before the guy offered to help with those, too.

“Kittens?” he said, amusement coloring his tone. He held up a pair of her panties—gray ones with white kittens on them. “That’s…different.”

Kylie’s eyes widened. “My grandmother gave me those.” She grabbed the underwear from his hand and shoved them into the box. A stab of sadness hit her at the thought of her grandmother, but it was quickly replaced by utter

mortification. She did not just tell that super-hot guy that her grandmother had bought her kitty underwear. Lightning couldn’t strike her down fast enough.

“They’re cute.” His lips twitched into an almost smile. Actually, it was more of a smirk.

She’d never met a guy who could pull off a smirk without looking like a jackass, but damn if he didn’t wear it well. Really fucking well. Refusing to respond to his teasing, she silently picked up more of her items.

“Now these”—he held up a pair of black, bikini-cut panties with brightly colored polka dots—“are sexy. In a nerdy sort of way.”

“There’s nothing nerdy about those,” she said and tore the panties from his hand. They made her ass look fantastic. Her heart was out of control, and adrenaline spiked through her system, making her arms and legs shaky.

Mouth open, he paused for a beat, then laughed. “Y’know, this is the fastest I’ve ever gotten into a girl’s panties.” He twirled her red thong, grinning.

She narrowed her eyes and snatched the thong from him, shoving it into the box. “Next time, I’ll expect dinner first.”

He laughed, and goose bumps erupted on her arms. “Dinner, huh? I can handle that.”

Her heart jackhammered in her chest. “And a movie, too.”

“Whatever you want.” He winked, then stood and moved around the massive tree that stood near the edge of the sidewalk. Then he held up a pair of white briefs, a devilish glint in his eyes. “Granny panties? Now, this is a surprise.”

Born and raised in Central New York, Lexi Lawton is an only child who found companionship in books. When she was old enough to put pen to paper, she began writing her own stories of love, suspense, and heartbreak. The Collins Brothers Series is her first publication—but it won’t be her last! She also writes young adult novels under the pen name Kara Leigh Miller.

Today, Lexi lives in Michigan with her husband, a herd of kids, and what could probably be considered a zoo of dogs, cats, and fish.

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