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Release Blitz: Dead Sea by Mia Kerick

Dead Sea

by Mia Kerick
Publication date: March 3rd 2021

Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Young Adult

Kyle is a swaggering bully; Lenny strives to be invisible. 

Kyle has been left alone in the world; Lenny is the world’s biggest loner. 

When Kyle saves Lenny from drowning, their lives will never be the same. 

After a brutal encounter with school bullies, Lenny swims out into the ocean, determined to let the current whisk him away. Next thing he knows the meanest kid in town is pulling him from the waves, promising to be his Dead Sea, and to never let him sink.

All Kyle wants is to get out of beach cleanup, is that too much to ask? So he goes for a swim, only to come upon the most epic “nobody” in the senior class drowning in a riptide. Lenny’s haunted gaze grips him, and Kyle makes the impulsive decision to save his life or die trying. And through this ordeal, Kyle and Lenny are transformed.

Kyle’s heroic act sets him on the straight and narrow, and he opens his heart to the young man he dragged from the ocean. Lenny changes too but is still unable to reveal the truth of his pain. While drowning in a sea of secrets, the reformed bully and wary victim fall in love. But staying afloat in the Dead Sea is not as simple as it seems.

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“You’re…in the Dead Sea now, dude.” Even though I’m breathing heavy, my voice comes out gentle. I don’t recognize the sound, seeing as there’s nothing gentle about me.


“You heard me.” The kid stiffens like a board—he’s definitely hurling. I hang onto him tight as I swim with one arm. Every stroke burns my shoulder. “You can’t sink in the Dead Sea.” But damn, saving somebody’s ass from a rip current takes a long fuckin’ time.

Lenny pushes off me enough to swivel his head around and gawk. I’ve never been this up in a dude’s face before. And I’d have figured a guy so invisible would have everyday gray eyes like mine. They’re the darkest blue I’ve ever seen, though. Can’t believe I didn’t notice this before.

“It’s not really a sea, you know…th-the Dead Sea’s…a s-salty lake,” I stutter and suck in a quick gulp of air.

Again, Lenny leans back on my chest. I rest a hand on his belly. Even half-frozen, his skin is smooth and slick and softer than I’d ever have figured a dude’s skin could be. He kicks a couple times, kind of half-hearted, and asks again, “What?”

“The salt…in the Dead Sea…it makes you float. You don’t even have to try.”

The arm clutching Dubinski’s belly trembles, so I wrap my fingers tight around his wrist. He tries to peel them off.

“Did ya know…did ya know the Dead Sea’s…the lowest point on earth?”

Release Blitz: Loving Love by Jessica Frances

Loving Love

by Jessica Frances

(In Midsummer, #7)

Publication date: March 5th 2021

Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Romance

One friendship. One heartbreak. One messy past. One open-ended future. One chance to fix regrets. Multiple hurdles to jump.

I knew returning home was never going to be easy. I hurt people when I abruptly left seventeen years ago. I hurt my brothers. I hurt the woman I loved. I lost touch with everyone and have missed so much. But running away can’t last forever. It’s time to face my demons and fight for the one person I can no longer live without.

Everyone knows me as the lovable, bubbly, happy girl. It isn’t untrue. Years ago, I had my heart broken and have hidden just how much that moment destroyed me. Every day that we have been apart has felt like a piece has been missing from me. But when Rian returns, I can’t bring myself to trust her. I can’t pick up the pieces of me that she carelessly broke and pretend everything is okay again.

However, when a story drifts into dangerous territory and someone important gets caught in the crossfire, sometimes you have to let the past stay where it belongs and forge a new future. There will be missteps, and maybe some tears, but fate cannot be stopped.

So, what does fate have in store for us now, and what are the chances we will survive it?

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“Sounds like you want to hang around here.”

“I do. I know I’m incredibly late on coming back here, but I do want to make Midsummer my home again. I’ve missed this place. I’ve missed you.”

I watch the impact my words have over Love, and they aren’t necessarily good. She looks gutted by my admission.

“I have to get back.” She holds up her hands that just have tape and no fliers left. “Thanks for keeping me company.”

“Of course. It’s been good to see you. I don’t suppose you’d be interested in hanging out again? I know I hurt you by leaving, but I’d appreciate the chance to tell you my story and, if you are open to it, becoming friends again.”

I want much more than friendship with Love, but I know I have to tread lightly. I have to gain Love’s trust again before I promise her more. If we don’t get this new foundation right, then we’re doomed before we get a chance to start.

Love doesn’t immediately respond, which has my heart jacking up in tempo, but soon, a smile graces her soft lips.

“I’d like that. I’m sure we can make some time next week. I’d love to hear about how the teaching goes. I might have a favor to ask of you.”

“Anything!” I quickly agree, knowing I would still do anything for Love. “And let’s lock next week in. Do you still have my number?”

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Blogtour: Unexpected by Bailey B



by Bailey B.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Asher Anderson is a dick.

We aren't friends, so when he seeks me out in the cafeteria on the worst day of my life, I'm suspicious. When he tells Liam Heiter that we're dating, which couldn't be further from the truth, I want to kill him.

