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Release Blitz: Irresistible In A Kilt by Anna Durand

Irresistible In A Kilt

by Anna Durand

Narrated by Elle Newlands and Shane East

The sweetest lies are the most seductive… 
Eleven years ago, I fell in love with Alex Thorne. He was beautiful, charming, sexy, and the best lover I'd ever had. He's also a bloody liar. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a half-truth, a con, or an evasion. Now I find out my dream job at a university in America is his way of pulling me back into his world. I will never, never fall under the spell of the British Bastard again.

Catriona MacTaggart is the one that got away. The Scottish lass has fire in her soul and in her eyes, especially when she punches me. I can handle that. Maybe the truth and I do have a different sort of relationship, but I've never lied about my feelings for Cat. I'll do whatever it takes to get her back, even if it means deceiving her.

Alex still knows exactly how to get under my skin, and despite all my intentions, I still can't resist that body and that smile. Maybe it's time I turn the tables and seduce the seducer, to finally solve the mystery he doesn't want me to unravel.

Who is Alex Thorne?

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My 5 Favorite Things About Cat and Alex from Irresistible in a Kilt

  1. They know how to argue! Seriously. Nobody bickers and banters like these two. Alex deftly evades answering Cat's questions, but she always calls him on it. And their arguments often turn steamy…
  2. Cat's nicknames for Alex. Her favorite epithet is the British Bastard, and she's referred to him that way for more than a decade. She's invented other insulting names for him too, like the Soulless Sassenach. Alex creates his own moniker for her in response, but you'll have to read the book to find out what that is!
  3. Alex's inner monologue. Readers and audiobook fans have already commented on this, and I wholeheartedly agree! I had so much fun writing Alex's thoughts, the way he sees himself and what he thinks of others. He has a naughty sense of humor, naturally.
  4. Chapters Nine & Ten. I won't spoil it by saying too much, but let's just say Alex delivers a lecture specifically designed to get Cat, um, excited. The scene spans two chapters, beginning with Alex's viewpoint and continuing into Cat's chapter to show her reaction—and it ends with a surprising but highly appropriate twist.
  5. Cat's determination. Alex fights her every step of the way, but Catriona refuses to give up on him. Yes, she starts out hating him. But she soon realizes the man and the situation are both far more complicated than she ever realized until now. Despite the obstacles, she's determined to solve the mystery of Alex Thorne.

Anna Durand is a bestselling, multi-award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her books have earned bestseller status on every major retailer and wonderful reviews from readers around the world. But that’s the boring spiel. Here are some really cool things you want to know about Anna!

Born on Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Anna grew up moving here, there, and everywhere thanks to her dad’s job as an instructor pilot. She’s lived in Texas (twice), Mississippi, California (twice), Michigan (twice), and Alaska—and now Ohio.

As for her writing, Anna has always made up stories in her head, but she didn’t write them down until her teen years. Those first awful books went into the trash can a few years later, though she learned a lot from those stories. Eventually, she would pen her first romance novel, the paranormal romance Willpower, and she’s never looked back since.

Want even more details about Anna? Get access to her extended bio when you subscribe to her newsletter and download the free bonus ebook, Hot Scots Confidential. You’ll also get hot deleted scenes, character interviews, fun facts, and more – including a bonus audiobook chapter performed by Shane East!

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