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ARC Review: If We Could Go Back by Cara Dee

If We Could Go Back
My sister asked me if I could stand the sight my own reflection, if I’d caused enough damage yet, but I didn’t see myself when I looked into the mirror. I saw Kieran standing behind me, pressing a kiss to my shoulder while he undid my belt. I saw everything I wanted that I couldn’t have. Not unless I was prepared to hurt everyone around me.

Kieran was in a similar situation.

Were we monsters or men? Were they one and the same? Did we give a flying f—hell. We did care. Just not enough to stop, not enough to walk away, and I knew we constantly asked ourselves the same question because of it. If we could go back to when we met on the train…if we could erase the deceit, erase our first hello…would we?

Jewel's rating:

"We met on the way."

I've been asked just how well If We Could Go Back stands alone, among the Camassia Cove series, so I'll address that first. It stands alone very well. Cara Dee is pretty good about keeping her stories self contained, even though there are character crossovers in her books. Camassia Cove isn't that big, so it's no surprise that characters from one book will wander through some of the others. Even still, If We Could Go Back stands alone better than most.

Neither Bennett, nor Kieran appear in the other books (that I can recall), though Bennett works for Ellis and is friends with Casey (both MCs from Uncomplicated Choices , in case you have not read that one). The timeline for the main story is about 2007-2011 and the Epilogue jumps to the summer of 2016. To put this in series timeline perspective, the story starts around the later part of Path of Destruction and the Epilogue is where Uncomplicated Choices begins.

"You can never make up for lost time. All you can control is where the first ends and where the second begins."

Wow. Just wow. Cara Dee does relationship angst like no one else. She writes some uncomfortable situations, for sure, but she's never failed to sell the story. Ever. I loved If We Could Go Back. You've probably read by now that both MC's are married throughout much of the book and each have children. There is a lot at stake and never did I feel that the author made light of cheating. The path that Bennett and Kieran walk is a difficult one and they do get their HEA, but they suffer for it, as do others.

Blogtour: The Devil's Own by K.A. Fox

Published by: Acorn Publishing

Publication date: April 20th 2019

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Delaney Murphy has always known she’s the Devil’s daughter. And although the title itself is a burden, she never expects to inherit all her father’s infernal abilities. When her newfound magic begins to poison the people closest to her, Laney must make a choice. To protect the world from the worst she can do, she leaves everyone she loves behind and builds a new life for herself, alone, in a place where she can control the urge to give in to the magic living within her.

But when she recognizes a familiar pattern in a string of murders, Laney leaves her peaceful, isolated life behind and goes on the hunt, unleashing a threat she never dreamed possible. Confronting this menacing specter could mean giving in to temptation and becoming the one thing she fears most. Will she use her magic to do the right thing, even if it means hurting the ones she loves?

“That’s right. Fight me, little girl. I enjoy it when you fight.” His voice was like acid burning in my ears. I balled my left hand into a fist and swung it at his head. The connection with his cheekbone sent a shock up my arm, but the impact broke his concentration enough that I was able to suck in a few quick breaths. Shaking his head to clear it, Chaos stayed on top of me, his body weight holding me down even as I thrashed. He sneered, grabbing my left wrist and pinning it down, grinding it into the pavement. The long fingers of his free hand wrapped effortlessly around my small neck and pressed down again. Black specks began to cluster at the edge of my vision. I jerked and tried to scream but there was no air. He leaned in a little closer, laughing. “Just a little longer. Then I’ll enjoy eating you bit by bit. While you’re still alive. Two for the price of one.”

Blogtour: Lone Star In Jersey by Gina Harris and Anne Key

Please welcome Gina Harris and Anne Key with 

Lone Star In Jersey 


Eli faced the fallout of returning to school after his transition, and now he’s starting over in a new school where no one ever knew him as Elizabeth. The best thing about this new beginning might be the girl in the bedazzled Keds.

Sammy’s world of cheerleading, advanced math, and popularity in her Texas high school crumbles with her mother’s death. She’s shipped off to New Jersey to face a father who feels like a stranger and a world where she doesn’t feel like she belongs. At least there’s Eli, the cute boy who is also new at school.

