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Blogtour: Barricades by Dem Had

Please welcome Dem Had with 


a World Of Love novel

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht

Born to be enemies. Raised to hate each other.

When introverted Orestis escapes his homophobic parents and abusive home for a night out with friends, he meets artist Emir. The passion between them is instant and explosive but neither society nor their families will accept their love. If they want a romance that lasts beyond one fiery, forbidden night, they’ll have to face the backlash. 
World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

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Barricades Playlist and Theme Song Exclusive

Music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Probably because it gets my feelings moving. I might prefer listening to instrumental, piano songs when I’m writing but I love songs that say their own story with lyrics too, so here are the first five (and most important) songs on the Barricades Playlist.

1. Barricades by Jøji
This song was composed especially for Barricades, hence it shares the same name.

2. Tainted Love by KWAN
The lyrics play love as a game where you have to sacrifice other things to win and this is exactly the case of Orestis and Emir. The song is mentioned in the book too.

3. Resistance by Muse
In less playful and more serious manner, Muse composed Resistance influenced by George Orwell’s 1984. No, Barricades is not a dystopian, political science fiction – not even close. It’s a realistic, contemporary romance, greatly influenced by politics and society. Somehow, this song fits in here for more reasons than one.

4. Battle for the Sun by Placebo
Well, Placebo are famous mostly for their drug and addiction related lyrical themes. However, I’ve always been drawn to this band for interpenetrating their songs differently and more personally. I was constructing Orestis in my head when this song started playing and it was like a light bulb. Even though the song doesn’t necessarily resonate with the whole story, it relates to the main character. The document file was titled “Battle for the Sun” while in progress, before coming up with the title.

5. Again by Archive
Explaining why “Again” is in the list would be a spoiler but listening to it will just prepare you so here it is.

About the author:

Dem has never been diagnosed with ADD, but it’s common to start talking about cats and end up mentioning the stars while using metaphors about food, just after she’s told you about a childhood memory.

As a cynical romantic and a lover of dark romance, she loves pushing her characters to their limits and refuses to give them their happy ending if they don’t work hard to earn it.

She has a soft spot for manga, anime and anything regarding the Japanese culture. She loves spending time with her son, playing music with her husband and posting on social media about writing and her life as a cat-mother. You can also find her in the roads of Limassol driving and singing with the windows wide open.

Dem’s writing journey has just begun.


Dem is giving away one e-copy of Barricades to a random commenter on this post.
Please be sure to include your email address in the comment.

Promotional post. Materials provided by the author.

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