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Audio Book Review: Mr. Frosty Pants by Leta Blake

From The Blurb:
Listening Time:  10 hrs., 47 min. 
Frosty former friends get a steamy second chance in this Christmas gay romance! 
Can true love warm his frozen heart? 
When Casey Stevens went away to college four years ago, he ghosted on his straight best friend, Joel Vreeland. He hoped time and distance would lessen the unrequited affection he felt, but all it did was make him miss Joel more. Home for the holidays, Casey hopes they might find a way to be friends again. But Joel’s frosty reception reminds Casey of just how hard he had to fight to be Joel’s friend in the first place. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to get past that cool façade again. 
Joel isn’t as straight as Casey believes, and his years of pining for Casey have left him hurting and alone, caring for his abusive father and struggling to get by. Unable to trust anyone except his rescue dog—and with no reason to believe Casey is interested in him for more than a holiday fling—Joel’s icy heart might shatter before it can thaw. 
Can Casey and Joel’s love overcome mistrust, parental rejection, class differences, and four long years apart? 
Mr. Frosty Pants is a stand-alone, Christmas gay romance by Leta Blake featuring a virgin hero, childhood friends-to-lovers, second chance romance, and romantically steamy scenes.

Karen's rating:

When Casey Stevens left home four years ago...going home really wasn't high on his list of priorities. He's ghosted Joel Vreeland the only reason he'd want to go back...but now four years later he's missing his straight best friend more than he'd have thought possible.

When Casey finally comes face to face with Joel he gets a less than friendly reception... more like a very frosty reminder of how difficult it was to be friends with Joel.

Joel and Casey have a lot to sort out, call it what you will but the miscommunication/ misunderstanding between them pretty much all consuming on both sides and these two have a lot of things to sort out and set to rights before they begin to even try and have a relationship in the here and now. Not only do they need to work things out between them but they've got to deal with Joel's homophobic father and Casey's parents who maybe be ok with the gay but only if it's socially acceptable...a prominent position in society and a big bank account would work nicely, thank you very much.

ARC Review: Whatever It Takes by Barbara Elsborg

From The Blurb:
War in Syria has devastated Zain’s country, destroyed his family and broken his heart. When there is nothing left to stay for, he journeys to England, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and train as a doctor in London. He might be a refugee with no money, no friends and no qualifications but he still has his dreams and he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure his future turns out to be the one he wants. 
Roman is a world away from the naïve Russian boy who lost everything, one devastating day. Now he’s a fixer for a wealthy Russian, keeping the guy’s business dealings away from the attention of the British authorities. Roman is balanced on a moral tightrope which grows more unsteady by the day. The last thing he needs is to become emotionally involved with a young Syrian, especially when he can’t afford to trust anyone. 
A chance discovery in Roman’s car by Zain sets off a violent chain reaction and Zain is thrown into a world that threatens not just his dreams but his life. Roman has difficult decisions to make. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zain safe. But lingering shadows from their pasts as well as prominent figures from Roman’s present need to be eliminated if they’re to have a chance together. As lies and danger escalate, are they doomed before they’ve even begun?

Karen's rating:

It was good...
                       just not the great that I was hoping for, but...
maybe, that's on me...

While I haven't read a lot of books by Barbara Elsborg, I have very much enjoyed the 3 that I have read by this author with 2 of them being 5 star reads.

"Edge of Forever" was the last book that I read by Ms Elsborg and I really loved that one with it's Russian setting. So, when I read the blurb and once again it was a story set, at least partially in Russia, I was all in for this one and so excited to read it and maybe that was part of my problem and I was setting my expectations too high. While 3 stars isn't a bad rating by any means I have to admit I was expecting to give this more than what for me is a slightly above average rating.

Overall I enjoyed ‘Whatever It Takes’ but I just didn’t love it the way I did ‘Edge of Forever’ or ‘Dirty Angel’. For me it seemed to hold a touch of predictability that ultimately tended to be a bit distracting at times, as my brain wandered through book titles trying to decide if this story was reminiscent of another book or books that I’ve read what they were and I have to admit I never really came to any solid conclusions about this…it simply proved to be a distracting thought that I couldn’t shake.

Review Tour: Hometown Christmas by Garrett Leigh

Length: 40,000 approx.

Cover Design: Black Jazz Design

Yani Nicolaou is sworn off love for good. After fleeing a bad break-up in London, the only blood, sweat, and tears he has left are for his gyro stall at the Christmas market. Rebound fling? No thanks. He’s sticking to one-night-stands.

