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Blogtour: The Geek And His Artist by Hope Ryan


Please say hello to Hope Ryan with 

The Geek And His Artist

Simon Williams spends his lunch periods drawing his geek and trying not to think about the terrors waiting for him at home. He needs to get away from his abusive father before he suffers the same grisly fate as his mother. Because he's learned the hard way running away doesn’t work, he’s counting the days until his eighteenth birthday. 

Jimmy Bennet should be spending his lunch studying so his senior GPA is good enough to get him into college, but he can't seem to focus thanks to his distracting artist. When he’s given the opportunity to tutor Simon in Trig and discovers Simon’s home-life nightmare, he wants nothing more than to get Simon out of danger. This need becomes more urgent when Simon comes to school the Monday after their first date with bruises, but it takes a broken leg before Jimmy can convince his boyfriend the Bennets really want him. 

But the danger Simon thought was past shows up at the most unexpected time, and he must stand up to the fears he’s held so long to protect not only himself, but the man he wants to spend his life with. 

You can find The Geek and His Artist at Amazon.

“Dude, come on! I know you don’t have to do your homework yet. You’ve got two fucking weeks!” Ronnie, his best friend, whined from the other end of the phone line. “It’s The Hobbit for Christ’s sake. I know you’ve only seen it once.” 

Jimmy sighed. “Fine, fine, I’ll go. But I can’t drive. Mom’s working tonight.” 

“No, that’s cool. Sean’s driving. We’ll be there in twenty!” And before Jimmy could say another word, the line went dead. 

Jimmy groaned and rolled to a sitting position on his bed, sending a slightly mournful look at the bottle of lotion on his bedside table. But even he realized how pathetic it was to spend the night in his room beating off instead of hanging out with his friends. He could always fantasize about his artist later. He snatched up his keys, wallet, and “got precious?” hoodie and headed downstairs. 

Sean and Ronnie showed up ten minutes later, not twenty, but Jimmy had expected it. He’d already guessed they were on their way when Ronnie called, knowing he’d go. Jimmy called to his dad that he was going out and when he expected to be back, and when his dad’s reply sounded vaguely affirmative, he headed out to the car. 

“See? Isn’t this better than beating off to some hot guy’s picture?” Ronnie teased. 

Review Tour: School & Rock (Raptors #5) by RJ Scott and V.L. Locey


Buy Links: Universal Link

Length: 55,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Arizona Raptors Series

Book #1 - Coast to Coast - Universal Link
Book #2 - Across The Pond - Universal Link
Book #3 - Shadow and Light - Universal Link
Book #4 - Sugar and Ice - Universal Link

When Colorado Penn finds an unexpected package on his front step, his life will be changed forever.

Colorado Penn is living the dream. Starting goalie for the Arizona Raptors when in season, lead singer for a hard rock band when summer rolls around. He’s the quintessential free spirit who’s making sure he enjoys all the carnal blessings of his athleticism, and gritty singing voice. Now the Raptors are moving into their first playoff appearance in years, but the arrival of an unexpected package means that hockey may have to take a backseat to something way more important. Instead of the usual undergarments from adoring fans, he finds a newborn baby with a small note tucked under her carrier, naming him as the father. He refuses to give up his daughter and is determined to be the kind of father he’d dreamed of having. But to keep Madeline, he’ll need help, and he’ll need it fast. Enter handsome emergency manny, Joseph. They may be opposites, but Colorado starts to see that Joseph’s stable, calm influence makes his chaotic lifestyle choices seem less appealing. There’s something about the man that soothes not only his infant daughter but also the wild child inside Colorado.

Joseph is one year away from getting his degree in planetary science, working cover shifts at the planetarium, and pulling in income with short term manny gigs. Stars collide as he provides emergency childcare for the wild man of hockey, a man who moves so fast through life that he doesn’t know how to stop. Homeless, and caring for his niece, Emma, fate brings Joseph into Colorado and baby Madeline’s life. Madeline is a sweetheart, and Colorado is trying his hardest to make the best decision for his baby girl. He offers his home and an indecent salary, to keep Joseph in his life until summer’s end. Colorado brings mysticism and metal to Joseph’s sanctuary of science, but somehow Joseph needs to tame this shooting star and create a family. Nothing in the contract said Joseph had to fall in love to make that happen, but when it’s time for him to leave, will the void in his heart ever heal, or will it remain as cold as space itself?

Karen's review:

Colorado Penn is the goalie for the Arizona Raptors and he’s also a Rockstar. He’s had an interesting life and believes in living life to its fullest. He loves hockey, rock & roll and sex. The last thing in the world that anyone would mistake him for is a responsible adult ready to dawn the mantle of parenthood and guess what…they’d be wrong.

Joseph’s a science geek and he’s struggling to get his degree in planetary science and help take care of his sister Natalie and her little girl, Emma. Working at the local planetarium whenever he can helps with the finances and Joseph loves being there but when things don’t quite work out he finds himself falling back on his other love caring for children. 