Until I see Liam's reaction.

Liam—my best friend, the guy who crushed every hope of us officially being together—is jealous. He has never looked at me this way and I love it.

So, I play along.

Maybe watching me with someone else will make Liam suffer like I have the past four years. And maybe, just maybe, he'll come to his senses and realize we belong together.

It's not like I have any kind of feelings for Asher. At best, I tolerate him.

What's the worst that can happen?


Lainey, what the hell is wrong with you? You hate Asher.”

I don’t hate Asher, but that doesn’t mean there is anything going on between the two of us either. I know I should say something to let Liam know that Asher and I are just friends, and that is a stretch, but I don’t want to feel like this anymore. Like my every breath hangs on Liam’s approval or that my heart beats for his sideways glances. Maggie was right all along, I deserve to be more than someone’s dirty little secret.

Why does it matter? You and I are only friends. Remember?” 

I know that.” Liam huffs. “I don’t think Asher is good enough for you.”

Lee Lee,” Corah coos. She steps in front of him, silently demanding his attention, but Liam looks past her. To us. “Don’t be silly. You should be thrilled your two best friends are together. We can double date now!”

Yeah.”Asher wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me out of Liam’s reach. “That sounds like fun. What are you two doing next Friday night?”

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Blogtour: The Devoted Alpha by Susi Hawke

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The Devoted Alpha

by Susi Hawke

West Coast Wolves, Book Three


An awkward, traumatized omega and a patient alpha determined to court him properly... fate has a way of righting old wrongs.

Not every brother emerged from their past unscathed, and Tom had the worst of it. His key to survival was a healthy respect for rules. Now that he’s free, he’s still a little bit obsessive and a whole lot compulsive. He’s got anxiety, fear of change… and a list of plans for his future.
Stolen from his mother’s arms and reported stillborn at birth, Tom spent nearly twenty-one years in structured captivity with other stolen omegas. His brothers. A dozen omegas, each with a secret superpower, who now must learn a whole new skill—how to thrive in a modern world.

None of which involved finding a fated mate.
But if they had? His plans definitely wouldn’t have been to meet his dream alpha while smelling of afterbirth and the blood of an enemy killed in defense of his pregnant brother—the same brother whose child he then had to deliver… post-shift and naked.

If he’d been planning, if he’d made a list and checked it twice, Tom never could’ve designed an alpha more perfectly devoted than the delicious one fate put in front of him during one of the craziest days of his life… an alpha so patient, he insists on courting the skittish omega.

The West Coast Wolves is an mpreg series about five alphas. A small pack of bikers who spent years riding the highways and helping those in need until fate gave them each a pack to lead. This 85k full-length novel is Nick’s story. Prepare yourself for a romantic courtship, a perfect first kiss, and more feels and giggles than you can handle. But then again, this is a Susi Hawke book so what else can you expect? 

Possible triggers for child abduction, trafficking both past and present, and haunting memories of past abuse that included both humiliation and the non-penetrative molestation of a teenager by a person in authority.

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Teaser 2


As much as I wanted to see what happened next with them, the crying baby drew my attention. Exactly like Wilson had described, the baby was in a fucking cage. A metal crate used to kennel dogs. A little boy with white-blond hair huddled beside it, his fingers curled around the bars. He was desperately begging the baby to stop crying while the two big men stood nearby, loudly threatening them pain if they didn't shut up.

The one closest to the boy drew a massive fist and stepped closer, turning my blood cold. I didn't know whether he would actually do it or was merely threatening.

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ARC Review: Cup of Joe by Annabeth Albert

Cup of Joe (Bold Brew #1)
From the Blurb:
Sometimes an ordinary Joe is all you need…

Newbie barista Levi Miles is having a bad day in the middle of a bad month. He’s trying to figure out post-graduation life, and a recent breakup hasn’t helped. The one bright spot? The charming blue-collar customer with the simple order and reassuring voice.

Electrician Joe Simmons can make anything light up—except his love life. As he gets older, he remains unsure about what he wants from a relationship. But an innocent flirtation with the fresh-faced barista is exactly what his ego needs.
Levi doesn’t need a boyfriend. Or a Daddy. But bantering with Joe feels so good, and when their tentative friendship takes a turn for the sexy, a summer fling seems fun. Exploring long-held desires brings them closer with each steamy night, and the idea of parting gets harder.

But Levi’s only in town temporarily, and the end of summer is approaching. Both are reluctant to disclose their feelings, but pushing past their fears may be the only way to keep this special thing going. Can they order up a happy ending before time runs out?

Ky's rating:

"Cup of Joe" is the book that introduces us to a new multiple authors series that centers around a coffee shop called Bold Brew.

In the first installment, written by Annabeth Albert, we meet Joe and Levi. Levi has just moved to Laurelsburg, Pennsylvania and taken a job at the coffee shop after discovering that his boyfriend, which he met online, was lying to him. He relocated to be with him so now that he's alone he plans to only stay there for the summer and then move back home and look for a job in his field.