As their friendship deepens and romance begins to bloom, Eli knows he owes Sammy the truth. He hopes he can trust her, and Sammy hopes she can understand falling in love with a trans boy. It’s a lot to deal with alongside the long-buried family secrets coming to light, and neither of their worlds will ever be the same. But maybe building new lives won’t be so hard if they do it together.

Get the book:

Top 5 Local Foods

For Sammy --

Dos Salsa’s Tortilla Soup -- OMG y’all! It’s the best -- spicy but not WHOA spicy. Cheap. Free chips and salsa. YUM.
Chocolate Pie at the Monument Cafe. First, totally worth the calories. Second, PECAN CRUST.
Grits from the HEB. They’re the best. Even my momma couldn’t mess them up.
Salt Lick in Round Rock -- I like to sit outside and breathe. I’m pretty sure if I walked in, I’d gain ten thousand BBQ pounds.
The fried pickle spears at the Burger University. Crispy dilly goodness, y’all.

For Eli --

Blogtour: Crossing The Touchline by Jay Hogan

Cover Design: Kanaxa

Length: 119,000 words approx.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


An Auckland Med. Story

What if you’ve worked your whole life for a dream, to play rugby for the most successful sports team on the planet, the New Zealand All Blacks?

What if that dream is so close you can smell it?

What if you meet someone?

What if you fall in love?

What if your dream will cost the man who’s stolen your heart?

And what if the dream changes?

Reuben Taylor has a choice to make.

Cameron Wano is that choice.

Exclusive Excerpt


He stared at me a moment, the beginning of a frown creasing his brows. Those grey-tipped eyes searched mine for something. Then he stepped in and without any hesitation pressed a firm kiss to my lips. The visceral heat that rolled through me at his touch caught me unprepared, and for a second, I didn’t respond, but when he grunted in disappointment and began to pull away, I chased his lips and moved with him, slipping my hand around his neck to hold him in place while simultaneously thanking the gods I’d left the porch light off so as not to wake Cory.

His body relaxed against mine, and he sighed against my mouth, parting his lips and allowing my tongue to slide alongside his and taste him again. It had been over a year since we touched this way, and I felt every second of that separation as I nipped and sucked and stroked at his mouth. Coffee, coconut, and something sweet swept over my tongue, and I couldn’t fucking get enough.

Slamming him back against the car, I kicked his legs apart to even our heights and angled his head for better access so I could keep plundering his mouth. He didn’t fight or try to wrest control, letting me take what I wanted. It was such a fucking turn-on. Running my hands over his chest as I worked his mouth, I realised just how muscled he was in comparison to me. You could fit two of my slender frames inside his arms, which only served to crank my shit further.

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ARC Review: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue
A big-hearted romantic comedy in which First Son Alex falls in love with Prince Henry of Wales after an incident of international proportions forces them to pretend to be best friends... 

First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz is the closest thing to a prince this side of the Atlantic. With his intrepid sister and the Veep’s genius granddaughter, they’re the White House Trio, a beautiful millennial marketing strategy for his mother, President Ellen Claremont. International socialite duties do have downsides—namely, when photos of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis Prince Henry at a royal wedding leak to the tabloids and threaten American/British relations. 

The plan for damage control: staging a fake friendship between the First Son and the Prince. Alex is busy enough handling his mother’s bloodthirsty opponents and his own political ambitions without an uptight royal slowing him down. But beneath Henry’s Prince Charming veneer, there’s a soft-hearted eccentric with a dry sense of humor and more than one ghost haunting him. 

As President Claremont kicks off her reelection bid, Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret relationship with Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations. And Henry throws everything into question for Alex, an impulsive, charming guy who thought he knew everything: What is worth the sacrifice? How do you do all the good you can do? And, most importantly, how will history remember you?

Todd's rating:

Wow, this book was EVEN BETTER than I had dared hope. : )

I'd initially held off on requesting this book until early reviews hit Goodreads because:

1.) Royal*anything* usually bores me to tears.

2.) So do books involving politics of any shape or form.

But this story was a delicious mix of drama, angst, excitement and, most importantly, hope.

I loved both First Son Alex and HRH Prince Henry right from the get go, as they first snarked their way into my heart, then as feelings began to develop, gave me enough banter to keep me laughing every few pages.