Ex-army vet Gavin Richie has even less capacity for romance. Managing a homeless shelter while recovering from injury keeps him far too busy. So what if he’s often alone? He’s content being single, or so he thinks until a chance meeting lights a spark he can’t ignore.

Yani is the warmth and affection Gavin hadn’t known he was missing. As Christmas lights up the city, their lives entwine in more ways than one. Falling for each other is easy. Holding on is harder, unless a hometown Christmas proves their love can last longer than the festive season.

Karen's review:

“Hometown Christmas” is my first Christmas story for the 2019 holiday season and it’s turned out to be a good choice. I freely admit I’m not only a fan of this author, I’m also a fan of Christmas, so to me sounded like a good combination.
Yani Nicolaou has sworn off romance and fled London with a broken heart. He’s all about making a success of his gyro stall at the Christmas Market. There’s no time or room for romance in his life, if he’s lucky he could maybe squeeze in a one night stand every now and then but that’s it…nothing more for him.
If you’ve read some of Garrett Leigh’s previous books…specifically ‘Between Ghost’, ‘Soul to Keep’, ‘Misfits’ and ‘Stray’ than you’ve already met Gavin and Yani. Gavin or ‘Wedge’ as he’s called by his brothers in arms appears in ‘Between Ghost’ and in ‘Soul to Keep’. While Yani appeared originally in the ‘Urban Soul’ series. However, if you haven’t read these books you can still comfortably enjoy ‘Hometown Christmas’ it stands on it’s own quite easily. 
Gavin Richie is still adjusting to his return to civilian life after a 20 year stint in the military and running a homeless shelter..needless to say that’s all he has the time, room or energy for in his life…the end. 
Lol, silly Yani and Gavin what they don’t realize is that love does what it wants and at Christmas time…love can do anything it wants including breaking down the barriers that two hearts have diligently worked on creating to protect themselves.
Yani and Gavin are a sweet and touching example of the fact that when love happens it’s not about the perfect time, the perfect place or perfect people. Love is that wonderful thing that happens when we expect it the least and need it the most. It doesn’t care how a person looks or if they think they’re ready for it…it just happens. 

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Audio Book Review Tour: Home For Christmas, Texas #9 by RJ Scott

Length: 3hrs 54mins

Narrator: Sean Crisden

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

From The Blurb:
Length: 3 hrs and 54 mins 
Can Connor show River a real family Christmas?
When Connor finds River on the roof of the campus admin building, he doesn’t know what to do. His friend is drunk, and shouting into a snowstorm, a bottle of vodka in his hand. The easy part is getting River down; the hard part is insisting River comes home with Connor for Christmas. 
River doesn’t have a family, or any place outside of college that he calls home. Not that it matters to him; he’s happy being alone for Christmas in his budget motel, watching reruns of Elf. Only, Connor keeps telling wildly improbable stories of the perfect family celebrations at his parents’ ranch in Texas, and it’s wearing River down. He didn’t ask to be kidnapped. He didn’t want to fall in love with the entire Campbell-Hayes family. But he does. 
From one Christmas to the next. This is Connor’s year to rescue River, and himself, for them both to mess things up, make things right, fall in lust and finally, for Connor to show the man he loves what being part of a family can mean.

Karen's rating:

It's a Campbell-Hayes Christmas...

"Home For Christmas" is really more of a 'Texas the next generation' story. While Jack and Riley are present and accounted for they really aren't the focus of this story. This one is about their son Connor and this boy's not only all grown up he falling and he's falling hard for one River Samson.

Connor and River are like night and day when it comes to their family background.  Connor knows he's been blessed. He's a part of a loving, supportive and very in your face family...after all he's a Campbell-Hayes. River doesn't have a family...he doesn't even really know who or where they are it there is any and he's got a few other issues besides...he was addicted to drugs before he was even born...gee, thanks mom! But he's also got a lot more going for him than even he realizes...he's incredibly smart and artistically talented and while he does have some health issues to deal with if he takes his meds and looks after himself he does ok...ok enough to be a member of the dive team and according to Connor he's not hard on the eyes...and now comes the part where I borrow from my original review and really I could spin my gears here trying to be verbally creative but really why? My review of the e-book said what I wanted it to and as well as my thoughts and feelings not having changed I truly don't think I could express myself any better...

ARC Review: Fall Through Spring (Winter Ball #3) by Amy Lane

Fall Through Spring (Winter Ball #3)
 A Winter Ball Novel 
As far as Clay Carpenter is concerned, his abusive relationship with food is the best thing he’s got going. When a good friend starts kicking his ass into gear, Clay is forced to reexamine everything he learned about food and love—and that’s right when he meets troubled graduate student, Dane Hayes. 