Joe is an electrician and a regular at Bold Brew and he takes an interest in Levi right from the start. He's older and he has family in the area, but mainly he's just as alone as Levi.

The two hit it off immediately and begin a relationship that was supposed to be just a friends with benefits arrangement but I don't think it was ever just that.

Release Blitz: Born of Fire by Kella McKinnon

Born of Fire

by Kella McKinnon

Publication date: January 21st 2021

Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance, Time-Travel

More than thirteen centuries ago, the Highlands were ruled by a powerful Pictish King whose ferocity in battle was as legendary as his honor and devotion to his people. When his trusted advisor had a vision that the Picts could one day disappear from the Earth, King Bridei charged one family with protecting and preserving the language and lore of the Picts through the generations to come.

Born into this ancient family line, Nessa Brodie feels both the weight of her responsibility and the desire to pursue her own dreams, until a series of fateful events lands her in the distant past. As she navigates her new world and all of the uncertainty and fear that comes with it, Nessa begins to realize that she is destined to be the completion of a circle begun long before she was born. Torn between the life and love she left behind, and the captivating passion of an untamed warrior-king, Nessa learns that even the path laid out by fate is never easy or straight.

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“Well? Do you want to have her killed tonight with the others?” Namet stood before him, waiting for his answer.

Bridei was eating his dinner. Or at least he was trying to. This was the fourth interruption he’d had to endure since he’d sat down. “No. I need to know who she is first, and who she answers to. There is too much at stake not to know each and every one of my enemies, large or small.” He paused, chewing thoughtfully. “She could be completely innocent, of course.” But maybe that was wishful thinking. The lass’s fathomless green eyes told him nothing except that she was lying.

“Or she could have been sent to seduce you into telling your secrets. Or to poison you.” Namet always argued the other side. It was one of his many roles as chief counselor to the King.

“Then why would the old man be with her? He certainly does not put one in the mind of seduction. Wouldn’t she have come alone, if that was the plan? Played on our sympathies as a woman lost and by herself?” He shook his head, taking another bite of food from the carved wooden bowl. He could have dined from golden plates, of course, but he preferred simpler things. “I need to know more. Bring her to the fires tonight. I would have her see what happens to those who cross me. Perhaps then she will talk. And Namet…”


Thursday, March 4, 2021

ARC Review: The Man Who Hated Ned O'Leary by K.A. Merikan

From the Blurb:
“Because you love me no matter how much you hate me.”

Seven years ago, Cole Flores was betrayed by the man he loved, and his very soul was left charred. He vowed that day that he would find Ned O’Leary and kill him, even if it was the last thing he did.

But Ned disappeared, and life went on.

Despite the flame of hate burning deep inside him, Cole’s hope to find Ned had dimmed. At least it left behind a lesson to never trust, never love, and never attach himself anywhere. That was the only way for a wanted man to stay off the noose in a world filled with liars and cheats.

Just when Cole stops looking for Ned though, he finds the deceptive bastard, and life turns on its head again. Their reunion goes nothing as planned, and unanswered questions rise to the surface, poisoning Cole’s mind with lust and longing that have never gone away.

Ned O’Leary is a traitor.
Ned O’Leary is a scumbag.
Ned O’Leary is everything Cole Flores craves.

Torn between love and revenge, lust and sanity, Cole has to find out if the bruised and battered heart of an outlaw can ever trust again, or if he’s bound to fulfill his promise and be Ned O’Leary’s doom.

Ky's rating:

"The Man Who Hated Ned O'Leary" is a deeply emotional story and a rare true enemies-to-lovers romance.

Cole's hate for Ned is palpable in this second part of the story. He really hates him and wants nothing to do with him. Deep in his heart, though, he's still the young man that fell in love with the farm boy. Who stole his horse to make him follow. Who claimed him in front of everyone. Who trusted him so much he was willing to do anything to be together.

His mind tells him that he hates Ned O'Leary with everything he has. That he wants to kill him for betraying him and lying to him. That he can move on and leave him behind once and for all.
But his heart is pulling him in the other direction. He can't deny how much he craves Ned. How much he wants to help him and make sure he's okay. How much he wants to love him.

Cole is struggling between love and hate and he tries to tip the scales toward the second one. But the heart wants what the heart wants and love is always more powerful than hate.
"You love me no matter how much you hate me!"
Ned shocked me and broke my heart at the beginning of the story. With how "The Man Who Loved Cole Flores" ended, I expected Cole to be struggling in his life, so the positions in which we find them seven years after the events of the first part were even more surprising.

Release Blitz: Fused With Him by Kylie Kent

Fused With Him

by Kylie Kent

Publication date: February 28th 2021

Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

I learnt the hard and painful way that men don’t stay, ever. Even the ones you trust the most can be taken away in the blink of an eye. It’s easier to keep them at a distance. I have my fun with men and then part ways.

I’ve spent the last five years of my life avoiding any and all emotional connections with men. I’ve been successful at it too. I’ve built up walls with so much mortar and rendered them around my heart.