I also found the side characters to be a delight, from First Daughter June to Second Daughter Nora to Princess Beatrice to Alex's parents and friends. They were all worthy of their places in the story, only adding to my level of interest.

As the story began, Alex's intense dislike for "HRH Prince Dickhead" wasn't really addressed in-depth; however, once their first meeting was detailed out, I have to admit that I didn't care much for Henry, either.

Release Blitz: Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth

Title: Gotta Catch Her
Author: Kelly Haworth
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: April 29, 2019
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Female/Female
Length: 34800
Genre: Contemporary, LGBT, contemporary, lesbian, bisexual, social/augmented reality gaming, kids, pets, sexting, workplace issues

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Who says phone games are only for kids? Sometimes they give just the respite you need from a hectic life. At least, that’s the way Ann feels about Ani-min Move, an AR mobile game full of cartoon animals caught with nets. Legendary raids have just launched, and Ann arrives at a nearby park to find it full of people of all ages playing the game, including Rachael, a kind, attractive single mom. And sweet! Rachael is more than willing to teach Ann the proper way to spin her nets to snag the raid boss.

Back in reality, Ann has a lot on her plate: a full workload as a project manager, finding the energy to walk her dog, Franny, and now trying to figure out if Rachael is queer. And how does Ann converse with Rachael about her six-year-old son when she doesn’t know a thing about parenting?

Ann is lost as to how to proceed until Rachael takes the guesswork out of the equation by proclaiming she’s bi—right when Ann gets a massive work assignment that consumes way too much of her time. Life/work balance was never Ann’s forte, but between caring for her sweetheart dog and figuring out how to navigate a relationship with a single parent, Ann’s determined to make it work, especially before Rachael gets cold feet and leaves Ann playing by herself.

So, collect those ultra-nets, Ann. Can you catch her?


Gotta Catch Her
Kelly Haworth © 2019
All Rights Reserved

Why did Ani-min Move have to launch new features on a weekday? The last thing I wanted to do when I got home from the office was immediately drag my ass back outdoors.

“I’m tired, Franny,” I said, putting my feet onto the coffee table, relieved to have them out of the little heels that were the curse of business casual. Frances cocked her head at me, her fluffy ears going askew. “But it looks like they’re launching legendary raids, and I am not missing that.”

After starting the update to my Ani-min Move app, I put down my phone while the update installed. Franny lowered her head to her paws and whined.

“I know, I know. A walk would be better than the apartment’s dog yard.”

Who knew eight hours at a desk would be so exhausting? But doing the same thing every day really grated on a person. Make sure this client has their order placed correctly. Keep that project running on time. Figure out why supplies are delayed. So much communication, so much organization, so much waiting.

I ran my fingers through my brunette hair, scratching my scalp and enjoying the ten seconds of silence.

At least, until Franny barked.

“Okay, honey. Let me get out of these slacks.”

I pushed myself to my feet and strode across the living room, wincing at the tumbleweeds of golden retriever fur under the kitchen table. This is why I’m single, I berated myself. Not that there’d be anyone datable over to see it, especially with my reluctance to use dating apps. And Sacramento was a big city, but dating was intimidating enough for me to hesitate in visiting downtown’s gay clubs. Besides, what would I wear?

I stripped out of my slacks and blouse, tossing them into the pile slowly accumulating on one side of my bedroom, and pulled on my comfy stretch pants and a bright pink tank top.

Oh, it was so tempting to collapse onto my side of the bed—avoiding the piles of fur where Franny slept on her side—and browse the internet or read until I fell asleep.

But that was one of the many reasons why I had Frances. Personal accountability. She got me out of the house every day, kept me walking and breathing fresh air.

“Okay girl, where’s your leash?”

Blogtour: Play Hard by Avery Cockburn

Beating Blue Monday with Play Hard 

Thanks so much to My Fiction Nook for hosting me today! I’m Avery Cockburn, author of the Glasgow Lads series, a set of contemporary m/m sports romances set in Scotland. The newest release, Play Hard, is a followup “happer-ever-after” novella featuring Robert and Liam, the heroes of Playing With Fire.

