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ARC Review: Today (Single Dad's #2) by RJ Scott

From The Blurb:
When the world labels a man and judges them blindly, is it possible to ever find love? 
Firefighter Eric is on the front line, battling the threat of nature’s destruction in the California grasslands alongside his CalFire team. Focused and calm, even in the direst of situations, he has a strong affection for his fire truck, loves his career, and has best friends he can rely on. All he needs now is love, but that seems to be impossible to find. At his friend’s wedding. Eric falls in lust at first sight with the shy, slim and sexy Brady, even if Brady isn’t the type of guy he usually goes for. What Eric longs for is an equal in his bed, not a smaller guy who might want Eric to role-play big strong firefighter every time they have sex. He wants to find someone he can be vulnerable with, someone who will love him for his soft heart and quiet ways. 
Brady’s life plans grind to a halt when his niece and nephew lose their parents in a tragic accident, and he becomes a dad overnight. His Developmental Coordination Disorder rules his life, but he fights both DCD and the fears that chase him every day, to give Maddie and Lucas a home. Agreeing to go to a friend’s wedding is a decision he regrets long before he even gets there. But, he refuses to give in to his fear, even if he might do something that makes him a target for people’s comments and laughter. Meeting Eric, a huge man with a gentle voice and a flair for chivalry, he falls hard. Now, if only he can let himself get past his panic that Eric would never want someone like him, then maybe he could fall in love for real.

Karen's rating:

I might have a thing for firefighters...

Ok, I probably do...and really can you blame me? These guys literally spend their lives running into places that the rest of the world is running out of.

'Today' is the second book in RJ Scott's 'Single Dad' series. We met both Eric and Brady in the first book 'Single'. Initially we met Eric when he really wasn't quite at his best...he'd had a rough day and maybe had a drink or two more than he should have in his efforts to put it behind him and then found himself knocking on the wrong door when he got home and while this may not have worked out well for Eric, I'm pretty sure that Sean was happy with how things went since it was the reason that he met Ash because he was the one who apologized and made nice with their new neighbor the next day...but in Eric's defense it was an honest mistake since they'd just moved into the neighborhood and he thought he was knocking on the door to his new home.

So now here we are several months later (actually I think it's close to a year later but whatever) and Sean and Ash are about to tie the knot. So like I said that all worked out just fine for Sean and when Ash ask Eric to keep an eye on the dark haired guy with two children...being the nice guy that he is Eric says 'yes'...actually he very willingly says yes because Hello? who doesn't want to keep an eye on the sexy dude in the third row? I would have said yes to Ash too if he'd asked me.

I really liked Eric's character in the first book and was happy to see that his story was next. Eric's a pretty happy go lucky guy. His life may not be perfect but he knows he's got a pretty good deal. He shares his house with his two best friends...well, one now that Sean's married and while Sean doesn't live with them anymore he didn't move far...he's just next door with his hubby Ash and their adorable little daughter, Mia. He's got his dream job of being a firefighter and while he's not to hard on the eyes he also knows that in spite of the fact that he's pretty easy on the eyes thanks to his size he's also someone who either inspires intimidation or the desire to call him 'Daddy' and be controlled in most of the men that meet him...especially those who are on the smaller side,  Creating an added challenge when it comes to looking for a partner and at the heart of things Eric's a lonely guy and he's tired of Mr. RightNow and he's hoping to find his own Mr. Right especially after seeing one of his best friends find their own Mr. Right.

We first met Brady when  he and Ash became friends online through a single dad's support group so here in 'Single' is where Brady steps out of the virtual world and into the real world and we find out why this is such a big deal for him. Brady has a condition known as DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) it's a thing folks google is your friend or at least it was mine, not that I didn't think this was a real condition but it was something that I'm not familiar with. so I took a few minutes to do a bit of googling and reading so that I could have a better sense of Brady and for me it was time well spent. Otherwise I might have found myself getting frustrated with Brady and probably not enjoying the story quite as much as I would have liked. Having at least a basic understanding of Brady's condition and how it could affect him allowed me to see Brady with a better appreciation for the understated strength of character that he had. I admit at times I can be a klutz but what Brady deals with in terms of his DCD and dyslexia takes his challenges well beyond that and understanding this allowed me to see more clearly how this would also impact his social skills and his self for me, Brady became someone who was far more courageous than his character appeared to be, at first glance and I was able to truly appreciate the understated strength that he had...not to mention if being a single parent to a newborn baby of your own is a challenge than I'm not sure what category having his challenges and parenting two children while trying to deal with their grief and your own puts a person into and honestly I have a very solid appreciation for the fact that it's highly unlikely I'll ever have to find out.

While this one was a little slow to draw me in at the beginning in the end it definitely got there and once again I found myself enjoying a sweet, low angst romance that left me with a lot of warm fuzzies and definitely looking forward to the next story...It's Leo's story and I can't wait for him to get his...happily ever after, that is.


An ARC of 'Today' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.,14008456

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