Dane Hayes doesn’t do the whole monogamy thing, but the minute he meets Clay Carpenter, he’s doing the friend thing in spades. The snarky, scruffy bastard not only gets Dane's wacky sense of humor, he also accepts the things Dane can’t control—like the bipolar disorder Dane has been trying to manage for the past six years. 

Dane is hoping for more than friendship, and Clay is looking at him with longing that isn't platonic. They’re both positive they’re bad at relationships, but with the help of forbidden desserts and new medication regimens, they prove outstanding at being with each other. But can they turn their friendship into the love neither of them has dared to hope for?

Todd's rating:

You know how sometimes you feel like you'll just die if you don't get a follow-up story for a previous side character? And sometimes, you just... don't?

Well, this was kinda the latter for me.

In the previous books, Clay seemed like a nice enough guy, but he was sort of the green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner for me. Sure, he was 'there', but he didn't end up taking up much space on my interest plate.

However, as this story began, I didn't actually like him very much. He was unhappy, ate his feelings, and didn't seem to want to take much ownership in the situation where he had actively put himself. I mean, two degrees in fields in which he had no interest? Dude. Really? No wonder you're miserable.

Dane's character was much more fun and likeable. Even if he was prone to severe mood swings, due to his bipolar diagnosis, at least he was trying to be happy and putting in the work to improve his overall satisfaction with life.

I did like how the MC's were able to mellow one another out and be happier together than apart, no matter what life threw their way, which was quite a bit.

Audio Book Review Tour: Today, Single Dads #2 by RJ Scott

Length: 4hrs 29mins

Narrated By: Sean Crisden

Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Single Dad's Series Audio

Book #1 - Single - Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK

From The Blurb:
Listening Time: 4 hrs., 29 min. 
When the world labels a man and judges them blindly, is it possible to ever find love? 
Firefighter Eric is on the front line, battling the threat of nature’s destruction in the California grasslands alongside his CalFire team. Focused and calm, even in the direst of situations, he has a strong affection for his fire truck, loves his career, and has best friends he can rely on. All he needs now is love, but that seems to be impossible to find. At his friend’s wedding. Eric falls in lust at first sight with the shy, slim and sexy Brady, even if Brady isn’t the type of guy he usually goes for. What Eric longs for is an equal in his bed, not a smaller guy who might want Eric to role-play big strong firefighter every time they have sex. He wants to find someone he can be vulnerable with, someone who will love him for his soft heart and quiet ways. 
Brady’s life plans grind to a halt when his niece and nephew lose their parents in a tragic accident, and he becomes a dad overnight. His Developmental Coordination Disorder rules his life, but he fights both DCD and the fears that chase him every day, to give Maddie and Lucas a home. Agreeing to go to a friend’s wedding is a decision he regrets long before he even gets there. But, he refuses to give in to his fear, even if he might do something that makes him a target for people’s comments and laughter. Meeting Eric, a huge man with a gentle voice and a flair for chivalry, he falls hard. Now, if only he can let himself get past his panic that Eric would never want someone like him, then maybe he could fall in love for real.

Karen's rating:

I've spent the past few days in auditory heaven...

This is code talk for I've been listening to audio books narrated by some of my favorites and at the top of that list are RJ Scott books narrated by Sean Crisden.

I've really enjoyed reading Ms. Scott's latest series "Single Dads" but I honestly find that I've enjoying the audio books as much or maybe just a teensy bit more. I'm a fan of having the continuity of the same narrator throughout a series but I do have to admit that while it's not as much of a sticking point for me when the MCs change from story to story. I was glad to see that this didn't happen with this book. I'm a total fan of Sean Crisden and truth be told judging by the number of books he's narrated for this author, I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe she's also a fan. Whatever, the cause of this I am most definitely in favor or it continuing.

"Today" is the second book in the "Single Dads" series and it essentially picks up where "Single" left off with Sean and Ash's wedding. It's our first on page glimpse of Brady and we get more of Eric the sweet and very hunky firefighter who was Sean's roommate and indirectly the reason that Sean and Ash met or at least the reason for how they met but that's another story from another book so back to the Brady and Eric story...

Blogtour: Mr. Right Now by Annabeth Albert

Mr.RightNowTour Banner

Mr. Right Now

Annabeth Albert

M/M Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 11.14.19

He’s Mr. Right Now, but for how long?