Play Hard begins as Liam boards a nearly empty midnight bus outside the pub where he works, knowing his boyfriend, Robert, is waiting for him at his flat. The driver encourages him to stay away from the hostile-looking lads in the back seat, saying everyone’s on edge tonight because of “Blue Monday.”:
“Is that another fake holiday?” Liam asked the driver. “Was I meant to buy a card for my ma?”

“Naw, mate, it’s based on science. They say the third Monday in January’s the most depressing day of the year. Weather’s shite, nights are long, and people are pure skint after spending too much on Christmas presents. Plus, everyone’s chucked their New Year’s resolutions.” The driver patted his stomach. “I’ve not been to the gym in a week.”

Now that spring has sprung and the days are warm and bright again, it’s hard to remember how gloomy the weather was back in January, a month that felt like 31 Blue Mondays in a row. But I do remember the joy I found in writing Play Hard, and how much I needed the escape of a good love story.

Unlike most of my books, this happier-ever-after novella features very little sociopolitical content, and none of the characters were dealing with mental illness, trauma, or other major challenges. I was determined to write something light, something that was just pure sexy enjoyment.

I thought for sure I would end up adding plot complications (the Warriors open a gay sports pub!) and loads of angst (Liam’s long-lost father returns!), but somehow I resisted. I just stepped back and let these two fun-loving characters play their hearts out:
Robert placed his palms on Liam’s back—presumably to draw him closer, but it had the opposite effect.

“Och!” Liam jolted. “Your hands are freezing.”

“I know, I’m trying to warm them.”

“Here.” Liam lifted the duvet and pulled it over their heads, creating a cozy cocoon.

“Mmm, sexy blanket fort,” Robert said. “I hereby dub it ‘Fort Fuck.’”


“Best to be unambiguous with place names, in case any tourists pop by.”

Take that, Blue Monday!

Thanks again to My Fiction Nook for hosting me. Be sure to enter below to win a copy of the Glasgow Lads Books 1-3 box set, which includes three novels and an essential short story.

You can also sign up for my newsletter to download a FREE copy of Glasgow Lads prequel novel Play On, in both its original and author-commentary version.


Cover Design: Damonza
Length: 32,000 words approx.
Glasgow Lads Series
The Glasgow Lads series centers around an all-LGBTQ football/soccer team in contemporary Scotland. Though the series has an overarching storyline, each novel features a new couple and a happy ending, so they can be read in any order. The series also includes a prequel novella and two (soon to be three) "happier-ever-after" followup stories.

Book 0.5 - Play On - Amazon US | Amazon UK

Book 1 - Playing For Keeps - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book 2 - Playing To Win - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book 2.5 - Play It Safe - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book 3 - Playing With Fire - Amazon US | Amazon UK 
Book 3.5 - Play Dead - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Throwing Stones (A Glasgow Lads On Ice Novella) - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book 4 - Playing In The Dark - Amazon US | Amazon UK

“I’ll always want more of you.”

Robert McKenzie lives to work. He’s fresh out of university as a video-game entrepreneur, and his new app could actually save lives. But burning the candle at both ends means missing out on the best parts of his own life—including his boyfriend, Liam.
Liam Carroll works to live. His job as a bartender pays the rent—if not always the heating bill—and that’s plenty for now. But Robert’s workaholism reminds Liam his own life is going nowhere, and his own dreams are scaring the pants off him.

To jolt them out of their ruts, Robert invents a new game: He and Liam are to take turns offering each other sexy new challenges with irresistible rewards.

Of course, Robert gets more than he bargained for, as Liam takes their game in one surprising direction after another. Whether it’s in the bedroom, on the football pitch, or at the pub (or even the supermarket?), the things they learn about each other—and themselves—could change their lives forever.

Play Hard is the feel-good, staying-in-love story the world needs right now!

Note: This happier-ever-after novella features the main characters of Playing With Fire but can be read as a stand-alone story.

