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ARC Review : The Secrets We Keep by Rick R. Reed

The Secrets We KeepBlurb :

Jasper Warren is a happy-go-lucky young man in spite of the tragedy that’s marred his life. He’s on a road to nowhere with his roommate, Lacy, whom he adores, and a dead-end retail job in Chicago.

And then everything changes in a single night. Though Jasper doesn’t know it, his road is going somewhere after all. This time when tragedy strikes, it brings with it Lacy’s older, wealthy, sexy uncle Rob. Despite the heart-wrenching circumstances, an immediate connection forms between the two men.

But the secrets between them test their attraction. Will their revelations destroy the bloom of new love... or encourage it to grow?

Christelle's rating :

“Real men, true love” : that’s the promise of Rick R.Reed and he delivers : I usually enjoy his books, relationship-oriented with a good dose of introspection and a sexy journey to happiness. It works for me. And to be noted : all the books I picked up so far from this author are with age-gap, which I enjoy.

Jasper and Rob meets in Chicago during the funeral of Lacy, Jasper’s roommate and friend. Both feel the need to leave the ceremony and end up in a bar, Jasper discovering that Rob is “Lacy’s uncle” (and that Lacy had an uncle) and Rob eager to get some nuggets of Lacy’s life as they had been estranged. From there on, despite Rob going back to Palm Springs where he lives, they keep in touch and….

Right from the start, it’s clear it’s not going to be a light read. How does one deal when your close ones die, whether it happens at a young age or when it’s because of a suicide ? I don’t want to be more specific because spoiling this story wouldn’t be good. Suffice to say the ride is bittersweet.

Though it was a good book, with some gloom due to the subject but with also some hope for better moments, peace of mind and happiness, and with some endearing characters, and a lovely epilogue, I felt the circumstances overshadowed the romance between Jasper and Rob.

The writing is really good, as usual and this piece of life of Jasper, Rob and Lacy was engaging and moving, I just missed witnessing Jasper and Rob falling in love.


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