When Russ suffers a Thanksgiving disaster, his gorgeous neighbor Esteban is there to save the day. And after an innocent mix-up leads to the former Hollywood hottie playing the role of Russ’s date, Russ thinks scoring Esteban as his fake boyfriend is a huge win. The newly discharged marine is healing inside and out and could use some holiday cheer.
For his part, Esteban is intrigued by his big, bad neighbor. He likes how his matchmaking cat brings out an unexpected caring side of Russ. Desire flares as the reasons to continue their ruse pile up for both men.

And pretending feels so good. From chocolaty kisses to late night cuddles, their burgeoning friendship is getting cozier and cozier. But as the end date for their little deception looms, all the real feelings they’ve tried to ignore come tumbling in. Each must decide whether they have what it takes to ring in the New Year as a couple.

Mr. Right Now is a stand-alone holiday novella with sweet, low-angst feels, spicy love scenes, and foodie inspired, quirky Oregon romance with a military flavor. Happy ending guaranteed with no cliffhangers!

Tags: neighbors-to-lovers, fake boyfriend, holiday romance, friends-to-lovers

Mr Right Now Problem Answer Teaser

“Russ!” A very tall, very pregnant woman engulfed the big guy in a hug. But right as Esteban was about to slip away, she locked her gaze on him. “Oh! And this must be the new guy! We’re so delighted to meet you.”

“Yes, we’re so happy for Russ,” an older, elegant woman with cropped hair added.

Russ looked utterly miserable standing behind the women, expression stricken, like Esteban’s nephews after hearing one too many siguanaba monster stories.

Hell. Russ apparently hadn’t told them about the breakup. And now he had to come clean, which would undoubtedly cast a shadow over the gathering and make Russ’s predicament the center of attention. That had to be the last thing Russ wanted.

Esteban’s stomach churned unhappily in sympathy. If Esteban had figured out one thing about Russ in their time in the kitchen, it was that he was way more comfortable talking about others than himself. He wished there was some way to spare Russ the humiliation.

Wait. They don’t even know his name. Wasn’t that what Russ had said about his ex?

Esteban tried to catch Russ’s eyes. Should I pretend? Want me to?

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Author Of The Month - Lillian Francis - Grand Finale

Welcome to our Grand Finale celebrations for the amazing

In our final post, we're going to take a look at Theory Unproven and Under The Radar, plus the soon to be re-released New Lease Of Life. There's also our author interview and one more chance to win one of Lillian's books.

First up, Theory Unproven

Working with elephants in their natural habitat has always been Eric Phillips dream. Getting what he’s always desired introduces him to Tyaan Bouwer, the bush pilot that flies in his supplies, and Eric discovers the allure of South Africa goes beyond the wildlife and the scenery.

But in an area where bushveld prejudices and hatred bleed across the borders, realising their love will be a hard fought battle. Keeping hold of it might just kill them.
An unexpected job offer finds zoologist Eric Phillips transported from the elephant house at a zoo just outside London to the wildlife reserves in the South African bushveld. Being able to work with his own herd of elephants, and analysing their behaviour, more than makes up for the remote nature of the research station. The one bright spot on the horizon, quite literally if the sun hits it at the right angle, is the silver freight plane that brings his supplies and half an hour in the company of Tyaan, the gorgeous but taciturn pilot.

As a zoologist Eric likes to think that he’s adept at anticipating how a creature will react in any given situation, and they don’t come any more beautiful and skittish than Tyaan. Despite Tyaan’s jittery behaviour Eric has a theory they could be good together but when things go catastrophically wrong it appears their relationship will remain a theory unproven.