About The Author

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ARC Review: Playing Around by Suzanne Clay

Playing AroundFrom the Blurb:

Logan and Christian have been best friends since kindergarten. After spending their entire childhoods together, it makes sense they would go to the same college: the first step toward making their futures intertwine forever as blood brothers. 
But being away from home means discovering freedom Logan and Christian have never had before, and their journey of finding who they really want to be—and how they want to fit into each other’s lives—is a messy one. 
When a double date with their girlfriends turns into a new, erotic experience, both Logan and Christian are shaken by it. Suddenly, they can’t continue to see each other in a platonic light. Exploring their curiosity feels dangerous even when their girlfriends aren’t an issue, but ignoring their changing feelings is impossible.

Ky's rating:

Friends to lovers and casual to serious are mixing so nicely in "Playing Around"!

Christian and Logan are in their first year of college. They have been childhood friends and inseparable their whole lives so it goes without question that they're going to the same college and are rooming together. When they made those plans though, neither of them expected to develop feelings for the other.

I guess they are both bisexual since they are genuinelly attracted to women but the pull between them is something they neither can nor want to resist. A double date night with their girlfriends that suddenly took an unexpected turn means that they can no longer go back to the way things were before.

I liked Christian and Logan's friendship, it was deep and strong. They were on the verge of codependency but I think that was more their subconscious telling them they're attracted to each other than anything else. Their growing feelings made for some awkward moments but I'm glad they were able to get past them.

Christian's girlfriend, Charlotte, plays a very important role in the development of the plot and she turns out to be an incredible side character. There was no angst and no jealousy between her and Christian, something that made for a more enjoyable read on my part. I liked Charlotte's character a lot but I didn't like that she was the one who made the decision to end their relationship. I feel that if she hadn't taken that step, Chistian would have kept going the way he was. I didn't like that he didn't outright choose Logan but had someone else make the choice for him.

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Spotlight: Chained by Kim Fielding

Today we shine the spotlight on Kim Fielding with 


The Bureau #4

Release Date: April 30, 2019


An agent for the Bureau of Trans-Species Affairs? That’s the best job in the world. And it’s enough for Terry Brandt, who doesn’t need personal relationships complicating his life. His newest assignment puts him undercover, investigating a Hollywood agent who may have some evil tricks up his sleeve.

Edge is not the man he appears to be. Although he’s a member of the Hollywood agent’s security staff, his true situation is darker and deeper than that. Ordered to seduce the new prospect, Edge finds himself caught in conflicting loyalties.

Haunted by their pasts and tied up in secrets, neither Terry nor Edge can afford to allow passion to interfere with duty. And with danger dogging them, it’s impossible to envision a future together.

“Gonna work out,” Terry said. “Join me?”
Edge shook his head. “I’ll just come with.”
“Did we overdo it yesterday? You’re limping.”
“No.” It wasn’t clear whether Edge was answering the question or denying the limp.
Either way, Terry didn’t press it. They went down to the gym, where Edge sat on a bench and Terry ran and lifted until his limbs felt rubbery. Then they trooped upstairs.
“Want to order us some breakfast?” Terry asked. “I need to shower.”
They’d eaten all their meals together so far. At first Edge had appeared deeply uncomfortable sitting across from him, but he’d gradually relaxed. He still spoke very little, and he handled his cutlery awkwardly, glancing often at Terry as if for guidance, but he didn’t fidget in his seat anymore or ball his hands into fists when they weren’t in use.
Terry deliberately left the bathroom door open. The shower was off to the side, so Edge would have to make an effort to watch. If he did actually peek, Terry didn’t catch him at it. As the warm water sluiced over him, Terry reflected on how weird he felt about the whole… Edge situation. Obviously Terry lusted after the guy. Who could blame him? But he was also intrigued by him. And when Edge sat silently nearby while Terry swam or listened to music, Terry didn’t feel encroached upon. Edge’s presence calmed him, which was stupid and possibly dangerous. After all, Edge worked security for Whitaker, and if the Bureau’s sources were correct—and they usually were—Whitaker was up to some really bad shit. Making Edge complicit.