When Colorado suddenly finds a small baby on his doorstep with a note attached saying ‘she’s yours’, he doesn’t waste hesitate or think twice about taking responsibility for the adorable baby that’s been thrust upon him.

As much as I’ve been looking forward to Colorado’s story, I also have to admit I was a bit apprehensive going into things as to how much I’d truly enjoy this. For one rock stars aren’t really my thing but also being a hockey player mitigated that detail for me. I was also nervous that this all seemed a bit to ‘fairytale-ish’ for me and I thought maybe this will be the one…this will be the book in the ‘Railers’ & ‘Raptors’ stories that just wouldn’t make the grade. But I was also determined to give this one change I’ve read all of the ‘Harrisburg Railers’ and it’s spin-off series both ‘Owatonna U Hockey’ and the ‘Arizona Raptors’ not to mention a whole lot of other stories by these authors and they have not failed me yet so I figured the least I could do was give Colorado and Joseph a chance.

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Blogtour: A Sheriff's Star by Makenna Lee

Welcome to our kickoff post for Harlequin's November titles, coming to a bookshelf near you very soon. We're excited to present:

A Sheriff's Star 
by Makenna Lee 
a Harlequin Special Edition title

It was only supposed to be a temporary home… He interrupts her plans…

When police chief Anson Curry returns a lost little girl to her frantic mother, his only goal is to ease the single mom’s anxiety. But it doesn’t take long for Tess Harper’s amazing child to have Anson wrapped around her little finger—and for Tess to have him thinking about a possible relationship. As for Tess, she’s tempted—even though she had planned to be in Oak Hollow, Texas, only temporarily. But after losing her father and brother in the line of duty, Tess thinks Anson’s job poses too much of a risk to her heart. And Anson has no plans to get involved with someone who’s planning on leaving.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

Home to Oak Hollow, Book 1: A Sheriff’s Star

Price: $5.99

ON-sale date: 10/27/2020

ISBN: 9781335894922


Where’s my baby?

Tess Harper’s rib cage rattled with the abrupt drumming of her heart. “Hannah Lynn! Where are you? Answer Momma!”

This can’t be happening! I only glanced away for a second.

Blood pounded in her head with such force her vision wavered, and a hot, prickly knot wedged in her throat. She grabbed a rack of clothes, knocked items to the floor and forced herself to focus. No one had been standing near them to snatch her little girl. Her precocious child must’ve slipped into one of the stuffed, round racks to play her favorite game of hide-and-seek. 

Please, please let her be okay. “Hannah Lynn, answer me!”

A store employee stood nearby folding T-shirts, unaffected by Tess’s cries.

“My daughter is missing! Can you make an announcement?”

“What does she look like?” asked the blank-faced teen.

“She’s four, blonde, has Down syndrome.”

“Over here, ma’am,” a deep, male voice called from across the women’s department. “I think I have who you’re looking for.”

Tess spun to see her daughter in the arms of a tall police officer. She ran, dodging obstacles and other shoppers, and pulled Hannah into her arms. The slight weight of her child was an immediate relief. She cradled her head of silky curls and kissed her smooth, broad forehead. “Don’t you ever run off like that again. You scared the life out of me.”

Hannah’s bottom lip poked out and she placed both hands on her mother’s cheeks. “I sorry, Momma.”

The waning adrenaline rush left her trembling and dizzy. A strong arm wrapped around her shoulders and she stiffened. “I’m fine.”

“Let’s find a place to sit.”

Allowing a strange man to touch her wasn’t typical behavior, but he was a police officer like her father had been, and at the moment, she welcomed the support. “I could sit for a minute.”

He guided them to a bench near the dressing room and sat beside them. “Can I get you anything? Water?”

Tess shook her head, too intent on hugging her squirming daughter and savoring her baby shampoo scent. “I can’t believe I let this happen. I only turned my head, and when I looked back, she was gone. What if…” Her throat tightened and burned with repressed tears, cutting off her words. Terrible scenarios scrolled through her mind, each one more horrifying than the next.

“Play hide-see, Momma.”

“Sweet girl, you have to promise to tell me before we start playing hide-and-seek.”

“Something like this happens to every parent at some point,” said the officer. “Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

She cut him a hard look, ready to argue that her slipup was completely unacceptable. “Are you a parent?”

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ARC Review: Surviving the Break by C. P. Harris

From The Blurb:

Max doesn’t do repeats, and he definitely doesn’t do commitments. Months after a hot encounter with a smooth-talking stranger in a bar room bathroom, Max comes face to face with the same sexy doctor during the unveiling of the community center’s dance studio. And the man is just as pushy and perceptive as Max remembers. Because of their mutual friendships, Max now has to work overtime to keep Dr. Ashton Jackson at arm’s length. Will he succeed in resisting the undeniable attraction he feels toward the man, or will he risk putting his heart on the line for love… again?

