Sunday, July 14, 2019

ARC Review : Music of the Knight by Mel Bossa

Blurb :

Easily pleased, Micah enjoys a career in non-profit work and gets through his days one lame joke at a time. Then his friend Lou introduces him to her musical family and the Knights pull Micah into their world of resilience and sorrow. Soon, Micah understands that in the face of grief, optimism isn't always enough.
Lei was once revered for his tremendous talent. But one day the music died, and the scars under his leather bracelets are a reminder of what he lost. These days, he's nothing but a phantom. Shut away from the world, Lei tunes instruments in the Knights' music store.

Then charismatic Micah enters his life, charming his family and slowly coaxing his way into Lei's heart with steadfast devotion. With Micah at his side, it may yet be possible for Lei to reclaim the spotlight he'd thought permanently abandoned.

Christelle's rating:

I’m not an expert of Mel Bossa’s work but every time I pick a book from her, I always get a sense of “atmosphere” from her writing and stories that calls to me.

The blurb says a lot and at the same time, not that much. The further I went in, the further I was positively touched with the sensitivity and hope instilled while it deals with a hurt that I haven’t yet been able to fully digest on my own. A very personal thanks to this author for going on this road the way she did.

Micah is the embodiment of a carer. He drags people to the light of life with him by literally listening to them. No wonder, when his friend Lou Knight introduces him to her musical family, he immediately fits in but most importantly, ignites a spark into Lei Knight, the most musically gifted but also the most elusive and sadest of them all, and for a tragic reason.

Bit by bit, Micah, totally drawn to Lei, discovered the reasons of the sorrow overwhelming Lei and pulls him out of his despair.

This journey is very emotional and with no sugar-coating : sometimes, there is hurt, sometimes, there are mistakes, sometimes there is unfairness, sometimes, there is misplaced help and sometimes, there is destructive pain. But there is also love, and with it, there is the understanding, the compassion and empathy and the willingness and strength to make it better for the other. Yes, that’s all I got from Micah and Lei, but also from all the secondary characters and this story.

What I missed, though, was Lei’s point of view, which would have made this life and love story a romance as well for me : what can I say, I love my romance and to witness its development from both MCs. 


ARC of “Music of the Knight” was generously provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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