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ARC Review: Starting from Zero by Lane Hayes

From the blurb:
Justin Cuevas is going through a rough patch. A broken relationship, a scandal, and the demise of his band have shaken the aspiring rock star’s confidence. Working two jobs and sleeping on his friend’s sofa isn’t ideal, but Justin isn’t ready to give up yet. With a little luck, he’s hoping to re-launch his music career in LA with his new band, Zero. The key is to stay focused, and not get distracted by his past...or the sexy songwriter he can’t get out of his head. 
Gray Robertson has written dozens of hits and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. But he’s never met anyone like Justin. The younger man is fiery, passionate, and smart. A powerful voice for a new generation. Other than an unforgettable one-night stand and a passion for music, the two men have nothing in common. Or do they? Justin knows the out-of-the-blue challenge to write a quintessential love song is a huge opportunity. And it’s the ultimate test for someone who’s doesn’t believe in happily ever after. When sparks fly, Justin and Gray realize they have a shot something special if they start from zero together. Maybe even love.

Ky's rating:

New series from Lane Hayes! "Starting from Zero" is the first book and sets the stage for the rest. With a host of interesting characters, complicated relationships and a band just starting out we are sure to get more books set in this social circle!

Justin is fresh out of a relationship - well it's been six months but the animosity between him and his ex will make you think it's barely been 24 hours. He's crashing on his best friend's couch and on top of all that his band doesn't show any signs of hitting fame any time soon. When the band gets a call to perfom at a local dive bar he thinks they're finally going to catch a break. Until it becomes apparent that their invitation was just for show. An effort to create drama between him and his ex to bring publicity to the venue and to further his ex's career.

After a spectacular fight with a previous bandmate Justin meets a handsome older stranger and they hit it off. They spend some time talking, creating some mystery by not sharing anything personal about who they are and they end up hooking up in the bathroom of a hotel bar. Though they can both feel the connection they part ways without making plans to keep in touch.

ARC Review: Mud & Lace (Rainbow Place 4) by Jay Northcote

When Wicksy falls for drag queen Charlie, they discover that both sexuality and gender can be fluid.

Simon Wicks—Wicksy to his rugby teammates—has only ever been interested in women. But when he sets eyes on Lady Gogo, a drag queen who performs at Rainbow Place, he can’t stop thinking about her. He knows there’s a guy behind the fishnets and make-up, but he’s ready to explore his fantasies, and Lady Gogo is game for making them come true.

Charlie adores performing in drag. It allows him to indulge in his love of cross-dressing while earning some extra cash. Fooling around with a mostly straight guy in secret seems like a fun diversion, and gives him the chance to explore his feminine side. He feels safe wearing the mask of his confident alter ego, because the real Charlie is hidden from view.

When Wicksy sees more of the guy behind the make-up and glitter, his attraction to Charlie persists, and he realises he’s bisexual. In turn, Charlie begins to understand and accept his gender fluidity. As their mutual journey of self-discovery brings them closer, the secrecy becomes increasingly hard to deal with. If they’re going to have a future together, they both need to find the courage to show people who they really are.

Although this book is part of a linked series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Dani's rating:

Mud & Lace is aptly titled. Simon (Wicksy to his mates and Cam's best friend from book 2) is a rugby player; he's masculine and likes to get dirty. When Simon sees the stunning Lady Gogo, he can't look away.

Charlie (aka Lady Gogo) loves to explore his feminine side. Drag makes him brave and bold. He can embrace the Lady Gogo persona without shame. He just wishes he could do the same when he's not in costume.

Simon understands that Charlie is a man, but Simon loves the feminine, so Charlie as Lady Gogo, with lipstick and lacy panties, does him in. As Simon and Charlie spend more time together, Simon starts to think of Charlie as a "he" versus a "she" and begins to question his own sexuality (is he bi? pan?).

Meanwhile, Charlie wonders how "girly" he wants to be. Is he transgender or gender fluid? Jay handles these topics with sensitivity and grace.

Cover Reveal: A Beautiful Disaster by Marguerite Labbe

We're delighted to reveal the cover for Marguerite Labbe's upcoming novel 

A Beautiful Disaster 

Geek Life #3 


When best friends Brenden and Dakota launch the biggest comics and pop-culture convention of their careers, they finally realize what everyone around them already knows: they’ve been in love for years.

Now what are they going to do about it?