That is until Bray freaking Williamson came barging into my life with his perfectly sculpted tattooed body and entrancing green eyes. He was like being tempted by the most delicious chocolate brownie, the perfect mixture of rough on the outside and soft gooey on the inside. He came at me with his damn bulldozer, effectively destroying my carefully constructed walls, brick by brick, leaving a pile of rubble behind.

Do I follow what my fragile heart wants and give into temptation? Give him the key to my heart knowing how easily he could crush it? Or should I follow my brain and run far, far away from this god of a man?

I’m a fighter not a lover. I’m ruthless in the cage, an undefeated champion.

I always fight for what I want, and I always win no matter the odds. What I want comes in the form of a beautiful feisty, independent redhead.

She won’t agree to be mine, yet, but I’m happy to agree to disagree with her on that, because she is mine. She wants to run, that’s fine I’ll run faster. She wants to hide, I’ll hunt her and I won’t stop until I find her. Everyone in Sydney is about to learn that the fusion of Bray and Reilly is happening.

Run, hide and deny all you like, I’m a fighter and this is one fight I won’t give up on. Brielly is here to stay.

Goodreads / Amazon


“Bray, you can wake up now. Everyone’s gone home for the night so, you know, if you wanted to get laid, now’s your chance, babe.” 

I grab hold of his hand. I could have sworn it twitched just then. Sometimes I’m convinced that I want it that bad that I’m imagining it. 

“You can’t leave me here, Bray. I still want you. I need you. I need you to wake up. You can’t leave me. My dad left. Dylan left. I will not let you leave me. You know I never told you this, but when Dylan died, I thought I would never feel a pain so deep. I was wrong, because this, this right here, fucking hurts. It hurts that you’re not keeping up to your end of the bargain and fighting for us. You’re meant to be the undefeated fighter, Bray. Well, guess what, this, whatever this is, it’s winning and you’re losing. I’m losing.” 

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Book Review: Spotlight by Eden Finley

From the Blurb:

When I quit the biggest boy band on the planet, I was supposed to get my life back.

It’s not that I wanted to leave the spotlight. I felt like I had to for my daughter. Her picture shouldn’t be splashed all over the tabloids.

I thought I could do this parenting thing on my own, but it’s obvious I need help. I just didn’t expect to find it in the form of a gorgeous guy I meet by chance.

I can put my attraction aside for my daughter’s sake. I’ve put my whole life on hold for her.

If only he wasn’t so tempting.


Working as a nanny is my backup to my backup plan. My first plan is fame, but something always holds me back.

When I randomly run into Ryder Kennedy and end up becoming his daughter’s nanny, I figure it’ll be a short-term thing.

But then Ryder finds out I can sing. He wasn’t ready to give up music, and now he’s found a new way to have it: through me. He wants to produce my demo and make me a star.

He says I was born to be in the spotlight, but I think I was born to run from it.

It doesn’t help that each day I’m with him and his daughter, the deeper I fall into fantasies of being part of their family. And not just as the nanny.

Ky's rating:

Lyric is an aspiring mucisian, going to auditions, trying to sign with a label and performing at a small bar on the weekends. He's also the part-time nanny for his brother's kid.

Ryder was one of the members of Eleven before they split up. He was a boy band member and he's used to being judged by that and have people just assume things about his character and personality.

That's exactly how he first met Lyric. He overheard him bitching to his nephew about how crappy was Eleven's music and how little talent all the members had.

However, they moved on from that very quickly and Lyric managed to score the babysitter position for Ryder's daughter. The attraction is there of course from the start and as time passes and they get to know each other better they become closer and finally they start a relationship. That sounds convenient for Lyric's career, right? Well, not so much, because Lyric is set on making it on his own and he doesn't accept any favors and no help at all from Ryder. They get into some pretty huge fights over that actually.

Release Blitz: It's a Zin to Tell a Lie by Pamela Gibson

It’s a Zin to Tell a Lie

by Pamela Gibson

(Love in Wine Country)

Publication date: February 3rd 2021

Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Emma Bradford, world class pianist, is tired of living out of suitcases and wants to change her career. When she returns to Napa to consider her options and play for a friend’s wedding, she discovers a nasty surprise. The man who called off their engagement two years ago will also be there and there’s no way to avoid him.

Antonio Reynoso is a dissolute playboy living on a Caribbean island. At least that’s what he’s let his family believe. He’s purposely stayed away so he won’t be tempted to break a promise and try to win back the only woman he’s ever loved.

But when he and Emma are unexpectedly thrown together during a violent storm, Antonio’s resolve begins to weaken and he wonders if leaving her had been a mistake. His wine country family says yes, and with a little well-intentioned meddling, he and Emma might just get a second chance.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


It took every ounce of courage she possessed to walk over to where Antonio was sitting, the bottle of wine in her hand, aware of her pantlegs tightening with every step, the sway of her ponytail as it brushed her shoulders.

She swallowed several times before she reached him, noting again how broad his shoulders were and how tanned his face and arms. He looked up at her with those emerald eyes, and her stomach tickled like it had soft cotton balls floating inside.

