Saturday, December 5, 2020

ARC Review: Love is a Rogue by Lenora Bell

From the blurb:

Once upon a time in Mayfair, a group of wallflowers formed a secret society with goals that had absolutely nothing to do with matrimony. Their most troublesome obstacle? Rogues!

They call her Beastly Beatrice.

Wallflower Lady Beatrice Bentley longs to remain in the wilds of Cornwall to complete her etymological dictionary. Too bad her brother's Gothic mansion is under renovation. How can she work with an annoyingly arrogant and too-handsome rogue swinging a hammer nearby?
Rogue. Scoundrel. Call him anything you like as long as you pay him.
Navy man Stamford Wright is leaving England soon, and renovating Thornhill House is just a job. It's not about the duke's bookish sister or her fiery copper hair. Or the etymology lessons the prim-yet-alluring lady insists on giving him. Or the forbidden things he'd love to teach her.
They say never mix business with pleasure. But when Beatrice and Ford aren't arguing, they're kissing.

Sometimes, temptation proves too strong to resist…even if the cost is a heart.

Heather's rating:

Love Is a Rogue was an enjoyable historical romance by Lenora Bell, even if it didn't keep my attention as much as I was hoping it would.

I read a lot of historical romance, and I'm always on the hunt for MCs who are a little different. I loved how we got a female MC with a facial palsy, as it's fairly rare to see a female MC with any sort of physical "imperfections." We get roguishly scarred male MCs, but in a female MC? Super rare. I know people who have permanent paralysis from Bell's Palsy, so I could exactly picture Beatrice. I loved that the author added that detail to her story.
There was a bit of insta-lust, which was meh for me, and I thought the overall chemistry suffered a bit because of it. I like things to grow slowly over time. However, I enjoyed Beatrice's intrepid group of friends a great deal, and Beatrice herself was an interesting character, so that made up for a lot of imperfections in the story.

The plot was a little meandering for me, and had a few too many details that stretched my imagination. I wanted the opposites-attract romance to work, but I didn't really see these two as a couple, long-term. They bantered a good deal, but it didn't solidify into a stable romance for me, and their differences in society seemed vast and not fully addressed.

A nice romance with some unique characters, I think I wanted to like Love Is a Rogue more than I did. However, I would certainly move on with the series and see what else this author has in store for me.

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