Meticulously organized Brenden Wade and easygoing Dakota Nye turned their love of geek culture into a business, running conventions all over the Chesapeake Bay area. Now the weight of their pasts is threatening not only their friendship but their dream. Brenden fears losing his foster family when his secrets come out, and though the last thing Dakota wants is to hurt his plus one, he doesn’t know if he’s capable of settling down.

One night of passion challenges both men’s preconceptions and forces them to evaluate what they want from the future. They’re both scared, and though they’ve always been able to figure out anything together, hearts are on the line. Will taking a chance on romance lead to a beautiful disaster, or just a disaster?

Release Date: July 30, 2019
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 275
Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Pre-order the book:

And now, drumroll, please...

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Author Of The Month - BA Tortuga - Grand Finale

Welcome to our Grand Finale celebrations for the amazing

In our final post, we will take a look at the Reclamation series. We also have our author interview and one more chance to win.

First up, F*ck Forgiveness


When reformed shifter Danny comes back to Texas as part of his twelve-step program, Declan couldn't be less interested in forgiving him. Declan thinks Danny got scared when he left five years ago, and has labelled his ex a coward. When he finds out differently, though, Dec sets about letting Danny know he's welcome to come home anytime. Can Danny believe in Declan enough to stay?


A huge blue pickup truck pulled up next to him, the heavy engine growling like his empty belly. He ignored it as long as he could, moving farther and farther over on the paved shoulder, until he was walking in the tall grasses. Just about the time he was about to bolt, to turn and run until he died, the window slid down and Declan barked at him, “Get in.”
He looked over, surprised. “Why?”
“Because you’re not riding the bus during the moon, ‘cured’ or not.” The way Dec said cured made it sound like a horrible disease.
“It’s close. The ride out here was longer than I’d thought.” He stepped closer, the scent of Declan an addiction, even more than the sight of those emerald eyes.
“It is. Come on, Danny. Get in.” There was no hamburger smell to make him nauseated, so he let Declan convince him.
Like it’s so hard. That little voice whispered to him, the sound wicked, almost joyous. Like you don’t want it.
The interior of the cab was cool and smelled like home and he settled in, closed the door, and put on his seat belt. “Thank you for the ride.” Not that he knew exactly where they were going.
“You do know that grapes are bad for us, right?” Dec wasn’t looking at him, and that jaw was like steel, clenched tight.
“What?” He ate a lot of grapes.
“They’re poisonous to canine and lupine species, Danny.” He would swear he could hear Dec’s knuckles creak, as white as they were on those hands clenched on the steering wheel.
“I don’t change anymore, though. I’m making the wolf be quiet.” Hours of agony and starvation and hunger and meditation and he’d done it. Made the animal behave.
“Why?” The question came out flat, hard. Declan had never understood why the wolf frightened him. Dec had always embraced it, all the way. It was one of the things that drew Danny to him.
“Because I can’t control it. I can’t stop myself from doing terrible things then.” He wrapped his arms around his middle. “I’ve been working very hard at making myself…” Right wasn’t the right word. Or whole. Or even healthy. He also discarded pure and human. “Stable.”
That worked.
Declan shook his head. “It’s not healthy.”
“And a double burger with extra fries is?” He dared the tease.
“No, but it least it has protein.” They headed out of town, out toward the ranch. He remembered this road; he remembered the smell and the way the bumps on the road felt, even though Declan’s truck was brand new.
“Beans have protein.” His stomach snarled audibly, trying to crawl up his throat.
“Grits are not beans. Neither are grapes.” They turned off on the ranch road, and everything started to look eerily familiar. It made his head hurt. He didn’t know what to do, where to look. This had been home.
He dreamed about coming here.
“You’re vibrating, Danny. Just chill. If you can handle this for forty-eight hours, ride out the moon in your new way, then I will sign your fucking paper and send you back on the bus.”
“Really?” He looked over, licking his lips compulsively. “Thank you.” He figured Declan wanted to punish him for two days, but he could accept that. He’d earned it. He’d survived worse.
“Don’t thank me yet, Danny-boy. You’re gonna be in the middle of nowhere with your discarded mate.” The nasty curl of those pretty lips made his heart skip a little.
He didn’t imagine anything Declan would do to him could be as bad as what the first years of training had been. He’d been mad for months, starving and hurting. Every time he’d started to change they’d shocked him, woken him. Dunked him in ice baths. Tied him behind… His mind skittered away from the thoughts.
He’d learned to cope.
Forty-eight hours was nothing.
“Just tell me what you need me to do to make this easiest on you.”
“Be a wolf.” That got him a red hot glance from Declan’s green eyes, so bright they almost glowed.
“You know I won’t do that.” He was fairly sure he couldn’t even do it, anymore.
“Well, then don’t lie and say you want to make it easy on me.” The drive to the ranch still had the cattle guard and the big pothole on the right side.
“I’m not lying.” He tried very hard to keep the snarl out of his voice. Very hard.
“Uh-huh. Well someone has to be. I’m guessing it’s your mom and whatever quacks are making you think this is living.” The truck threw up gravel when it slid to a stop in front of the rustic frame house.
“I’m trying to control my baser urges, God damn it.” Rage started bubbling up in him and he fought to swallow back the bile.
“Well, I guess that means at least that you weren’t out fucking around on me.” Declan got out and came around to yank him out of the truck.
“I wouldn’t!” He grabbed his pack and pulled away from the threat of that touch. His entire body felt like he was on high alert. “Don’t touch me. I’m coming.”
“Not yet.” At least that was what he thought he heard Declan say.