The old line—one they’d often used when teasing each other—came out of her mouth without even thinking.

“How are you Tony, and remember, it’s a zin to tell a lie.”

“No lies today. You’re brave to come out here and sit with me. And that’s the truth.”

She tried to smile, but it didn’t quite happen. “Everyone’s been treating me like I’m made of freshly blown glass. I tell them you and I are the past and we’ve both moved on. They don’t believe me.”

He seemed to be mulling over his response before he spoke. “They’re Reynosos. Emotional. Devoted. Protective of those they love. They’ve adopted you as one of their own. I’m the outcast now.”

She nodded, focusing on a few blades of grass at her feet. “Does it bother you?”

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Blogtour: Healed With A Kiss by Sharon Buchbinder


Healed with a Kiss
Cat's Paw Cove Book 20
by Sharon Buchbinder
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Brendan Redbird is a man of science and a medical professional. When this very uptight, predictable guy is adopted by a naughty talking cat (Tom) and his two brothers (Dick and Harry), Brendan's life makes an unpredictable turn.

Tom smacks a girl on the butt and lets Brendan take the blame. The only problem is the girl Tom smacked is a water nymph, Myrotessa, or Tessa for short. She isn't about to let Brendan off with that ridiculous excuse. Tessa has healing waters and the gift of prophecy—but she did not see that coming.

When the magical felines of Cat's Paw Cove begin succumbing to a mysterious malady, Tessa and Brendan are forced to work together to find a cure. Along the way to helping others, they fix the cracks in their hearts—and are healed with a kiss.


At FFRH’s Valentine’s-Day-bedecked reception desk, Tessa glanced up from her conversation with Agnes. A tall, handsome man chatted with Grandma Redbird and Rory O’Brogan, and standing next to him were Big D and Charly. That must be Charly’s brother. The resemblance between the two redheads was unmistakable. His grandmother had been talking non-stop about Brendan when she’d heard he was coming to visit.

Grandma Redbird hadn’t been kidding about how good-looking he was—and tall. His grandmother looked like a child by comparison. Tessa wondered how much he’d been kidded about that bright red hair. Grandma Redbird had called him “Gingerbread Man.” Well, he looked tasty enough to eat. And he was a runner. His proud grandparent had told anyone in hearing distance how many marathons he’d been in, even the one in Boston.

Brendan snatched his wire-rimmed glasses off his face and used them to poke at the air in front of Rory. That couldn’t be good.

“I said I don’t want to see you,” Brendan shouted. “Grandma, how could you do this to me?”

“Brendan, please,” she begged. “Let the man speak.”

“Ye wouldn’t let me come to see ye—and yet, here ye are.”

“To see my sister and grandmother,” Brendan growled. “Not you.”

Agnes placed her tiny hand over Tessa’s. “Please do something. The Flower Girls are cowering by the ferns.”

Tessa nodded and strode out from behind the polished mahogany desk.

“Grandma Redbird,” she called as she approached the tense cluster. “This must be your grandson, Brendan.” She reached for his outstretched hand, the one holding his spectacles. “I’m Tessa Crinos. I’ve heard so many good things about you.”

He wrenched his glare away from Rory to her, and his expression changed from anger to confusion.

She held his clenched fist until it relaxed a bit. “Welcome to Feline Fine Retirement Home. We hope you enjoy dinner with us. I’m in charge of beverages, so if there’s anything in particular you’d like, let me know.”

As she spoke, a prophecy came to her. Brendan, dressed in a tuxedo, stood under a canopy. His warm brown eyes crinkled with a smile. A bride approached him, her identity hidden behind a heavy white veil.

He spoke, dissipating the vision. “Your tattoos changed to a darker blue. How did you do that?”

Monday, March 1, 2021

ARC Review: Blood Heir by Ilona Andrews

From the blurb:

Atlanta was always a dangerous city. Now, as waves of magic and technology compete for supremacy, it’s a place caught in a slow apocalypse, where monsters spawn among the crumbling skyscrapers and supernatural factions struggle for power and survival.

Eight years ago, Julie Lennart left Atlanta to find out who she was. Now she’s back with a new face, a new magic, and a new name—Aurelia Ryder—drawn by the urgent need to protect the family she left behind. An ancient power is stalking her adopted mother, Kate Daniels, an enemy unlike any other, and a string of horrifying murders is its opening gambit.

If Aurelia’s true identity is discovered, those closest to her will die. So her plan is simple: get in, solve the murders, prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, and get out without being recognized. She expected danger, but she never anticipated that the only man she'd ever loved could threaten everything.

One small misstep could lead to disaster. But for Aurelia, facing disaster is easy; it’s relationships that are hard.

Heather's rating: 

I love Ilona Andrews, and I read nearly everything that they write, so I couldn't wait to read Blood Heir. I'm happy to report that the story was as intense, dynamic, engaging, and exciting as I was hoping it would be. However, there are a few key things that readers should know before going into the story.

