Monday, April 20, 2020

ARC Review: Fake It 'til You Make Out by Isla Olsen

Fake It 'til You Make Out (Love & Luck #1)From the blurb:


It’s a classic story: Boy meets girl, girl breaks boy’s heart, boy pretends to be gay to get back at girl, girl outs boy to everyone on Facebook…

Okay, maybe it’s not that classic. But it’s what happened to me.

When I bump into my cheating ex and catch sight of the moon-sized rock on her finger, there’s only one option to save face: pretend to be dating my gay best friend, Declan.

And when she outs me on Facebook and everyone I know sees it, there’s still only one option: keep pretending to be dating Declan.

And when Declan and I have to kiss to keep up the ruse and it turns out there’s actually a spark between us (more like a blazing inferno, if truth be told) there’s once again only one option…

Heather's rating:

Fake It 'til You Make Out was both SO much fun and SO frustrating.

Part of it was immensely enjoyable. I love a good sexuality discovery story and the MC's realization of his bisexuality was refreshingly angst-free. He wasn't hung up on the whys or hows, and I adored how he just embraced his desires. The whole set up was pretty much my crack. Friends-to-lovers and fake boyfriends... I mean, just take my money! I couldn't get enough.

But, alas, not all was perfect.

Simply put, this author needs an editor. Badly. So many easy to correct errors. EVERYWHERE. All of the characters are supposed to be American, yet "centre" was spelled the British way in every instance. There were other examples of non-American spellings and idioms, and I wanted to scream every time I read them. Also, please, either put dialogue in quotes or italics, not BOTH! The author randomly switched back and forth in how she did her dialogue from italics to quotations and, most annoying, often both. Please, no.

And, finally, the real kicker: An incredibly silly misunderstanding to create drama. WHY???? The author made it through most of the book so drama-free, and then she had to throw a wrench into everything. And it was 100% unnecessary! Just lazy writing.

Despite my issues, I have to admit, this book was adorable.. Super fun, hot bisexuality discovery story with some funny banter and an easy-to-read plot. The author better step up her editing game for the next in the series because I really want to continue.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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