“Howzit,” Tyaan said in greeting, that one word in his gravel-rough voice enough to ignite a spark of want that tingled across Eric’s pale skin, raising the hair on his arms. Tyaan lifted his gaze from Eric’s and scanned the line of the trees, letting it settle on the truck before returning to Eric. “It’s a big delivery today. I thought you’d have help.”
“Howzit.” Having been addressed by Tyaan in this manner on a dozen or so occasions now—not that he’d been counting—Eric had soon fallen into responding in kind. 
“Masamba’s working on the broken steps on the veranda. I didn’t want to stop him.” Eric shrugged and hoped his smile covered the discomfort he felt. He could hardly confess that Masamba gave him a severe case of the heebie-jeebies. 
“Reverse your bakkie”—Tyaan indicated to the truck, inadvertently assisting Eric with the meaning of the unfamiliar word—“up to Gilda and I’ll give you a hand getting all this stuff loaded up.” 
With that Tyaan disappeared back into the belly of his beast, pulling the door shut behind him.
By the time Eric backed up the truck, the cargo door was open and Tyaan was waiting. His scruff of hair was pulled back off his face by the tan wide-brimmed hat jammed onto his head.
Sliding from the cab, Eric swiped his rolled-up sleeve over the sweat that had beaded on his forehead from just that short time in the vehicle. 
Two steps into his journey up the ramp, Tyaan paused, his sun-bleached eyebrows pulling together into a frown.
“Your hat,” Tyaan prompted, nodding toward the cab.
Ducking his head, Eric focused on a patch of browning scrub. Anything to avoid eye contact while he made his admission. Leaving the homestead without his hat was like forgetting his water canteen. Basic mistakes like that could get him killed. Tyaan had told him as much the second time they met.
“I forgot it,” Eric admitted sheepishly. “I thought I was going to be late.”
Heavy boots echoed on the ramp as Tyaan stomped wordlessly into the fuselage.
Dammit. Surely Tyaan wasn’t leaving him again already. Every time he thought he might try flirting with Tyaan, Eric managed to say or do something to put a stop to it before he could start. 
He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten his hat. For all Eric’s university education and his twenty-eight years, Tyaan must think him either simple or a child if he couldn’t follow basic rules to keep himself safe out in the bushveld.
Before Eric even registered the other man’s return, a dark bundle was flying through the air toward him. He caught it instinctively, the thick suede beneath his fingers all but answering his curiosity before he glanced down at the object he was holding.
“It’s my spare,” Tyaan said by way of explanation. “Put it on.”
Doing as he was told, Eric ruffled his hair, allowing it to fall back across his forehead—he hated the pale expanse of flesh above his eyebrows, there was far too much of it—before tilting the hat far on the back of his head like an on-screen cowboy.
Eric knew what Tyaan meant with that curt instruction. He’d given up wearing his hat at the wrong angle in the hope that Tyaan would repeat the actions of that first delivery where he had crowded Eric’s personal space rearranging the angle of his hat until it shaded his face perfectly. But today, today seemed different, and he faltered. Would not following Tyaan’s instructions get him what he wanted? Tyaan up close and personal.
Tyaan jumped off the ramp, stalking toward him, and Eric had to swallow against what felt like the sudden leap of his heart lodging in his throat. Had he spoken those thoughts out loud? No. Based on previous behaviour, that slip would have resulted in Tyaan turning tail and running back to the safety of his aircraft.
In fact Tyaan was doing the opposite of running away, every step brought him closer until the distance between them had all but vanished. Eric could have rested his hands on Tyaan’s hips. He even gave the fantasy a fleeting moment of flight, but then Tyaan lifted the hat from Eric’s head and a charge of electricity shot down his spine even though the pilot hadn’t touched him directly. Eric held himself tightly in check, determined not to gasp or allow traitorous fingers to reach out and touch, for fear of spooking his friend. 
Being almost three inches shorter than Tyaan, Eric had to look up to avoid staring at a bristled chin and chapped lips. His tongue flicked out to wet his own suddenly parched lips. The hat was settled more squarely on Eric’s head, immediately shuttering the glare of the sun from his eyes. He blinked rapidly, adjusting to the reduction in light.
“That’s better. You’re not squinting now,” Tyaan said. Despite the naturally gruff quality of his voice, Tyaan’s tone softened and his eyes crinkled interestingly at the corners. “Don’t forget your hat again. I’d rather you were late than you didn’t turn up at all.”
“You would?” Eric asked, searching the amber depths for a sign that the statement meant something more. This close he could see flecks of gold in the pale brown irises, as if the African sun was trapped within them.
“Course,” Tyaan confirmed, but his voice wasn’t soft anymore. He frowned and stepped back, as if suddenly aware he was too far inside Eric’s personal space. Pivoting on the balls of his feet, he covered the ground with powerful strides and then hoisted himself back into the cargo area of the aircraft.

Get the book:

Book 2 in today's line-up, Under The Radar

It’s 1942 and after a sexual indiscretion, US Navy pilot Zachary MacKenzie is sent to serve in the Royal Navy’s submarine service—a shockingly harsh punishment for a man who loves to fly. The submarine is oppressive and frustrating for him, and he’s marked out from his peers, publicly by being American, and privately by his attraction to men.

The only bright spot is the company of his steward, sonar operator Gethin Llewelyn. Despite the differences of rank and background, they’re drawn to each other. Gethin’s integrity complements Zach’s casual joie de vivre, and soon the friendship develops into something much more.