First and foremost is that you MUST have read the majority of the Kate Daniels books prior to starting this one. Though Blood Heir is billed as the start of a new series, don't be fooled into thinking it's a stand-alone. It absolutely isn't. I've read seven of the Kate Daniels books, the last one being four years ago, and it was a struggle for me to remember what was going on. I had to pause and constantly search through my memories as to who the characters were and what their unique characteristics were because there is a huge amount of information presented to the readers at once. We are expected to jump into the story and take off running, and that was honestly hard for me.

Blogtour: Stalked By Secrets by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Please welcome Deborah Fletcher Mello with

Stalked By Secrets

To Serve And Seduce #4

a Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel

If she wants to know his secrets…

This time it could be fatal.

Journalist Neema Kamau will risk anything to uncover the truth. She’ll even get close to politician Davis Black in order to investigate his possible organized crime connections. But when her professional interest turns personal, Neema knows that she risks losing the story—and the man—if she tells Davis the truth. And the stalker who’s circling them both might rob her of the chance to make things right…

To Serve and Seduce

Book 1: Seduced by the Badge

Book 2: Tempted by the Badge

Book 3: Reunited by the Badge

Book 4: Stalked by Secrets

Price: $5.75

On sale date: March 9, 2021 (eBook on sale March 1, 2021)

ISBN: 9781335628886


“Neema! Neema!”

Neema Kamau found her father’s voice especially irritating as he called out from behind her. She stole a quick glance at her wristwatch. She was already late for her job at the Chicago Tribune and she didn’t need a lengthy lecture about something that really wasn’t important to her. She thought about ignoring him but knew that would only make the lecture that came later even more unbearable.

She turned slowly, meeting the look he was giving her head-on. He stood there, hands locked tight against his waist, his expression stern. “Yes, Baba?”

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blogtour: Heart and Haven series by Heloise West

Hitting Black Ice
Heart and Haven Book 1
by Heloise West
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Shawn is on the run from the law and love, to protect himself and anyone else involved. Until he meets Hunter, and he no longer wants to run.

ER physician’s assistant Hunter guards his heart carefully, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for the temp front desk clerk. He keeps his distance from relationships for a good reason but just can’t help himself when it comes to Shawn.

Forced into a hostage situation, buried passions explode in the aftermath, and sex in the supply closet brings both their hearts back to life. But as they explore their relationship, the past catches up with Shawn.

FBI agent Nick Truman has finally found his man, and when Shawn escapes, he focuses his attention on Hunter. Will Shawn sacrifice himself to save Hunter from the man who framed him for murder?


Chapter One

Hunter had a crush, a big one.

In the cafeteria late one night on his break at the hospital, he sipped at a coffee and focused on Shawn, the night desk clerk for the ER, sitting a few tables over. With long black hair tied back neatly and eyes of faded denim blue, Shawn had a lean body, his face long and bony. Tonight, he wore a brown turtleneck under a white-and-green-striped button-down. The rolled sleeves revealed muscled forearms dusted with golden hair, as mismatched to the dyed black hair as his pale eyebrows and lashes. A silver skull ring and silver studs in his ears appeared at odds with the lanyard and dangling ID card.

Hunter drank more coffee, barely tasting it. He’d tried to talk himself out of it, but he couldn’t squirm away from the attraction. When he’d walked past the registration desk to the water cooler—again—or hung out there a moment too long with an empty clipboard in his hands, he caught those tiny flicks of interest in Shawn’s eyes. Hunter must have given away his interest because the nurses smirked at his pretended obliviousness.

He bent to the not-very-engrossing crossword in the newspaper, imagining what tattoo might lie beneath Shawn’s cool demeanor. Maybe gargoyle wings across a broad and muscled back, or a snake wrapped around his thigh. Something more esoteric—a phrase in Latin, like Hunter’s own primum non nocere, or a bit of wisdom in Chinese characters. Or an old-school Aerosmith tat? Hunter glanced up from filling in the little squares with black ink blocks. He could have sworn Shawn hurriedly dropped his attention down to the paperback in his hands. He turned the page and shot a second glance at Hunter. Gazes locked and jumped away.


Heat rushed through Hunter all at once and climbed up to his face. Too aware of the black-haired man with biceps to die for and long legs to—well, never mind. Taking a boner back to the ER was not a good idea.

He had touched those biceps once when he gave Shawn a flu shot back in the fall. Shawn had taken the needle without a flinch.

Shawn stood with his tray in hand and walked toward the trash container behind Hunter. The back of his neck prickled as if Shawn breathed on the little hairs there. Hunter picked up his coffee cup once more but tasted only the dregs.

Good thing he’d decided to become a physician’s assistant and not an actor. He didn’t talk to Shawn unless he had to, the worst giveaway of all. No shy bones in his body, yet he feared conversation led to more conversation, to flirting, and the next thing he knew, they’d be going on a date, Hunter falling head over heels, and then the asshole—

Stop. You know how the story ends.

Behind him, Shawn cleared his throat. Hunter didn’t turn around. Shawn returned to his seat, picked up the paperback, and slumped down into the chair with a scowl.

Marisa slipped into the seat across the table from Hunter, and he smiled.