Ash isn’t afraid of love. He’s just never met The One. But there was something about the brown-eyed stranger he hooked up with that he can’t get out of his head. When their paths cross again unexpectedly, Ashton hopes to convince the wounded man with the heart of gold to give love a second chance. But what happens when the truth behind Max's heartache threatens to leave Ash questioning everything he's ever believed about himself? Will he too be left broken? Or will he and Max survive the break?

**An M/M romance and book two in the Chadwick trilogy. Can be read as a standalone and contains explicit sex and graphic language.

Karen's rating:


Before I start babbling about this story...

I'd just like to say that while the blurb says this one can be read as a standalone story and in essence I don't dispute that, I do honestly think that in order to truly appreciate the characters in this story, especially some of the secondary characters, reading the first book would definitely be highly beneficial. 

I finished reading this one a couple of days ago and while a lot of it was ok, it was somewhere in the last 30ish percent that things just seemed to go off the rails for me. 

I really liked both Max and Ash when they were introduced in the first book, so when it turned out that this was going to be their in they were going to become a couple, I was all in. 

These guys are intelligent, caring, mature, sexy, incredibly intense men who are both have busy lives and established careers. They also have a bit of baggage from their past that each of them needs to deal with. Max's is a bit more recent and definitely something that would shatter the strongest of hearts. While Ash's issues aren't as recent, in their own way they prove to be just as detrimental to the relationship that he and Max are trying to build if for no other reason than the fact that the heart and mind can only bury things for so long before it all begins to take a toll. 

Blogtour: Surviving the Break by C.P. Harris

 BT Banner

Surviving the Break 

by C.P. Harris

Chadwick, Book 2

Surviving the Break Book 2Max doesn’t do repeats, and he definitely doesn’t do commitments. Months after a hot encounter with a smooth-talking stranger in a bar room bathroom, Max comes face to face with the same sexy doctor during the unveiling of the community center’s dance studio. And the man is just as pushy and perceptive as Max remembers. Because of their mutual friendships, Max now has to work overtime to keep Dr. Ashton Jackson at arm’s length. Will he succeed in resisting the undeniable attraction he feels toward the man, or will he risk putting his heart on the line for love… again?

Ash isn’t afraid of love. He’s just never met The One. But there was something about the brown-eyed stranger he hooked up with that he can’t get out of his head. When their paths cross again unexpectedly, Ashton hopes to convince the wounded man with the heart of gold to give love a second chance. But what happens when the truth behind Max's heartache threatens to leave Ash questioning everything he's ever believed about himself? Will he too be left broken? Or will he and Max survive the break?

**An M/M romance and book two in the Chadwick series. 

Can be read as a standalone. Heat level is high. **

 Universal Link


Teaser 3

Teaser 2

Blog Tour Excerpt:

The farm sat on twenty acres of land. We drove past it on our way to the cottage about a half a mile down the road. We unloaded the bags from the trunk and went inside, Pluto bringing up the rear.

            In the hearth, a fire blazed, and the lemony scent confirmed the place had been freshly cleaned. The cottage was quaint. A simple living room, kitchen, a half-bath, and a bedroom with a master. Light wood and cream furnishings made up the decor.

I followed Ash down the hall to the bedroom. “Ash, you’ve been quiet since our encounter with Hayden. This isn’t like you. Talk to me.” I made a grab for his arm, but he pulled away.

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Blogtour: Rescue You by Elysia Whisler

Please welcome Elysia Whisler with 

Rescue You

She needs a fresh start. He’s got scars that haven’t healed. With the help of some rescue dogs, they’ll discover that everyone deserves a chance at happiness.

After a year of heartbreak and loss, the only thing keeping Constance afloat is the dog rescue she works at with her sister, Sunny. Desperate for a change, Constance impulsively joins a new gym, even though it seems impossibly hard, and despite the gym’s prickly owner.

Rhett Santos keeps his gym as a refuge for his former-military brothers and to sweat out his own issues. He’s ready to let the funny redhead join, but unprepared for the way she wiggles past his hard-won defenses.

When their dog rescue is threatened, the sisters fight to protect it. And they need all the help they can get. As Rhett and Constance slowly open up to each other, they’ll find that no one is past rescuing; what they need is the right person—or dog—to save them.



Constance slammed on her brakes. Steam rose from the street as rain gurgled through the ditches. She killed the engine, stepped into the pattering droplets and scanned the shoulder of the road. Nothing there but the remains of a goose carcass. “Where are you, boy?” Constance gave a low whistle. 

It hadn’t been her imagination. The picked-over goose only made her more certain she’d seen a dog, weaving through the foggy afternoon air like a phantom. A lost dog, with his head bent against the rain as he loped along the muddy ditch. 

Constance whistled again. Silence, but for the sound of rain hitting the trees that lined the road. “Maybe I’m just tired.” She’d done a lot of massages today, which made her feel wrung out. Constance almost ducked back into the van, but halted. 

