Saturday, December 26, 2020

ARC Review: Witch Under Wraps by E.J. Russell

From the blurb:

When supernatural secrets collide, it’ll take more than coffee to brew the perfect love.

When Ky Hernández bonded with his familiar, Zuri, his life changed forever. Their connection turned him into a practicing witch and led him to his calling as a medimagical professional. However, it totally tanked his love life—what guy would settle for eternal second place behind a parrot? So Ky keeps his witchy nature under wraps and sticks to hookups with humans, which can never go anywhere. But the mouthwatering barista at the coffee shop next door makes him thirst for more than a caffeine fix.

The charms Ewan Jones uses to appear human are inconvenient, disorienting, and . . . necessary. Ewan and his siblings are achubyddion, metaphysical healers whose powers are coveted by unscrupulous supernatural beings. And let’s face it: all supes are unscrupulous, given the right incentive. He’s grateful for the protections that hide his little family, and for the barista job that keeps them housed and fed. He’s just so lonely. And his regular, Ky, the super-hot, commitment-averse EMT, seems like the perfect candidate for a one-night shot at intimacy. After all, humans are no threat.

It takes a clumsy coffee shop intern, a mysterious werewolf epidemic, and one snarky parrot to unravel their pasts—and give them a chance at a future.

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As the endless months of Covid rage on, I find myself being more and more difficult to please with my romance books. However, amidst my bookslump came Witch Under Wraps by E.J.Russell, and it totally charmed me.

As other reviewers mentioned, it helps a lot if you've read a few of E.J.Russell's other books, like the Supernatural Selection or Fae Out of Water series, as many of the characters repeat and it helps understand the world-building. However, I didn't read Howling on Hold before reading Witch Under Wraps and I had no problem following along.
The story had a snappy pace and a sweet romance. I'm a sucker for light paranormal romances, and this one just suited my mood perfectly. Sometimes E.J. Russell gets caught up with convoluted plots, but everything kind of worked with this one. Low steam, low angst, and an easy to read story. At this point 2020, this is the type of story I want to read.

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  1. I love the twist on paranormal in this author's stories! Thanks for your review. I definitely agree, I've been looking for lower-angst stories lately!


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