As the threats of war increase, the submarine is plagued by potentially hostile vessels, and circumstances lead them to suspect there’s a spy amongst their own crew. Being forced even closer together as they work for the greater good reveals a new awareness, and Zach doesn’t know what is in more danger, the vessel under his charge or his heart.


Gethin straightened quickly, doing his best not to nudge the table and, by his own actions, spill the coffee he’d taken such care over. The lieutenant’s attention had returned to his cards, so Gethin accepted his dismissal with a murmur and a dip of the head. He got as far as the door when the sound of his name stopped him in his tracks.
Gethin dropped his hand and turned back towards Lieutenant MacKenzie. “Sir?”
“I can’t really keep calling you Llewelyn. What’s your first name?”
Not certain what he’d expected—but it certainly wasn’t that—Gethin took a moment while he stepped back into the mess, away from the door.
Lieutenant MacKenzie must have taken his pause as reluctance because he continued. “Think of it as a way for me to differentiate between you and Llewelyn in torpedoes.”
Llewelyn in torpedoes? “With respect, sir, the gentleman in question is not in our mess. Also, he is five foot six, built like Popeye and has only three teeth.”
“You can appreciate my difficulty, then?”
“Wha-?” The soft sound of laughter interrupted Gethin’s indignant exclamation. Was he being teased?
“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”
“That really wouldn’t be proper, sir.”
“I’m American. Propriety isn’t really one of my strong points.” Lieutenant MacKenzie grinned and it reminded Gethin of an encounter he’d once had with a dog that had been worrying the sheep back home. “My name is Zachary, but most people call me Zach.”
Zachary. The name suited him. Not that Gethin should be giving that even a moment’s thought.
“Your face.” The lieutenant grinned. “Forget I told you. Or not. Consider it a secret between ourselves if you wish. Now, your name.”
“The men call me Taffy, sir.”
“Like toffee? Because you’re sweet?”
A blush seared Gethin’s cheeks. “Taffy. Because I’m Welsh.”
“I think I prefer Toffee. I’ll call you that, instead.”
Gethin sighed. The last thing he wanted was another nickname, especially one that’d have him blushing like a maiden every few minutes. He was certain the lieutenant was relying on his reluctance. While he didn’t really want to give him the satisfaction of winning, the lieutenant was within his remit to request—and use—that information. “Gethin, sir. My Christian name is Gethin.”
“Thank you…Gethin.” The lieutenant made an attempt, stumbling over the unfamiliar name. In an accent too harsh for the soft th sound, it came out Ge-then.
“It’s th, sir.” Gethin let the sound float through his teeth, barely pushing it through with his tongue.
“Oh, th?” The officer made a second attempt. “Gare-th-in.”
Better, if not quite what he was used to hearing. Gethin nodded his approval.
“Gare-th-in. Geth-in. Geth-in. Gethin.”
With the lieutenant engrossed in rolling Gethin’s name around his mouth, he used the distraction to make his escape, the cadence of the lieutenant practising his name over and over, like a litany, following him from the room.
“Everything all right, Taffy?”
Intent on the echo of his name spoken in such an unexpected accent, Gethin jerked in shock at his nickname. A flick of his wrist ensured the door slid tightly shut behind him. Then he stepped away from the wardroom and faced the man who’d addressed him. “Johnny, you damn near gave me a heart attack.”
“Fit young thing like you? I doubt that.” Johnny’s narrow-eyed gaze swept the length of Gethin’s body, then he nodded his head in the direction of the wardroom. “Is he giving you any trouble?”
“Trouble? Who?”

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ARC Review: The Guy in the Window by Cara Dee

From the Blurb:

I was in the middle of my divorce when Adam messaged me. I believe his exact words were, “Hi. I think you’re my dad’s brother. Would you like to get to know me?” 
My brother and I had never been close, so I’d only met his adopted son a few times when he was very young. Instinct told me to ignore the message, and I did. For a few days. It took an exhausting fight with my soon-to-be ex-wife and half a bottle of whiskey for me to change my mind. 
Adam first became “sort of my nephew.” Next, he became the guy who helped me find an apartment in the building next to his. He was a sweet, cheerful young man doing his best to raise his four-year-old daughter, which led to him becoming the guy who wanted to help me patch up my relationship with my own daughter. 
Then one night as I got ready for bed, I looked across the alleyway to the next building, where I saw him getting ready for bed too. 
I couldn’t look away to save my life. 
It was the night he also became the guy in the window.