There he was: a white face with brown patches, peeking at her from behind a bush. “Hey, boy.” Constance squatted down, making herself smaller, less threatening. The dog watched, motionless. Constance drew a biscuit from her coat, briefly recalling the cashier’s amusement at the grocery store today when she’d emptied her pockets on the counter, searching for her keys. Five dog biscuits had been in the pile with her phone, a used tissue and the grocery list. 

“Dog mom, huh?” the elderly cashier had said.

 “Something like that.” More like dog aunt, to all of the rescues at Pittie Place. Her sister, Sunny, had quite the brood. 

Constance laid the biscuit near her foot and waited. A moment later, the bush rustled and the dog approached. He had short hair and big shoulders. He got only as close as he needed to, then stretched his neck out for the prize. As he gingerly took the biscuit, Constance noted a droopy abdomen and swollen nipples, like a miniature cow.

 So. He was a she. Constance inched toward her. The dog held on to the biscuit, but reared back. Constance extended her fist, slowly, so the mom could smell her. “You got puppies somewhere?” 

The dog whimpered, but crunched up the biscuit.

 “Where are your puppies?” 

Release Blitz: Dinner at the Blue Moon Café by Rick R. Reed

Title: Dinner at the Blue Moon Café

Author: Rick R. Reed

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: October 19, 2020

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 66700

Genre: Paranormal, LGBTQIA+, chef, murders, werewolf, friendship, shifters, contemporary, Seattle, food, recipes

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A monster moves through the darkest night, lit only by the full moon, taking them, one by one, from Seattle’s gay gathering areas.

In an atmosphere of spine-tingling fear, Thad Matthews finds his first true love cooking in an Italian restaurant called The Blue Moon Cafe. Sam Lupino is everything Thad has ever hoped for in a man: virile, sexy as hell, kind, and…he can cook!

As the pair’s love heats up, so do the questions. Who is the killer preying on Seattle’s gay men? What secrets is Sam’s Sicilian family hiding? And, more important, why do Sam’s unexplained disappearances always coincide with the full moon?

When the secrets are finally revealed, is Thad and Sam’s love for one another strong enough to weather the horrific revelations revealed by the light of the full moon?


Dinner at the Blue Moon Café
Rick R. Reed © 2020
All Rights Reserved

Music from his clock radio woke Thad Matthews at 6:00 a.m. The song, “Smokestack Lightning,” yanked him from a heavy, dream-laden sleep. Its energy forced his eyes open wider, caused synapses, eight hours dormant, to tingle, and made him want to move. Nonetheless, he slapped at the snooze button, silencing the bluesy wail, rolled over, and then pulled the comforter over his head. He was glad he had tuned his clock radio to KPLU, Seattle’s only all-blues all-the-time station, but he desperately wanted to recapture just a few more minutes of his dream, in which he’d found himself on the moors of England. All he could recall was that the moors themselves were appropriately fog shrouded and lit with a silvery luminance from above. Someone waited for him in the shadows and fog. And he couldn’t, for the life of him, know for certain if that someone meant to do him harm or meant to just do him.

He’d been having a lot of sexual dreams lately.

As much as he wanted to unravel the mystery of the dream—and to perhaps savor the vague sexual vibrations he was getting from it—sleep eluded him. He found thoughts of the day crowding in, preventing even the most remote possibility of a recurrence of slumber.

Thad sat up in the four-poster, rubbing his eyes like a little boy, and wondered why he bothered setting an alarm. He had no job to go to, no pressing engagements, no muse to answer to—hell, he didn’t even have an appointment for an oil change.

This day, like all his others, stretched out before him completely unmarred with obligations other than the requirements life imposed upon him, such as eating and going to the bathroom, which the erection poking up under his sheets compelled him to take care of. He called this morning wood a pee-on, because once he had put that particular need to rest, it most often subsided.

After stumbling to the adjoining bathroom and letting go with a flow that caused a mighty sigh of relief to issue forth from him, he thought once again that maybe today should be the day he looked harder into getting himself some employment—anything to put him into contact with other people and to fill his waking hours. Lord knew he filled out enough applications and answered enough Help Wanted ads on Craigslist to keep the officials down at unemployment sending him checks. But all his efforts, dishearteningly, were ignored.

It had been nearly four months since he had been laid off at Perk, the national chain of coffee shops headquartered in suburban Shoreline. Thad had been there for six years, in the marketing department, spending his days writing clever sayings for paper coffee cups and point-of-purchase signs for the stores. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. And writing phrases like “Plan on Being Spontaneous” paid the bills, even if it didn’t provide much creative or intellectual challenge. It helped sell coffee, and Thad never kidded himself: that’s why he was employed there.

Except now they didn’t need him anymore. Who would write the signs for their special Iced Coffee blend?

