Tuesday, December 15, 2020

ARC Review: The Happy List by Briar Prescott

From the blurb:

There are some things I excel at: - Exercising rigid control over every aspect of my life - Making sensible decisions at every turn - Being organized, predictable and responsible to an abnormal degree In short, I’m boring as hell and in desperate need of a change. Luckily I have my best friend by my side and a newly written to-do list to guide my way through the murky waters of finding happiness. It’s all very promising at first, but as weeks pass, I start to realize that the best part of my day has always been Kai. And when I see him out on a date with some guy? Let’s just say I’m definitely not happy about it.

I’m back in Boston after ten years of traveling, and I’ve fulfilled all my goals: - See the world - Figure out what to do with my life - Get over my impossible crush on Gray Check, check and check. Life’s good until I accidentally find Gray’s happy list, which contains some very interesting things that friends never ever do with each other. And as weeks pass, it becomes clear those not-so-innocent parts are the ones Gray is determined to explore with me. In short, I’m screwed because no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist him, and pretty soon I'm forced to admit that I’m not as done with my crush as I thought I was...

Heather's rating:

A sexuality discovery story with best friends-to-lovers and a slow, slow burn... yes, please.

Whew, my first read from Briar Prescott and I fell in love! This was the low-angst romance I needed in my life right now. A sweet, sweet infinitely slow burn, pining for daaaaaaaays, and a demisexual MC. I seriously was in heaven.

Just a warning: The Happy List are not for those who are easily frustrated. It takes a VERY long time for the relationship parts of the story to get going. Sure, I sometimes hate it when we get two MCs who just won't SHARE their feelings, and it gets even worse when one is entirely clueless, but it honestly worked for me here. There was a lot of very sweet chemistry-building and a TON of sexual tension build-up, and I ate that up. I also think that moving from friendship to attraction was just such a paradigm-shift for Gray that he just didn't see it at first. Kai was infinitely patient or just too roped in to stop, but he had to suffer a lot before he saw his attraction being returned. Stick with the story and your patience will be rewarded, I promise.
Anyone who knows my reading tastes knows I love a story when a character is exploring their sexuality for the first time, and man, I was satisfied here. I love it when a character realizes their attractions and goes all in. Gray was confused at first, but once he figured himself out, he was raring to so (same, buddy, same). The book had the perfect amount of steam, and the sex scenes worked. I always like a book more when it doesn't lead with sex, and so it worked out for me here.

Add to the story a very sweet romance-y ended, and you got me hooked. My 2020 happy list has this book on it, that's for sure.

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Enjoy, friends!

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