Ky's rating:

This story reminded me a little bit of "Noah". It wasn't a re-telling of course and there were many differences but the taboo aspect was pretty similar: the MCs were uncle and nephew but the nephew was adopted by the uncle's estranged brother and they hadn't seen each other for about twenty years.

But I think that's it as far as similarities go. I loved "Noah" and I'll always love that story. The Guy In the Window was also good - it's Cara Dee we're talking about after all! - but it just wasn't in the same league.

Adam is a single father, he has severed his connection with his adoptive family and is reaching out to Everett in an effort to find one family member he can have a relationship with. At the time, Everett is going through a divorce he didn't see coming and is slowly coming to terms with the fact that he was unhappy with his life and as a result he was disconnected from everything for a long time.

ARC Review: Top Priority by Cara Dee

From the blurb:

In a perfect world, Lucas West would meet someone in one of the BDSM communities he was active in, someone who ached for a Daddy Dom as much as Lucas longed for a Little to care for. They would date, play, build something that was just for them, and share a future together.

In a perfect world, Colt Carter would get through his next deployment and then move closer to DC where he could create at least a semblance of a personal life. He wanted something outside of the Air Force, something kinky, something worth leaving everything behind for eventually. For years, he’d kept his inner Sadist and Daddy Dom locked up, only letting him out to play on rare occasions.

In a perfect world…

In reality, Lucas and Colt met each other.

Heather's rating:

Top Priority is a book that I should have had issues with and not liked... but I adored it.

First of all, it's a instalust/instalove situation, which rarely works for me. It is also a novella, and novellas are notoriously difficult to pull off and get the romance right. AND, to top it off, it reads like a prequel of a larger story, where a THIRD guy/love interest is introduced to the mix, no less!

But still... heart eye emojis for daaaaaaays.

I'm a daddy-kink lover, so I really wanted this book because of that. We actually get very little of kink here, but the sex and kink that we do get is HOT. I like bossy men, and I was into the dynamic here.

Blogtour: Love And Linguistics by Tara Lain

Please welcome Tara Lain with 

Love And Linguistics

Movie Magic Romances #2

The Surprising Lessons of My Fair Lady

Hi and welcome. I’m Tara Lain and I’m so excited to be introducing you to my new romance, LOVE AND LINGUISTICS. This book is a contemporary, MM homage to My Fair Lady. I decided to write it almost two years ago, but once I plunged in, I discovered so many surprising things that it took a long time to complete the project.
The biggest revelation in the journey began early in my writing process. I’m a “plotser” meaning I start with a basic arc to my story and then “pants” the rest, so many details are added with each scene. I started the book and I noticed that it kept veering from what I thought would be a light and frothy comedy into a far more serious and gritty story. I kept trying to drag it back. Then one day, I was driving in my car and started singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly.” Suddenly I realized that I was singing about a person who didn’t have enough food or shelter or anyone to care for them and that wasn’t a happy story. While the musical is very light and charming, when I tried to convert the story to a contemporary romance, it didn’t come out funny. That changed my whole approach to the book. 
The other big realization was that Eliza’s father, Doolittle, isn’t a very nice guy. He takes money from Eliza, takes advantage of women, is a drunk, and takes no responsibility for his daughter or any of his actions. So when he shows up in my book, he’s split into two characters – a weak dependent father who keeps El stuck where he is, and a serious bad guy who is the villain of the book.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Review Tour: A Boyfriend For Christmas by Jay Northcote

Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design


Archie's posh parents want him to meet a nice girl--how can he tell them he's fallen for a bad boy instead?

Closeted, innocent and lonely, Archie Arandale longs for someone special in his life. A Christmas party organised by his wealth management company is the last place he expects to meet the man of his dreams.

With his leather jacket, tattoos, and piercings, Cal Turner turns heads the moment he walks through the door. He definitely isn't looking for a boyfriend, but Archie's hesitant charm captures his attention, and sneaking off during the party to have a little fun can only make a dull evening more interesting.

After their reckless and thrilling encounter, Archie is keen for more experience and Cal is happy to oblige. The need for secrecy means this can only be a casual fling, yet as they spend time together in the run up to Christmas, their feelings become more intense than either of them had bargained for. How can Archie find the courage to tell his family about Cal, when Cal's the exact opposite of the 'nice girl' they've been hoping for?

Contains: A closeted virgin, a tattooed biker, class differences, a dramatic coming out, a very inappropriate Christmas gift, and a happy ending (of course).