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Blogtour: The Secret Ingredient by KD Fisher

Please say hello to KD Fisher with 

The Secret Ingredient

a Carina Adores title

For single mom Adah Campbell, the executive chef job at a posh restaurant in tiny North Port, Maine is a dream come true—and the perfect opportunity to start over, far away from a home that’s never felt entirely hers. But fitting in has never been easy, and between a new town, a new boss, and the unexpectedly attractive owner of a rival café, things get off to a rocky start.

Never did free-spirited Beth Summers think she’d still be in North Port. Travel the world gathering delicious recipes and finding friends and lovers? Absolutely. Step in to run her family’s small-town café? Not so much. However, once Beth commits to something, that’s it. Soon, The Yellow House is the hottest spot in town, but Beth’s out of energy—and out of ideas for moving forward. 

Until Adah Campbell walks into her life, and moving forward suddenly includes making room for a whole new family.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Imprint: Carina Press (Carina Adores)

On Sale: October 27, 2020

Format: Trade Paperback (ebook and audio also available)

Price: $14.99 U.S.

ISBN: 9781335957146


The door clattered open and Andrew walked in, a stormy expression eclipsing my brother’s normal goofy half smile. “Beth. Some people outside to see you.”

Since The Yellow House had been awarded Best New Restaurant in the Northeast by the Martin Williams Foundation, a prestigious culinary organization I’d never heard of prior to receiving the letter in the mail, we’d been bombarded with reporters, bloggers, and more diners than we could possibly keep up with. Usually, though, they didn’t show up a full four hours before we opened for the day.

Peeking through the window at the small gravel parking lot, I spotted a gleaming black Mercedes and three people sitting at one of the picnic tables in the garden. I wiped my hands on my apron and patted my hair, hoping that my curls hadn’t dried in a frizzy mess. Dressing in the dark, I’d hardly had a moment to make sure my socks matched before dashing out of the house. A few too many times these visitors were enthusiastic with the photos and 

I appeared in Instagram posts and blog entries looking like a wild and unruly thing.

“Good morning!” I called as I bounded down the stairs. The morning air brushed cool against my clammy skin. Before the fire settled down, the kitchen tended to get unbearably hot. The sunlight had gathered itself into soft rays that glistened off the dew in the vegetable and herb patches. A monarch butterfly fluttered across my path and I paused, letting it take its time. Medusa, the barn-cat-turned-restaurant-mascot, snoozed on one of the picnic tables, blissfully oblivious of the visitors.

At the sound of my voice all three of them stood: a tall, slim man in a beautifully tailored suit, a shorter man with a ruddy, irritable face, and another person with their back to me. She turned. Immediately my cheeks heated, and an awkward laugh bubbled up from my throat.

She was like something plucked from my adolescent queer fantasies. Bad boy and tough woman rolled into one. She wore dark jeans, a thick leather belt, and a white T-shirt with the sleeves cuffed a few times up to reveal sinewy biceps. Her dark blond hair was pushed back from her flawless, angular face in a messy not-quite-pompadour. Straight eyebrows a few shades darker than her hair. A long, delicate nose. Lips that probably would have been ample were they not pressed together in a tense frown.

“How can I help you folks?” I bit back the comment that we didn’t open until eleven and offered a sweet smile instead.

Blogtour: Limitless by Kaylene Winter

by Kaylene Winter
(A Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance, #2)
Publication date: October 9th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

“She snuck up on me and stole my heart…


Sexy Viking drummer Jace Deveraux used his genius marketing skills to help propel Less than Zero (LTZ) to the top.

Friends-with-benefits was the only thing he was capable of.

Until free-spirited social media influencer Alexandria LeRoux made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Their secret, spontaneous global hookups were decadent, erotic, extraordinary.

For the first time in his life, Jace wants it all

Including a future with Alex.

Will one fateful night destroy his chance with her forever?

“I’ll travel the world for him…”

Ethereal animal-lover Alex had one goal in mind:

Conquer playboy Jace before they both left Seattle.

Her plans for him certainly didn’t include forever.

But their first time was so sublime, it ruined her for anyone else

What’s a girl to do?

Enjoy him in as many countries as possible, that’s what.

Except Alex has her own dreams and they’re already in motion.

Will Jace ever follow her for a change?

Their lives orbit on different courses, but gravity always seems to pull them back together…

Unless a blast from the past blows their chance to smithereens.

LIMITLESS is book 2 in the Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance Series.

Goodreads / Amazon


Under any other circumstances, spending Christmas in my hometown with my band, Less than Zero, would have been something to look forward to. Over the past few years, we’d spent the holidays together but we’d been on the road. In the early years, dinner would have been take-out food in a shared hotel room from whatever restaurant was open. After our success, the past few years had been spectacularly catered events.

My plan had been to immerse myself in the chaos at my Deveraux family home with the woman whom I hoped would represent my future. That’s not how it panned out. Instead, I was at our lead singer Tyson Rainier’s house watching him propose to Zoey Pearson, the girl who had stolen his heart almost a decade ago.

