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ARC Review : Romancing the Rough Diamond (Romancing the...,#4) by Clare London

Romancing the Rough Diamond (Romancing the..., #4)Blurb :

Trust is the most precious jewel of all.

When Mayfair jewelers Starsmith Stones wins the commission for a gay royal wedding, CEO Joel Sterling is recommended to the brilliant young designer Matt Barth—only to discover Matt’s the man with whom he shared an anonymous and passionate kiss on the celebration night.

Disenchanted with the commercial jewelry industry, Matt nowadays prefers muddy archaeological digs to designing. Openly resentful of Starsmith’s hostile takeover of his family’s firm, he is horrified at the realization he’ll be working with the man who engineered that deal—but the opportunity to create something fabulous and unique for the royal couple is too tempting to refuse.

Working as a team reignites the spark between Joel and Matt. But when betrayal from within Starsmith threatens both the project and Joel’s confidence, will they have built enough trust to keep their newfound love as precious as the royal jewels?

My rating:

Another addition to the “Romancing the…” series, each book being a standalone. I needed a light and cute contemporary romance with a zest of British favour : I got it.

Joel and Matt couldn’t be anymore different. Joel is CEO of a jewel company and, while being a great boss, is “as cool as a cucumber” as Matt would say. Matt, on the contrary, is quite vocal and brutally honest, but never with malice. A “rough diamond” as Joel would say.

Joel just bought Matt’s father’s company, something that Matt didn’t like at all and doesn’t hide. However, he’s persuaded to go working for Joel for a special and very confidential project : designing the jewels for a gay royal wedding coming soon (yes, William and Harry have a gay brother and its wedding is going to be celebrated full blast, hehehe).

Of course, Joel and Matt are quite attracted to each other, of course, they go for it, of course, it won’t be without some bumps. And of course, it’s cute to see them both going with gusto into their relationship, and fight, in a fun way, to get their HEA.

Nothing shattering, but mellow, light, amusing and with a bit of steam. A cute break.


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