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Book Review: Devine Proportion by Cole McCade

From The Blurb:
20% of monthly revenues from sales of this book from now until January 1st, 2021 will be donated to causes supporting #BlackLivesMatter and the families of victims of police violence. 
While Captain Anjulie Zarate y Salazar faces a crisis of loyalty at home, Malcolm Khalaji faces another crisis in Los Angeles—one that will test him to his absolute limits. 
And that crisis is named Yoon Eun-Ji. 
When mandatory mental health leave turns into a not-particularly-optional dinner invitation from Seong-Jae's parents, Malcolm finds himself thrust into the pure chaos that can only be the entire Yoon family within the same four walls. Multilingual mortification. Sassy sisters. Scorchingly spicy steak. And intimate moments that are exactly what Malcolm needs to distract himself from the building tsunami of trauma inside him, threatening to break and crash down at any moment. 
But Malcolm isn't the only one taking advantage of the distraction to confront difficult issues—and a story within a story unravels as Seong-Jae descends deep into memories of his time with Sila, searching for anything that could unearth clues about who the cat-eyed man truly is, where his path will take him next, his connection to the Golden Ratio Killer...and the dangers that threaten the people Malcolm and Seong-Jae love most. 
Echoes of the past. Remembered pains. Emerging patterns. New revelations. 
And a confession that could change everything. 
For better or for worse, by the end of this case... 
Malcolm and Seong-Jae will never be the same.

Karen's rating:

"Wow! This one was exactly what I needed." 

Like so many others here I am a die hard fan of this series. To date it has yet to disappoint me and this latest episode quite honestly proved to be exactly what I was wanting to read.

For a long time my reading was comprised of books by authors such as Phillip Margolin, Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, Steve Berry and on and on...what they all have in common is that they write books that contain an element of mystery/crime/suspense or something of that nature. I may have drifted away from these authors over the years to find myself mostly reading books with a m/m pairing in them but I've also found that the books I've enjoyed the most tend to still land in the mystery/crime/drama/suspense categories.

I love the whole crime/drama/police procedural aspect of this series without fail they've kept me up reading until the wee hours of the night on more than one occasion, but here in 'Divine Proportion' the author's taken a small break from all that darkness to allow us to delve into the lives of these two men on a more personal level.

I was delighted when Mal took Seong-Jae home top meet his parents. It was a heartwarming and enjoyable thing to behold and now...well turnabout's fair play. It's time for Malcolm to meet Seong-Jae's parents and he couldn't be more nervous about it. That in and of itself was hilarious. Seriously the man has nerves of steel when facing down hardened killers but put him in front of Seong-Jae's family and all bets are off. But in true Malcolm Khalaji style he's determined to overcome any obstacles that may get in the way of his spend a lifetime with the man he loves.

While there's no mystery to be solved in this one, throughout the events of the day we're also given a closer look at Seong-Jae's time with Sila and the impact that it had on his life through the eyes of a much older and wiser Seong-Jae.

I won't say that I'm not looking forward to the series getting back to the happenings of the present. But, I wouldn't have missed this story giving me a chance to see Mal and Seong-Jae not as detectives engaged in a race against time to save the lives of those who will become the next victims of the Golden Ratio Killer, but as men...normal everyday men in a relationship and having to deal with normal everyday things like meeting the boyfriends parents was fun but it was also something that added depth to the personalities of both men that I think we would have otherwise missed this. Which is not to say that things weren't already good...but just that this for me has made them even better.

For the most part the story revolved around the events transpiring at the Yoon household but that doesn't mean that we didn't get a peek at beginnings of the chaos that is about to explode back in Baltimore. She may not want to admit it but, I think Anjulie needs her two best detectives back in Baltimore where they belong if she hopes to keep the world from exploding.

Spending the day with Seong-Jae and Mal while they visited Seong-Jae's family was a very welcome break from the reality that is our world and the dark side of Seong-Jae and Mal's world that they work and live in as well as a very, very welcome return to their world.


A copy of "Devine Proportion" was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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