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ARC Review: A Brush of Blue by V. L. Locey

From The Blurb:
The most difficult of life’s choices might be the one we make when we open our hearts to another. 
Landon Reece is the ultimate Manhattan athlete. The elite goalie for the New York Metros is rich, handsome, generous, and purposely single. His life has been a whirlwind of fancy cars, beautiful people, museum galas, and championship rings. Landon now has one year left on his multi-million dollar contract, and the talk around town isn’t good. Despite carrying his team to the pinnacle of success, the aging goalie is hearing rumors that his contract might not be renewed next season. Hoping to curtail the rumors and show the Metros he still has what it takes, Landon and his agent set up a press tour to hopefully remind the fans—and Metros’ management—just how important Landon is to New York City. 
During one of a hundred appearances on the tour, Landon finds himself a guest on the newest and hottest late night talk show in the Big Apple. There he meets Montrell Pittman, leader of the show’s band, A Brush of Blue, and his senses come alive. He resolves to do his best to woo the upbeat, sexy musician who ignites his blood like no other person ever has. As the two men grow closer, Landon’s ice time shows how happy his new romance is making him. Then a tragedy rocks his world, and Landon finds himself wallowing in despair and in danger of losing the man who might be the only one who can clear his blues away.

Karen's rating:

I’ve read, savored and delighted in all of the books in this series and I admit it, I’d barely finished ‘A Brush of Blue’ and I’m already anticipating the next book.

If you had asked me a few days ago what my favorite book in this series was without hesitation I would have said ‘Slow Dances Under an Orange Moon’ and I do still unreservedly love that story, but here in ‘A Brush of Blue’ Ms Locey has created a story that has captured my attention on an entirely different level.

‘A Brush of Blue’ is a story about two people…one who’s star is starting to dim and one who’s star is just beginning to truly shine and the destruction that one event can wreck on both of those careers but how with strength, love, determination and faith those same two men can find their way through the storm together.

Landon Reece has tended goal for the New York Metros for nearly a decade and he’s done a damned fine job of it, but as most people know the lifespan of a pro-athletes career at the best of times is little more than a fleeting moment in time. In an effort to prolong his career Landon’s agent sets up a press tour intended to remind Metros fans just how much they need him tending goal.

Landon’s childhood has left him with more than a few issues when it comes to trust, commitment and love and in spite of his warm and loving personality Montrell’s been burned in the past so trust isn’t something that comes easily to him either.

When Landon does a guest appearance on Late Night with Oliver he meets the shows band leader Montrell Pittman and quickly realizes that Montrell is everything he never knew he needed in his life and by quickly I don’t mean insta-love, Montrell and Landon’s story is anything but!

I absolutely loved this relationship. Montrell may have been the impetus that made Landon see what a ‘dick’ he was (his words not mine…although I can’t say I entirely disagree with him) but it was Landon who had to do the work and by work I mean introspection and soul searching that led him to see and understand why he was the person he was and who he truly wanted that person to be.

The communication between these two men was perfect. They talked, they listened, they learned from each other…which is not to say that they didn’t have disagreements but rather that ultimately they worked through them as a couple with open and honest communication that was very much due to Montrell’s kind and caring nature and Landon’s desire to be a better person to be the person he was hiding from the world.

Following these two men as they go from that first meeting when Montrell lets Landon no that he’s simply not a nice person to two men who are drawn to each other but still guarding their hearts until little by little they begin to cautiously lower those guards to allow each other in was both incredibly sweet and sexy in equal measure.

For anyone who loves hockey, second chances, the blues, interracial romances and manties all wrapped up with a well deserved HEA you might want to check this one out and even though it’s the fifth book in the series you can safely jump in here although be warned once you do you may find yourself in need of more.


An ARC of “A Brush of Blue” was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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