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ARC Review: Forbidden Need (They Bite #3) by Lee Colgin

Forbidden Need
As Rudy adapts to life in a new town, he lays eyes on a man whose very presence steals his heart. The man is bewitching. Bewitching…and grumpy. 

Samuel has no interest in the coyote shifter who’s been following him around like a lovesick pup, even if he is adorable. Adorable…and persistent. 

Born a vampire before the Great Wars, Samuel’s had plenty of time to make enemies. If he can’t discover and kill the one who’s been stalking him, it could be Rudy who pays the price. Samuel doesn’t do relationships, and he won’t bend the rules for Rudy, but that doesn’t mean he wants the coyote hurt. Stuck together as Samuel plots revenge, Rudy finally has his chance to win over his mate. 

Can they harness the power of their fated bond, or will Samuel’s dark past overcome the future they’ve yet to claim?

Todd's rating:

Wow, I guess it really was my last read's fault that it took me *TWELVE DAYS* to finish, because I devoured this one in less than 24 hours!

Samuel, the Vampire Council's enforcer, wasn't very prominent in the first book, but as Dr. Ben's best friend in the second book, I loved his snarky-assed attitude right from the get go and really wanted him to get his own story.

So when I saw that ARC's for his book were available, I immediately snapped it up on NetGalley and was not in the least disappointed.

As this book began, Samuel was still the same rude and grumpy asshole that I'd previously seen, but for some unknown reason (*cough-fated-mates-cough*), the moment that upbeat, personable, coyote shifter Rudy saw Samuel in a bar, it was a done deal.

But Rudy was nothing if not persistent, even against the most cutting of Samuel's rebukes, and this was a romance, after all, so as expected, the relentless canine shifter wormed his way into the bitchy, little vampire's cold, previously-dead heart. And since I enjoy stories with a bit of a chase, it was awesome to see!

Although the humor wasn't completely ratcheted up enough to give full-on frequent belly laughs, the laughs were there with enough regularity to keep me chuckling quite a lot, like in the exchange below, where Samuel had FINALLY stopped running full-speed away from Rudy.
You know you’re even prettier when you’re not angry with me.”

Samuel opened his eyes, took in that ridiculous smile, and laughed out loud. “You’re quite infuriating.”

“Have you met
you?” Rudy’s grin widened.
I really enjoyed finally getting the back story of Samuel's painful 180 year past, through a series of flashbacks, which also introduced us to the present day Big Bad in the book.

Let's just say that the young vampire had *very* shitty tastes in boyfriends, to the point that those choices had followed him for over a century and might've cost him his life.

Less enjoyable, though, were the parts of the book surrounding the loss of Rudy's younger sister. When all was said and done, I didn't feel as though that entire story line was needed at all, but that's just me.

I also really liked how, even though Rudy was written as a much less powerful, less capable fighter than Samuel, it was Rudy that kept stepping up to the plate when situations had gone completely off the rails.

The angst here was always kept to manageable levels, along with the steam, but I found the feels to be much higher than I'd actually expected.

In regards to pacing, the book was very good at keeping me completely invested from the first page until the defeat of The Big Bad; however, the parts after that landed a tiny bit flat, if I'm being 100% honest.

Overall, I'd rate this book at around 4.25 stars for the excitement and sheer enjoyment and recommend it to anyone who has already read the first two books. : )

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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