Dani's review:

If you want an utterly sparkly and SEXY holiday read featuring British boys and an opposites-attract theme, look no further. A Boyfriend for Christmas is all that and leather pants that unzip from the front AND back. Oh, hell YES, baby, talk about easy access.

Cal and Archie couldn’t be more different. Archie comes from a wealthy, posh family. His accent could cut glass. He’s polite and well-mannered, and completely repressed. Archie is a virgin because he doesn’t dare, but he has all kinds of dirty desires.

Enter Cal: tattooed, bad boy extraordinaire. Cal is Archie’s wet dream. He’s buff, wears leather, and rides a bike like the road belongs to him.

Initially, Cal and Archie agree that their make-out sessions are nothing serious. Archie wants to explore, and Cal is all about showing Archie how good a man’s touch can feel. Of course, the no-commitment rule doesn’t last long. Cal and Archie get on too well, and while there’s not a lot of relationship development, there’s enough that I was cheering these guys on, especially when Archie screws his courage to the sticking place and finally comes out to his family.

ARC Review : The Christmas Deal by Keira Andrews

Blurb :

Will fake boyfriends become the real deal this holiday?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except ex-Marine Logan is jobless and getting evicted. Worse, he’s a new single dad with a stepson who hates him. A kid needs stability—not to mention presents under the tree—and Logan’s desperate.

Then he meets lonely Seth and makes a deal.

Can Logan temporarily pretend to be live-in boyfriends to increase Seth’s chances at a promotion? If it provides a roof over their heads for the holidays, hell yeah. Logan considers himself straight—he doesn’t count occasional hookups with guys—but he can fake it. Besides, with his shy little smile, Seth is surprisingly sexy.

Make that damn sexy.

Shocked that Seth has only been with one man, Logan can’t resist sweetening their deal to teach him the joys of casual sex. No strings attached. No feelings. No kissing.

No falling for each other.

Easy, right?

The Christmas Deal is a steamy holiday gay romance novel from Keira Andrews featuring fake boyfriends, bisexual awakening, a clueless single dad with an angry preteen, and of course a happy ending.

Christelle's rating:

Keira Andrews offers us, readers of MM romances, a sweet Christmas story, with low-angst and a “fake boyfriend” trope, involving :
• Logan, gruff but dependable, widowed after a short and loveless marriage and trying hard to find a job,
• Seth, well-mannered, a bit timid, very kind and lonely as his family nastily shunned him and his long-term boyfriend left him,
• and on the side, Connor, Logan’s stepson, an angry teenager, but who could blame him as he has to deal with growing, grieving his mother and having an absent father.

I’m not a real fan of the “fake boyfriend” trope but here, it’s quite cleverly and humorously introduced : I can so imagine how a small white lie could go out of control and I was pleased to watch everybody going with the flow to help one and another.

Blogtour: Waves Of Winter by L.C. Chase

Please welcome L.C. Chase with 

Waves Of Winter

a World Of Love novella


An Aussie and a Canuck get on a ferry…

The west coast of Vancouver Island is one of the few places to boast world-class winter surfing, and Vancouverite Kellan Tremblay hits the waves as often as possible. On the ferry crossing to the island, he meets Australian Jax Colston. Jax is there for some snowboarding. He’s intrigued to discover that not only is winter surfing a thing, but you can surf and ski in the same day. Sensing a kindred spirit, Kellan offers to play tour guide and gives Jax a place to stay in his spare room.

The two men bond over all things surf and snow, and it isn’t long before their passion for life lands them in bed together. Neither wants the week of cold days and hot nights to end, but Jax has to go home soon. Still, Jax doubts he’ll stay away for long. The draw of fresh powder, the long hot nights and the thrill of just being with Kellan will keep him coming back for a long time….

Exclusive Excerpt:

They walked in silence for a few minutes, the near-kiss moment gone, and then Kellan stopped and pointed. His grin was wide and teasing like he was suppressing laughter. “As requested, I have brought you to their leader. Meet the granddaddy of them all.”

Jax, who had been so focused on Kellan, hadn’t noticed the tree the width of a house in front of them. He stumbled to a stop, and his jaw dropped. “Whoa! I have never seen anything so big!”

“That’s what he said,” Kellan said in a sexy, low, teasing voice.

Jax turned to him and broke into laughter as Kellan wiggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll see for myself.”

“One never knows….” Kellan poked Jax’s side with an elbow and then looked away, pointing to the tree. “That Douglas fir is about thirty feet in diameter.”
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