Ty and Zoey’s romance had permeated the fabric of LTZ since the day they met at our epic Mission show all those years ago, and I’d played a big role over the years in facilitating their star-crossed lovers myth. Gossip sites and social media couldn’t get enough of them. Fan fiction about their love story had taken a life of its own ranging from bubble-gum, heart-eyed, teeny-bopper swooning to the dirtiest erotica. Which translated to tremendous profits in both record and merch sales for all of us.

Release Blitz: Start to Finish by Pamela A. Williams

Title: Start to Finish

Series: The Ian Start Mysteries, Book One

Author: Pamela A. Williams

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: October 19, 2020

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 61600

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, College, artist, law enforcement, murder, disabilities, reunited

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Ian Start is an art professor and poet, living and teaching in Providence, Rhode Island. After suffering an infection in his leg that left him disfigured and traumatized, he’s been struggling to regain his emotional balance and find his voice again in his poetry.

It doesn’t help when one of his students is murdered, and he’s implicated. The chemistry is still there between Ian and Jake, who is his ex and the investigator, but being a suspect presents a barrier to their reunion.

Furthermore, Ian’s injury left a massive scar, both physically and emotionally. He is not convinced anyone else should have to live with his disfigurement and his nightmares.


Start to Finish
Pamela A. Williams © 2020
All Rights Reserved

As I hobbled to the door, I could see, through the leaded glass, a stout Black man in a dated tweed blazer. He was staring intently at my approach, which made me wish that I was dressed in more than a robe and flannel pajama bottoms. Opening the door, I saw that there was a second man, a few steps down, looking out toward the street. “Professor Ian Start?” said the man in front of me.

“Yes?” I said, tearing my gaze away from the familiar pale ginger head.

“I’m Detective Henry Ransom from the Providence Police Department. May we have a few minutes of your time?” At that point, the tawny head turned, and it was, as I knew it would be, Jake. Right on cue, Ransom said, “This is Detective Jake Quinn.” Our eyes met and held. In the moment, I was delighted to see him. But in my moment of pleasure, I could see wariness and warning in his eyes, a slight shake of his head that clearly said don’t acknowledge. I immediately assumed there were some gay identity issues at play and kept my trap shut. Everyone knew I was gay, but I was well aware of guilt by association.

“Yes, of course, come in. We were just having coffee. Can I get you a cup?” Ever the perfect host, eh? With no small amount of trepidation, I led them to the kitchen where Rita was sitting at my little table. It looks out over a small terracotta-tiled patio with a wildflower garden beyond, looking bleak and dead in the frigid morning with black stems and flower heads that hadn’t been tended to before the winter frosts.

“Yeah, coffee would be good,” said Detective Ransom. I raised my eyebrows at Jake, who merely nodded. I knew he took it black but inquired of both anyway. Rita introduced herself, and they all shook hands. I didn’t get a handshake. I began to feel very nervous. My knuckles started to prickle.

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Blogtour: Tattered Angel by Layla Dorine

Please welcome Layla Dorine with

Tattered Angel

The Road To Rocktoberfest #2

Since the moment he picked up his first guitar, Dez Conway dreamed of being a Rockstar. A multi-talented musician with the ability to play the electric violin, electric cello and even the bass, he’d be an asset to any group of musicians, if only the bands who’d hired him over the years had truly thought that way. Instead, he’s singing for the dishes in an upscale restaurant, bitter, pissed off and unwilling to entertain the offer to replace the front man of the world-famous Deviant Angels. After all, why the hell would they be any different than the guys who’d kicked him to the curb in the past?

Only…they’re not the Deviant Angels. Their longtime front man took the name with him when he left, along with their hopes of getting back on the road again and playing the music they love. Of course, a talented musician like Dez could change all that for them, if they can convince him that this time, his dreams of rock stardom, and love, can actually come true.


“Shhhh” Zakk hissed.

Raising an eyebrow at his bandmate, Riley shot him a look. “What the hell are you shushing me for when there is literally no one out here to hear us.”

“You don’t know that for sure.”

Riley looked around, spotting nothing but a tumbleweed rolling across the dusty, moonlit yard. “Unless you’re seeing something I can’t, we’re the only ones stupid enough to be out here.”

“You four chuckleheads have exactly five minutes to decide how you want to do this before I head back to the RV and leave you for the ghosts to find,” James huffed, lugging the drum bag that contained Damien’s kit. 

“There will be no more talk of ghosts until we’re all away from this creepy ass place, if you don’t mind,” Riley complained, trying to imagine a setup that would convey the ominous eeriness they were hoping for with this video. 

Zakk, meanwhile, headed straight for the steps. “Okay, I think we should set up on the porch or in the entryway since the moonlight is streaming right though the broken windows.”

“And I’m going to suggest you keep your asses off of and out of a potentially unstable structure before a floor gives way and sends you idiots crashing through to the basement,” James barked, setting the drumkit down. 

