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Blogtour: I Dare You To Break Curfew by Eva Munoz

Please welcome Eva Muñoz with 

I Dare You To Break Curfew 

Inshari Chronicles #1 


To save humankind, Camron may have to fall in love.

Vampires are real, and they are called the Inshari. After Camron Masters breaks curfew the first time, he discovers them living beneath Braylin Academy. The second time he breaks curfew, he meets a mad scientist who convinces him to take part in an experiment in exchange for more information about the Inshari. A small pinprick later, Camron wakes up as one of them and finds himself bonded to the prince of his dreams—vampire or not, Troyan is dark, brooding, and oh so delicious. But there’s the enigmatic Zaire vying for his attention too. Or is Camron just a pawn in a centuries-old feud?

All Camron’s ever wanted was to live his own fairy tale. But there’s always a catch after meeting Prince Charming.

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Understanding Troyan  

On paper, Troyan seems like the perfect knight in shining armor type. He’s protective. He’s responsible. He’s duty bound to his people and everyone he cares about. But this is just on paper, a surface level kind of understanding.

When I first started writing I Dare You to Break Curfew, I didn’t know Troyan all that well. He was one of those characters that preferred to be closed off from the rest of the story. I really had to dig very deep to scratch the surface of who he was. 

I thought of him as typical. The strong silent type who gave his heart wholly to Camron. He was robotic, doing what he needed to do to save his people because he thought he was duty bound to do so. Not once did he think about himself or what he wanted. Even when the bond between himself and Camron was forged, he still tried his best to think about what his people needed. 

Several drafts of I Dare You to Break Curfew later, Troyan opened up more for me. I started seeing his hopes and dreams. What he really wanted in life. He’s a traveler. Someone who wants to see the world beyond his underground kingdom. He serves his people to the best of his abilities, but this service never made him happy. He longs for something more.

This longing became a turning point between me and Troyan. Although Zaire is my favorite, I saw the potential in Troyan as a leading male character. He protected Camron not because he had to but because he wanted to. He was drawn to his in a way he’d never experienced before. 

Some may call this instant love. But we all know that love at first sight does happen in the real world. You meet someone that sparks something in you, connects you together and refuses to let go. Those who deny this haven’t really felt it yet or may never feel it at all. 

Camron brought out Troyan’s more human side even if there is nothing human about him. He shook him to his core, waking him from his robotic existence. Right off the bat, they knew they needed each other. They may not have recognized it at first, but the pull was there between them. I loved seeing Troyan grow on the page, the way he slowly melted and became who he wanted to be as opposed to who he needed to be. 

I may not like Troyan the way I like Zaire, but I appreciate him. He adds color to an already colorful cast of characters in I Dare You to Break Curfew. I don’t think the story would work the way it does without him in it. When you read I Dare You to Break Curfew, you’d think that Camron should be with Zaire. But what you’ll see as the story progresses is that Troyan balances him out more than Zaire ever will. He finds more of himself when he’s with Troyan. 

I’d like to take this moment to thank Sandra for letting me hang out on her blog today. I really enjoyed the experience of getting to share a little bit of Troyan with all of you. Grab your copy of I Dare You to Break Curfew now and meet him along with Camron, Zaire, and the rest of the Inshari gang. If you already have your copy, tell your friends. Spread the word by daring everyone you know to break curfew. Happy reading! 

About the author:

Eva Muñoz loves dreaming of worlds filled with hot guys falling in love with each other. She has a degree in creative writing. When she’s not at her favorite coffeeshop thinking up new worlds and characters to explore, you can find Eva in a classroom teaching creative writing of all things. Molding young minds. Today, she balances her time binge watching her favorite shows, writing boys love, and taking care of her cats—not in that particular order.

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