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Blogtour: Fish On A Bicycle by Amy Lane

Please welcome Amy Lane with 

Fish On A Bicycle 

Fish Out Of Water #5


Jackson Rivers has always bucked the rules—and bucking the rules of recovery is no exception. Now that he and Ellery are starting their own law firm, there’s no reason he can’t rush into trouble and take the same risks as always, right?

Maybe not. Their first case is a doozy, involving porn stars, drug empires, and daddy issues, and their client, Henry Worrall, wants to be an active participant in his own defense. As Henry and Jackson fight the bad guys and each other to find out who dumped the porn star in the trash can, Jackson must reexamine his assumptions that four months of rest and a few good conversations have made him all better inside.

Jackson keeps crashing his bicycle of self-care and a successful relationship, and Ellery wonders what’s going to give out first—Jackson’s health or Ellery’s patience. Jackson’s body hasn’t forgiven him for past crimes. Can Ellery forgive him for his current sins? And can they keep Henry from going to jail for sleeping with the wrong guy at the wrong time?

Being a fish out of water is tough—but if you give a fish a bicycle, how’s he going to swim?

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The Irredeemable 

By Amy Lane

So Henry—the innocent client in Fish on a Bicycle—was a supporting character from another book that needed redemption. And, as it turns out, he wasn’t as bad as he made out to be—he was trying to do what was right a lot, and, well, that gets confusing when your father has a heavy fist and outdated ideas.

But Henry was redeemable. 

But what about the guy he supposedly killed and threw in a dumpster?

Well, it turns out, we knew that guy.

Scott—aka Martin Sampson—was a bad guy from another book. A drug abusing, stalking psychopath who was last seen being carted off to jail after vandalizing his ex-girlfriend’s house because she wouldn’t let him in. He was Dex’s (from Dex in Blue) ex-boyfriend, and the things he did to mess with Dex and Kane were many and awful.

And oddly enough, I got letters about the guy.

“Can you reform Scott?”

“No!” I’d laugh. “The only way to make anybody feel sorry for that guy is if I killed him off!”

Stop looking at me like that!

No, seriously—it’s not like he was real! He was a pretend bad guy! He hooked John on cocaine to get him to sell Dex into a last porn scene with him. He was a super awful scumbag. This guy was absolutely, positively not going to get his own book, or his own romance, or his own happy ever after.

And seriously, I’ve never been happier to throw somebody in the dumpster with a gaping and fatal head wound.

But then, as Jackson Rivers and Ellery Cramer start looking into Scott’s life to clear Henry of suspicion for his death, I remembered my basic belief that most monsters—not all, but most—are made and not simply conjured out of thin air. 

Scott was a monster—how was he made?

And that there is the story of how the drug abusing ex-porn star ended up in the dumpster.

And somewhere in there we saw seeds of Scott wanting to be a better guy than this. We saw moments when he was human and in pain and there was nobody there to help. 

We saw a hurt little kid who grew up to be a monster having a tantrum.

We saw… oh, hell. The seeds of Scott’s redemption.

Well, fine. But I was still right. He was redeemable. But I did have to kill him first. He was not going to make a great romantic hero.

But I have to admit, as a corpse in a dumpster, he was really much more interesting than I’d hoped.

About the author:

Amy Lane lives in a crumbling crapmansion with a couple of growing children, a passel of furbabies, and a bemused spouse. She's been nominated for a RITA, has won honorable mention for an Indiefab, and has a couple of Rainbow Awards to her name. She also has too damned much yarn, a penchant for action-adventure movies, and a need to know that somewhere in all the pain is a story of Wuv, Twu Wuv, which she continues to believe in to this day! She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and gay romance--and if you accidentally make eye contact, she'll bore you to tears with why those three genres go together. She'll also tell you that sacrifices, large and small, are worth the urge to write.

Find out more on her website or follow her blog.

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