Friday, March 13, 2020

ARC Review: Caulky by K.M. Neuhold

Caulky (Four Bears Construction, #1)From the Blurb:
Ren is in desperate need of a rebound fling. Lucky for him, the smoking hot contractor he hired has just the tool for the job. 
The last thing I want is another relationship or another broken heart.
All I need are my bees and the occasional hookup to scratch the itch. 
Okay, maybe meeting up with my hot contractor weekly is a little more than occasional. And maybe the way I’m starting to feel about the guy I’ve been anonymously chatting with online should concern me. 
But CaulkyAF doesn’t want to meet, and Cole doesn’t want anything serious, so what’s the worst that could happen?

Ky's rating:

This was an interesting book... We have Ren, who is trying to get over the end of a longterm relationship, and Cole, who doesn't do relationships.

There's some build up of the story but for a long time nothing happens between them. Then they bump into each other and hook up and because life is just so funny, Ren happens to re-do his bathroom with Cole's construction company.

They start a casual relationship with no emotional connection, as they keep everything remotely related to their life private from the other. But unknown to them they are also forming a relationship online, which is much more honest and close than their real-life one.

I liked their message exchange and how even when they figured out who the other was they still felt a close friendship to their alter egos. The way that Cole reassured Ren, through the app that brought them together, when he had doubts about big steps in their relationship was adorable.

Both of them had their own things going on in their lives and their voices were distinct enough that I didn't have trouble remembering who was narrating.

Ren had a job that he didn't like and a hobby-side business that he loved, so Cole supported and encouraged him. Cole had a successful business and three nosy co-owners that Ren won over in no time. They worked well together and brough out the best in each other.

It has an entertaining and interesting plot, never boring, with three other possible MCs for the future books. I'll be honest and say that I really want all of their stories! Each one is different and has his own challenges and short-comings. It'd be interesting to see who the author will pair them with.

Great start to the series but it can also be read as a standalone.

An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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