“I’m onto you,” she whispered.

“Uh-huh.” Hunter moved his body slightly so he could still see Shawn around her.

“You’ve been taking late lunch for three weeks now. I know why—or who.” She smiled, a small Hispanic woman with curly chestnut hair framing her heart-shaped face and hazel eyes. If Hunter weren’t himself, and she weren’t married, he thought he’d be with her. Her lips always gleamed with gloss, and her eyes snapped with fire when she got pissy. He loved it, most days, even when she aimed for him.

She leaned toward him. “Shawn, right?” Her eyes took on a warning snap now and dared him to contradict her.

“I don’t even know if he’s gay.” Which wasn’t true, but he knew better than to deny it to her face.

She sipped at her coffee with her gaze on him. Her mouth left lipstick smiles on the rim of the cup. “There’s something different about this one. And he’s lovely to look at.”

“Lovely.” Hunter snorted. Dead sexy Shawn. Hunter spied him out at the clubs twice now but avoided him there too. Shawn undulated like liquid fire across the dance floor.

“Talk to him, honey.”

“Please. Don’t.” He must have spoken louder than he meant to. Shawn glanced at them and away again.

“You’re letting Jerry’s death run your life.”

Hunter slapped the magazine down. “I’m too sober for this conversation.”

“It’s like he’s locked your heart away.”

Mindful of the potential audience, he lowered his voice. “You’re jumping way ahead here.”

She shook her head. “I know you. You have so much love to give, and I hate to see you suffer.”

Her probing questions about Hunter’s past, family, present situation were all familiar ground. Friendship he could manage; he recognized it when it was offered to him. He’d been out since he was nine. Always been out was what he told people. She was one of the few friends to whom he could confide nearly everything. Jerry’s addictions had killed him, but his family and friends blamed Hunter, and on a deeper emotional level, he blamed himself too. Marisa knew this, and it worried her. She wanted him to find love and move on, be part of a couple. She knew, but she didn’t understand.

He wasn’t abstinent now, not at twenty-five, and never got involved with anyone beyond one- and two-night stands. Hunter didn’t want to take responsibility for another heart.

When the tide of emotion and memory washed through him and left him able to speak again, he said, “I’m not suffering here.” He kept much of the darkness at bay with whiskey and anonymous sex. Who needed Prozac with a warm, muscled body in the bed?

“Stagnating,” Marisa said.

“Maintaining.” It had been a far prettier day in May, eight months ago now, when he walked out of the ER at Boston General to Jerry waiting for him in the parking lot with a gun.

“Ask him out on a date. An old-fashioned date where, at the end of the night, you kiss him good night.”


“Don’t get angry.” She patted his hand.

He whipped it away. “Too late.”

Marisa sighed. “I’ll make it up to you. Toni, Anna, and I are going to Twisters tonight. I’ll buy you a drink.”

Hunter gathered up his tray. He liked the ER crowd. They always had fun when they got together in off-work hours, and he agreed to meet her at Twisters before hitting the clubs.

When his shift was over early in the morning, he drove back to his apartment and crawled into bed as the day glowed behind the blackout curtains. The end of the week had left him exhausted, and his sleep was blessedly dreamless.

* * * * *

In Twisters, dark-wood-and-burgundy-leather seats and bumpers, cushioned stools, and low light filtering through stained glass made the place comfortable. Three bartenders were already hustling, their tip jars filling. By the time Hunter greeted the women, one of the bartenders had poured his Maker’s Mark over ice and set it in place. A second drink joined the first soon after. His friends had already had a few rounds themselves. He made a note to keep an eye on Marisa, a lightweight when it came to alcohol consumption.

A nice bar to start the weekend, and he reveled in the fact he had two more weekends off before he had to take the next weekend rotation at the hospital. He sipped and scanned the crowd.

Pretty, brittle, blonde Toni broke into Hunter’s reverie. “Why aren’t you straight, damn it?”

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bookblast: Ordinary Whore by Dieter Moitzi

Book Title: Ordinary Whore

Author: Dieter Moitzi

Publisher: Self-published

Cover Artist: Dieter Moitzi

Genre/s: Mystery, Romance

Trope/s: Family secrets, escort, healing, rebirth, finding a soulmate

Themes: High society, escort, finding oneself, false perceptions, finding the sense of life, resilience

Heat Rating:  0 - 1 flame       

Length: 87 222 words / 328 pages

It is a standalone book.

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Buy Links

Universal Link  |  Amazon US  |   Amazon UK  |   Kobo  

A story of loneliness, loss, treacherous perception, family secrets, and… rebirth.

People tell me I should count my blessings. “You’re handsome, Marc,” they say, “handsome, rich, young, and intelligent.” But then, given time and opportunity, people would always say inanities, I think.

Am I handsome? Honestly, I don’t know, but it seems so; handsome enough, at any rate, that I’m allowed to live comfortably off my looks. I’m not rich, mind you, but the men and women paying for my company fling enough crumbs of their wealth my way. I’m still fairly young, too, but since when is youth anyone’s personal achievement? Last but not least, I’m not sure about my intelligence. I’m not even sure being intelligent would be a blessing.