Get the book:

Book 2, No Time To Lie


Marshall and Ben believe their mate, Jakob, has been killed. When Jakob escapes from a cult, there is nothing that will stop them from reclaiming him.


Someone answered immediately and accepted the charges, no question, then he heard a soft voice, one he’d known since birth. Granny Wendy. “Marshall? Marshall, son? Is that you?”
“Yes, ma’am. Is everyone all right?” Usually the Alpha was there, barking orders about them coming home.
“No. No, I… Jakob was here. I thought he was dead, lost to us.”
His heart dropped right to his feet. Boom. Dizzy, Marsh groped out with one hand. “What?”
“He was here. He came here, son. He looks… he’s a ghost, lost, broken, but he was here.”
“Was.” He made his dry lips move. “Where is he now?”
“I told him where you were and he ran. He was hunting you and Ben.” She dropped her voice. “I’m not crazy, Marshall. I’m not imagining it. He was here, he hugged me, he let me hold his hand. Someone cut off one of his fingers. If I imagined him, I wouldn’t know that.”
“Jesus. His finger?” He searched for Ben, needing his lover. Now.
Ben was there, all of the sudden, staring at him with a deep growl. He reached out to take Ben’s hand.
“Yes. I-- he was scared of the pack, Marshall. Said he could only talk to me.”
“Scared of the pack? Our pack?” Nonsense. They’d left, of course, but only because they were broken, cracked at the cellular level. They needed to be free. That was the only way he and Ben could work without Jakob. They couldn’t indulge the pack structure and be mates.
“Yes. Terrified. Ashamed. Scared.”
“Do you know how he meant to get here, Granny?”
“He was on foot. Wearing a pair of coveralls like an inmate. Skinny, gray -- he was heading for you.”
“We have to find him.” They -- Not dead. Jakob wasn’t dead. Why had he left? Where the fuck had he gone?
“Find who? Marsh? What the everloving fuck?” Ben’s eyes burned, stared into him.
“I have to go, Gran. I’ll call you after we find him.” He hung up, then turned to Ben, anguish making him nauseated. “Jakob came to her today. He’s alive.”
Ben stared at him, a dull flush climbing up his neck. “No.”
“She says it’s him. Someone cut off his finger, babe.” He could hardly take it in. “She says he’s coming to find us.”
“No. No. You saw the body. We saw the body.”
“I know. But it was so burned…” Could this be real? They had to check it out. Had to. They couldn’t just leave it to chance if Jakob was looking for them. Poor baby had no sense of direction at all.
“It’s not possible. He wouldn’t leave us.”
“Why would he do that?” He started to shake, but Marsh wasn’t sure if it was sorrow or rage.
“He wouldn’t. He’s dead. I’m going home.”
“Ben! When has Granny ever lied to us? Ever? She swore she wasn’t crazy. Said he was wearing like a prison jumpsuit. What if something awful happened?”
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