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Audio Book Review: Spell Cat, The Aloysius Tales #1 by Tara Lain

From The Blurb:
Listening Length: 6 hours and 48 minutes. 
When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But sadly, Killian walks away. He doesn't do physics professors. In fact, he doesn't do humans, because Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he's expected to save his declining race by reproducing. 
He can't even have sex with Blaine, because he's been taught that sex with humans depletes his power. But if that's true, why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought? Somebody's a lying witch. 
With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

Karen's rating:

I think maybe I set my expectations to high on this one...

It seems like I've wanted to read this story since forever!!! and something newer and shinier keeps getting in the way so imagine how excited i was when the new and shiny was the audio book for 'Spell Cat' was Karma, Fate...I tell you it was my sign from the universe that now was the there I was once again all grabby hands to get a hold of this one and what I was expecting to be amazing and wonderful...because magic and one hella' awesome cat and I do still think the cat is hella' awesome, but the story turned out to just be ok.

I liked it but I wanted to love it and I honestly can't quite put my finger on why I didn't, but still at the end of the day. I did like it.

Killian Barth is a professor of history...specifically he teaches the history of witches and Blaine Genneau is a professor of Quantum Physics...needless to say he does not believe in witches...yep, it was meant to!!! I loved this.

Both men are gay and attracted to each problems so far...oh yeah, Killian's not just any witch...he's one of the most powerful witches there is and seems there are not a lot of witches around much less those with power so of course he needs to marry and procreate...but he's seems his mother and the witches council missed out on this piece of pertinent don't care it's not part of their plan to save the race...yes, witches are not the same as mere mortals they're a separate race and yes, I liked this too a bit of a different concept than we usually get.

Killian tries to ignore his attraction to Blaine because he's human and sex with a human will deplete his powers but when things happen that lay waste to this fabrication...Killian begins to wonder how much of what he's been led to believe about relationships between witches and humans is fact and how much is fiction?

There were a lot of characters in this story that I enjoyed starting with Killian and Blaine but here was also Charlotte the young lady that Killain was betrothed to and Jimmy Janx the young man that she was truly in love with then there was Aloysius, Killian's familiar and one powerful cat with his own opinons...he may not have been able to talk but like any good cat he knew how to express his opinions.

However, I have to say the witches council which included Killian's mother and Charlotte's father were not among my favorite characters and i think they all got off just a bit to easy given what they did...but maybe that's just the witch in me.

K.C. Kelly was the narrator for this story and this was only the third or fourth audio book that I've listened to from this narrator and I admit I'm a little confuddled over this one. Don't get me wrong the narration was solid and for all intents and purposes he did a fine job of things, however, and this is where my confuddlement comes in a couple of the voices that he did for characters didn't quite line up with what my brain was telling me they should have sounded like so not a matter of right or wrong, good or bad...simple a matter of different concepts but setting aside that what I thought and what the narrator did it was a solid performance and I'll definitely be investigating more audio books by this narrator.

As I said back at the beginning I think it was mostly a case of having waited so long to enjoy this story I had ridiculously high expectations, but I did still like the story and I know there are two more installments to this series...'Brush with Catastrophe' which is about Jimmy Janx's best friend Sammy and the third story is 'Cataclysmic Shift' which is about none other than the very opinionated Aloysius and while I may have only liked this one who knows what surprises are in store for me in the final two stories.


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