“And porch it is.” Zakk remarked.

“How about ground, why not stick with that, huh?” James countered.

Looking between them both, Riley shrugged. “Maybe check the porch first and then we’ll set up, if it’s safe.”

“Hello, have you all suddenly gone dead? Have I gone invisible?” James growled, looking down at himself.

“Relax James, it’ll be fine. Dez will just go up and see if it holds weight, he’s the biggest, so….” Riley began. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Blogtour: The Werewolf And His Boy by Warren Rochelle

The Werewolf and His Boy

by Warren Rochelle

Their leap of faith could unleash magic—or plunge them into darkness.

A Werewolf and His Boy - Warren Rochelle
Henry Thorn has worked at Larkin’s since graduating high school. He likes it—especially when he can use his secret skill of hiding inside shadows so his boss can’t find them. Without that talent, he would never had survived growing up different.

When a hire enters the store, Henry’s other latent talent kicks in. He can smell an emotional response even before he lays eyes on the redhead.

Jamey Currey came out, and his conservative parents promptly kicked him out. He, too, is different—he senses Henry’s attraction the moment they met. The first time they kiss, torrential rains fall from skies split by lightning.

Their kiss also awakens the Watchers, diabolical hunters who will stop at nothing—even extermination—to keep magic suppressed. With the help of a friendly coven of friendly witches, the boys embark on a quest to discover an ancient key to restoring magic to the world, and to understand mysteries of their own hearts.

The question is, will this quest cost them their lives?

Publisher | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Goodreads


Warren is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card with this tour

a Rafflecopter giveaway

MEME1 - The Werewolf and His Boy


Jamey woke up. He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes as he pushed back his hair, and remembered where he was. He looked down: his five-pointed star lay on his bare chest. He was naked. The star vibrated, sort of like the pads passed out in restaurants that buzzed when orders were ready. He and Henry, naked, sex, Larkin’s, the storage room, the Special Orders bins. A tall cardboard box was at his back. Clothing—shirts, pants, socks, underwear—littered the floor around him. Shoes, his and Henry’s, were tumbled on top of each other. The clipboard lay between the shoes and the clothes. Henry’s pentacle lay on the clipboard, its silver-grey chain looped around it.

“Henry?” Jamey said softly. “Where’d you go? Not like you to wander off and leave me, yeah? I mean, we just did it.” He got to his feet, picked up Henry’s pentacle and looked around their corner of the storage room. Nothing but the Special Orders: screens, flooring, and any number of odd-shaped cardboard boxes. “Henry?” Jamey called, worry in his voice. 

No one answered.

Jamey called again, afraid to raise his voice too much, afraid that Eduardo was roaming the store, “walking the fences,” as he liked to describe his checking on what everybody was doing. Jamey and Henry should be almost, if not done, with the inventory. If Eduardo or anybody else found him and Henry naked, surrounded by pretty convincing evidence of sexual activity, he was sure they would be fired. This was stupid. We should’ve waited until we were at his place. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

He was gathering up his shirt and underwear, when something growled.

Jamey turned around slowly. A big black dog was walking toward him, sniffing. No, a wolf. The Larkin’s wolf. The same wolf that was being blamed for chasing one guy, attacking and killing two other guys. The same wolf that seemed to have brought packs of wolves into Richmond along with it. It stood there, a few feet away, growling, panting and looking straight at him. No ghost. This was the real thing.

Jamey dropped his clothes and ran, clutching Henry’s star tight in his hand.

The wolf ran after him.

Down the aisle, left, right, down another aisle, boxes, boxes, into the main store, right again, gasping, looking back, the wolf just behind him, Kitchen Cabinets, then Appliances, one washing machine after another, dishwashers, a left between silvery refrigerators, into a wide main aisle, his bare feet slapping the floor, the wolf panting. He felt nakeder than naked. A right, back into Appliances, straight for the break room and the office, just as Eduardo was coming out of the door.

Hijo de puta, what the fuck are you doing running around stark naked? Have you lost your fucking mind?”

Friday, October 16, 2020

ARC Review: Gothika: Tales of Love and the Supernatural by Eli Easton

Gothika: Tales of Love and the SupernaturalFrom the blurb:

Immerse yourself in four tales of love and gothic horror in this anthology by Eli Easton. Each story is novella length.

"Reparation" On the harsh planet of Kalan, weakness is not tolerated. When young spore farmer Edward suffers a carriage accident that kills his mail-order bride and his factory manager, Edward has little chance of survival, until Knox—an enormous “reconstitute” slave—plucks him from disaster. Recons are part machine, part human remains from executed Federation prisoners. But Knox is different from other recons. He can read and has flashes of brilliance. With no one else to rely on over the bleak winter, Edward forms an alliance with Knox, and against social taboos, they become friends. Edward struggles against his growing lust for the large humanoid, and while Knox thrives in his new life, memories of his past torment him. A twist of fate brought Knox and Edward together, but there will be a price to pay in blood when they learn how deeply their lives truly intersect

“The Bird” Colin Hastings is sent to Jamaica in 1870 to save his father’s sugar cane plantation. If he succeeds, he can marry his fiancée back in London and take his place in proper English society. But Colin finds more than he bargained for on the island. His curiosity about Obeah, the native folk magic, leads him to agree to a dangerous ritual where he is offered his heart’s most secret desire—one he’s kept deeply buried all his life. What happens when a proper English gentleman has his true sensual nature revealed and freed by the Obeah spirits?

