Sunday, September 27, 2020

ARC Review: Screwed by K.M. Neuhold

Screwed (Four Bears Construction, #4)From the blurb:

I've had my fair share of less than proud relationship moments, but waking up married to my brother-in-law's best friend is a new low.

A drunken wedding to a man who already rejected me once? Check. A hefty bet about how long it will last? Check. My feisty new husband, determined to make our friends pay up? Double check.

I've never managed to make a real relationship last nearly a year, there's no way Daniel will stick around long enough to win this bet. The only problem is the longer he stays, the more the lines blur between what's real and what's for show. Does he feel it too or am I totally screwed?

Heather's rating:

Oh, I adored this one. 

I'm a big fan of K.M. Neuhold's "Four Bears Construction" series, and I've read each and every one. I mean, what's not to like?? Hairy bears finding love and showing sweet, sweet vulnerability. Count me in, every time. I've been eagerly awaiting Screwed with the promise of Ollie's long awaited HEA, and I was NOT disappointed.

I see some mixed reviews from my friends, but I was grinning the entire time I was reading. I love, love, love a slow-burn, wake-up-married plotline with a just one bed!! plot twist to boot. Those are seriously like crack plot devices for me, and I was hooked.

Ollie was so sweet, and I loved the opposites-attract vibe I got between him and Daniel. They were so great together, and I adored how we got to see their relationship progress over a series of months. We got great depth of character and relationship development. I also, and this is a minor thing, like that we got some more mainstream, less porno-sounding names for these dudes.

Just a really nice way to wrap up the series, Screwed was a romance-y, romance for those of us who love these beefy, loveable guys. I'm a happy camper.

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Enjoy, everyone!

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