Anyway, I can’t complain—my life is not unpleasant. I’m a bit bored, a bit melancholic, my mood often as black as the clothes I wear all the time.

And now my father has died. It shouldn’t mean anything to me—for years we tried to have as few ties or dealings with each other as possible. But all of a sudden, everything comes crumbling down, and my life turns into an unwholesome mess…



He is just that guy. In his sixties, balding, short and slender; some would even say gaunt. His skin is white and papery. Thin lips, thin features, a jaded attitude. His eyes are… wait a second… grey? Yes, grey, I think, the shade of light-coloured steel, and his gaze is cold but not too cold. He is no man of extremes; a nondescript guy in fact who looks like an accountant or a small-town solicitor.

Someone of little interest or concern for me, more present in the media than in my thoughts.

And yet, by one of those strange, sly whims that destiny seems to love, that guy is my father.

Or rather, that guy was my father. Because he is dead now.


My older sister is the one who spills the beans. It’s half past nine in the evening. I’m sitting on my white sofa, turning the pages of a fashion magazine, my gaze empty like the faces of the models who are striking poses on the glossy pages before me. Gentle boredom seeps in through the half-open windows, glides over the walls, oozes from every piece of furniture, glistens on the glass or metal surfaces, forming a motionless, invisible, indolent space-time that surrounds me like a halo.

I’ve switched the television on but turned the volume down to a subdued whisper. The soft sounds of a TV game blend with the persistent hum of the traffic downstairs. From time to time, I lift my eyes from the magazine to look at the game host’s white-toothed smile, which seems as genuine as a handbag purchased from a street vendor in Italy. I don’t really follow the show; it is just a means to drown the mortal silence of my apartment. My other choices would have been to listen to the unutterable sadness of a Mahler symphony, or bear the silent cries of my immaculate walls.

That’s when the phone rings.

I pick it up and recognise RaphaĆ«lle, my older sister. Apart from sounding breathless, she is the same as usual. Her vocabulary remains precise, her weary and cold inflections suggesting that we are not on earth to have fun but for other purposes, none of which very pleasant. That’s her in a nutshell: unfazed, unaffected, wintry. Imagine an emotionless automaton. Well, I’m speaking of so-called positive emotions, of course. She knows how to be curt and authoritarian. She knows how to throw an angry fit if needs be.

“Hi Marc. It’s RaphaĆ«lle,” she says. Then, without further ado, she tells me the news. She is staying with our mother, because the old man died.

“Did he? When? And how?” I enquire.

“Let me think… Two days ago. Or was it three? I don’t know. You want me to ask Mother?”

Release Blitz: Cinderellis by Evie Drae


by Evie Drae
(Once Upon a Vegas Night #2)
Publication date: February 25th 2021
Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, LGBTQ+, Retelling, Romance

As the son of music industry royalty and a famous rock star in his own right, Henry “Cinder” Cinderford has spent his life on the road. Craving stability, he signs on to do a special limited engagement in Las Vegas and plans to spend the next six months discovering the meaning of home.

After losing his mom at a young age, Ellis Tremaine survived a childhood with an abusive stepfather who took out his anger on the son he never wanted. Nearly two decades later, Ellis continues to struggle against the emotional manipulations of his family, even in his career. But when he meets none other than the Prince of Pop himself, things start to change.

From attraction to friendship to something so much more, Ellis and Cinder become the celebrity ‘ship known as “Cinderellis.” But when reality threatens their storybook romance, all they can do is hope there really is a happily ever after for every once upon a time.

Goodreads / Amazon


Ellis leaned his elbows on the handrail of the narrow metal catwalk overlooking the frontstage area and closed his eyes, allowing the music below to encompass him from all sides. Surrounding his senses. Filling his soul.

About three-quarters of the way through Cinder’s set, there was a song that dripped with passion and heart, making exquisite use of his stunning vibrato. It had become a favorite of Ellis’s almost from the get-go, most especially because its simplicity allowed him a moment to breathe, to open himself, and to fall heart-first into the music.

The constantly moving parts of the high-concept production ground to a halt during those three minutes and forty-two seconds. The fly space he occupied went still and quiet as a single bloodred spotlight focused on center stage, highlighting a lone wooden stool and a microphone stand. Following his third wardrobe change of the night, clad in skintight black jeans and a white ribbed tank, Cinder stepped onto the stage clutching the neck of an acoustic guitar. As if on cue, the audience swooned into the orchestrated mood change.

They all knew what came next, and with a soft, collective gasp, the whole theater held its breath. Then, like the beat of a heart, as Cinder rested a hip on the stool, adjusted the strap of his guitar, and drew the microphone close, the crowd exhaled as one.

With the first note of the now familiar song, Ellis’s chest tightened. Music had always held an important place in his life, affecting him in ways he couldn’t explain. But nothing in his twenty-six years on this earth had ever latched on to his very being the way Cinder could with his haunting tenor as it trembled up an octave before plunging in both register and depth. Straight into his heart.

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