“Among the Dead” Ever since his accident, Neil Gaven sees dead people. He’s isolated himself, unable to bear the constant barrage of sadness and grief. But a gentle ghost grabs his attention on the bus one day. He seems to understand, to have some secret to impart. Neil works to interpret the ghost’s clues. Then they lead him to Trist, a homeless young man who is also tormented by spirits. Are they two of a kind? Maybe together they can find a way to live among the dead.

"The Black Dog" Constable Hayden MacLairty is used to life being dull around the tiny hamlet of Laide on the north Scottish coast. They get occasional tourists, “monster hunters” interested in the local legend of the Black Dog, but Hayden thinks that’s only a myth. A rash of sheep killings, a murdered hiker, huge footprints, and sightings of the Black Dog force Hayden to rethink the matter. With the help of Simon Corto, a writer from New York doing research for a book about the Black Dog, Hayden tries to figure out why the enormous hound is reappearing. Hayden finds himself strongly attracted to another person for the first time in his life. But between the danger stalking the hills, Simon’s inevitable return to New York, and Hayden’s mother’s illness, true love may be more of a phantom than the Black Dog.

Heather's rating: 

Final overall rating, 4 stars. A beautiful set of supernatural stories, even though some had some flaws. A great read for fans of something sweet and spooky at the same time.

Reparation- 3.5 stars
Beautifully written, but the slavery aspect made me extremely uncomfortable. I couldn't get past it, even at the end. I thought the story gave a great sense of atmosphere, and I felt the chilling, barren vibe of the world, but I didn't enjoy the power imbalance. Still, it showcased Eli Easton's writing talents.

The Bird- 4 stars
This is a gorgeous, creepy, powerful story that takes place at a Jamaican planation during British rule. The romance knocked my socks off, but I knocked a full star off of this one due to some racist undertones. Yes, I know that the MC is a plantation owner and he might view his servants certain way due to the time period, but I struggled with a few of the descriptions. Really rubbed me the wrong way, and I know it's just a few words here or there, but I wish the author had just omitted those elements. Aside from that, the story was perfect for the Gothika collection.

Review Tour: The Sex Coach by Garrett Leigh


Cover Design: Black Jazz Design

Length: 61,000 words approx.

The teacher and the student. The stable hand and the single dad. First times and friendship turn to love.


There’s nothing attractive about a twenty-four year old virgin, especially not one who blushes every time a hot dude looks his way. But I can’t help the heat that ripples through me every time I see Cole Maguire. And the clench of my heart when I realise how unhappy he is. He’s a city boy with a baby on his hip—we have nothing in common—but if he can teach me how to own my sexuality, perhaps I can teach him he’s worth loving.


I don’t like horses. But I love my daughter, and there’s nothing I won’t do for her, including leaving the city for life on a farm. I’m ready for that, but I’m not ready for blushing stable hands who make my heart race and my blood run hot. Toby has no idea how beautiful he is. I can teach him that, if he can handle the heat, but after one night with him…damn.

Maybe it’s me that has a lot to learn.

The Sex Coach is an MM summer romance with first times, a virgin stable hand, a single dad pilates teacher, and guaranteed happy ending.

Karen's review:

Toby’s 24, hot, single and filled with insecurities. Insecurities that come from being a 24 year old virgin. Add to this the fact that he works on a ranch filled with hot men…men who are confident in their sexuality and in their relationships and it’s not hard to see where his insecurities are coming from even though every one of these men care very much about him. In spite of all this Toby still knows that he’s the only single unattached male on the farm…or at least he is until Cole.

Cole’s a single dad who’s left the city for life on a farm in order to be closer to his baby girl. He’s ready for a life of solitude and isolation. All he wants is to be near his daughter and focus on being the best dad he can…at least that’s what he thought he wanted until he laid eyes on Toby. 

More than anything I loved the sweet undertone of first love that this story held. Toby’s never been in love before, he’s never had sex with a man and he has no clue how attractive he is. Luckily for him, Cole’s more than willing to teach Toby everything he wants to know about sex with a man. After all Cole’s not a virgin, he’s had sex with men on more than a few occasions but what he doesn’t expect is to learn what it’s like to make love to a man…to be in love with a man and speaking of the sex…Seriously yes, it was hot…but it was also sweet and touched with moments of hesitancy and maybe even a bit of awkwardness that made it all seem so very real.

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