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ARC Review: Silent Heart (Search and Rescue #2) by Amy Lane

Silent Heart (Search and Rescue, #2)

Dog wrangler Preston Echo has been in love with his brother’s best friend, copilot, and business partner since high school—and Damien Ward knew it. As Preston grew into a stunning, hard-willed man, Damien began to dream of Preston too.

Then Damien almost died in a helicopter crash. While his physical wounds are slowly healing, the blows to his self-confidence and goodwill are almost worse. His body is broken and he’s afraid to fly—how can Preston love him now?

When Preston’s brother goes on a search-and-rescue mission and disappears in an earthquake zone in Mexico, Preston and Damien are thrown together in an effort to find him and bring him back. Preston’s merciless honesty—and relentless passion—may leverage Damien into his bed, but can Damien overcome his fears to allow himself to stay there?

Todd's rating:

 Much like with the first book, all of the slow burn that I enjoy happened years before this story began. Both Damian and Preston seemed to know bone deep that they would inevitably be together, but life and timing kept getting in their way year after year.

So right out of the gate, Preston was sick of Damien's shit, and excuses, so he grabbed the bull by the balls and dragged Damien precisely where he wanted him to go.

Kudos to Preston for going after what he wanted; however, it left Damian looking like a bit of a wet dishrag or doormat, to me at least, of which I wasn't much of a fan.

The story had some humor, snark, and banter, but with all of the rescuing and danger, I didn't feel that was quite enough to give me what I was looking for, since that intense focus pulled the story sharply away from intensifying the romance.

So as an action adventure book, I'd consider this one a success, but as a serious romance... ehhh.

The story ended with the guys steadily working their way to a forever HEA, but it also almost felt like too much of a setup for the next book in the series, Glen and Cash's high-speed chase after a Mexican cult leader / kidnapper / drug dealer story, which I'm not sure will be my cup of tea.

For my overall enjoyment, I'd rate this one at around 3.25 stars, and recommend it to those looking for more action than deeply-felt romance.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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