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ARC Review : Close to Home (Sawyer's Ferry #4) by Cate Ashwood

Close to Home (Sawyer's Ferry #4)Blurb :

I excelled at two things: systems engineering and going completely unnoticed.
The engineering took work and determination. The invisibility came naturally. Until one day, the wrong person noticed me. Battered and broken, I fled, escaping to Sawyer’s Ferry and the only friends I’d ever had.
Now, I just needed to figure out what I was going to do next.

Life was good.
I had a great job, good friends, and a family who loved me. Even my roommate was decent. At least he was until he let his nudist brother come to visit. The opportunity to house-sit and help an injured friend couldn’t have come at a better time.
All I’d needed was to avoid an awkward situation for a few days, but I got more than I bargained for when my entire uncomplicated life flipped upside down. The last thing I’d been looking for was love, but it wasn’t until Witt that I realized just how much I’d been missing out on.

Christelle's rating:

Another good addition to the sawyer’s Ferry series set up in Alaska and with usually so much hotness that I could be tempted to go up there, rwahhh.

It’s a standalone as each instalment is all about a new couple in the make, but the previous MCs make some minor appearances, so, imo, it’s better to go for the whole series…not a hardship at all, hehehe.

So, Witt has been introduced in book2. The shy and quiet engineer has just been brutally attacked by a colleague. He flees to Sawyer’s island where he has a few friends who offer to accommodate him during his recovery. And he’s having the company of an “impromptu caregiver” in the name of Mason. Mason is exactly who Witt needs : somebody solid, reliable, caring and most of all, somebody who sees him and doesn’t expect him to be other than himself.

It was sweet. Not a complain because it was the kind of mellow sweetness that I enjoy. I’m only mentioning it here because it’s a tad different from the other stories of this series. Actually, it suits the shyness of Witt and the down-to-earthness (not sure it’s a word, LOL) of Mason. It’s all about Mason and Witt’s relationship and how Witt starts to live for himself, low on angst, and sensual with Witt going with gusto into the loss of his virginity.

My niggle : as Witt has been brutally beaten at the beginning of the story and lived in the shadows of his family for a long time, his "blooming" felt rushed for me, even if of course, that’s what the MCs and I wanted, LOL.

My sappy side enjoyed this addition.


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