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Author Of The Month - Nicky James - Week Three

Welcome to our third week of celebrations for the amazing

In this week's post, we will take a look at the Trials Of Fear series, plus a personal story Nicky has chosen to share. There's also another chance to win one of her books.

First up, Owl's Slumber


Imagine what life would be like if panic ruled your world at the mere thought of going to bed at night.

For as long as he can remember, Finnley Hollins has been crippled by his extreme phobia of sleep. Every night is a battle, and every morning isn’t without consequences. The root cause is something he’s ashamed to admit to anyone. It’s his war, and he will fight it alone.

When an unexpected turn of events lands the stunningly gorgeous Aven Woods at Finnley’s place of business, his life gets turned upside down.

All it would take is one night together for his secret to be exposed. Finnley wasn’t prepared to fall in love. More so, he wasn’t prepared for his phobia to completely consume his life. Not only is it affecting his job and his relationship, but now it’s affecting his health. What will it take for Finnley to finally admit he needs help?


The plan was for Aven to pick me up at five for a top-secret date I knew nothing about. No matter how much I’d begged, he wouldn’t share anything. My sole instructions were to dress comfortably and warm.
I was determined to be more alert for our date that time, so I popped two Adrafinil and downed two Monsters before he showed up. Anything to get my blood flowing.
At a quarter past four, while I was fixing my hair and brushing my teeth, my phone rang. The screen told me it was Aven, and for a brief moment, my heart plummeted thinking he might be canceling.
“Quick, I need your shoe size.”
I pulled my phone back and stared at it before returning it to my ear. “Say what now?”
“Your shoe size. It’s important. Just don’t ask me why. I can’t tell you.”
“Aven, is this some underhanded way of figuring out how big my dick is? Because it’s very grade school. I mean, asking flat out would be weird, too, I get that, but shoe size?”
There was chuckling on the other end of the line, and it made me smile.
“Yes, Finn, I’m standing here in the drug store looking to buy condoms, and I realized, I don’t know how big your dick is, so I thought I’d call and play it subtle.”
A week of back and forth texting had made us much more relaxed with each other, and I found Aven was not as elite as I’d first thought. Yes, he worked a killer, high-end job which made first impressions deceiving, but he was quick-witted and funny, two things I liked in a man. Not to mention down to earth, tall, dark, and seriously handsome.
“Shit. We’re in big trouble then.”
“And why is that?” I could hear the humor in his voice. Apparently, his urgency to know my shoe size was all but forgotten.
“You can size up condoms for me all you want, but I’m all bottom. And two bottoms together; I sense trouble on the horizon.”
There was a long pause when I could only hear Aven breathing, and I cringed, hoping I hadn’t gone too far. We’d teased dirty all week, but that was perhaps a little blunt. But what if my offhanded remark hit the nail on the head? What if…
“That won’t be a problem.” His voice was breathy and husky all at the same time, and I could have sworn I heard him audibly swallow. “Shoe size, Finnley. I’m in public for crying out loud. Do you know what you’re doing to me?”
The joking fun was gone, and a thick cloud of lust had taken its place. My skin tingled hearing the thirst in his tone.
He cleared his throat before he spoke again as though trying to tame the brewing need seeping through the phone. It didn’t work. “I’ll be there shortly.”

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Book 2 in the series, Shades Of Darkness 


Six years ago, an unforeseen incident turned Rory Gallagher’s life upside down. Now, he lives in darkness, fearing the sun, fearing light altogether. Rory has developed Heliophobia. As a creature of the night, Rory has learned to adapt to his unusual lifestyle. He draws comfort from shadows and safety from the nighttime hour. Unfortunately, his mind is the darkest place of all, and the one place he can’t seem to escape.

Finding help isn’t easy, but when Rory registers with a local, twenty-four-hour counseling center, the man he meets surprises him in more ways than one. Young psychology student, Adrian Anderson, is Rory’s complete opposite. How will this smart, preppy, do-gooder ever get through to the man with a chip on his shoulder who has learned to hate the world?

It doesn’t take long for Rory to discover they have something horrific in common. Despite rules and regulations, this sad detail helps them form a bond neither of them expected. Could Adrian be the shining light Rory needs to dispel the darkness for good?

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Book 3, Touch Of Love


Touch is a fundamental part of human interaction. What happens when that simple pleasure causes immeasurable fear?

Ireland Hayes has fought an uphill battle with his phobia most of his life, believing "normal" is unachievable.
Every time things look up, unexpected triggers set him right back to square one where he needs to start over.
When he falls, he falls hard.

Work is impossible.
Love is impossible.
Life is impossible.

Raven Kingsley takes life as it comes. Not many things bother this free-spirited man. He is passionate, vibrant, and easy-going. He’s the friend who’s always there, and the sympathetic shoulder for anyone in need.
He works hard.
Loves with his entire heart and soul.
And believes life is always possible.

Ireland doesn't have much faith in relationships. The past has proven many times that he isn't worthy of love. Everyone gives up. Will Raven prove different? When the walls come crashing down, will love prevail? Or are life, love, and happiness truly meant for someone else?


Giving up on the game, I closed my laptop and stood, intent on getting ready for bed. Before I headed to my room, I caught myself wandering across the living room instead and stopping at the couch. To anyone else, my thoughts and actions would probably be classified as stupid, but to me, they were challenging in their own way. I picked up Raven’s gray hoodie, its weight psychologically more prominent and significant than its actual physicality.
He’d worn this article of clothing. Against his body. Ran in it. Touched it. Sweat in it.
Somewhere in my messed-up thought process, it was like an indirect way of touching Raven without touching him. What rocked me off balance was that I didn’t even know it was something I’d unconsciously wanted. In a week, we’d developed a sort of shaky friendship. I wasn’t blind to how drawn I was to his good looks or charm, but I had no idea until that moment that there was a pull for more. And that knowledge was a painful blow to the chest. A concrete reminder of how many struggles I still faced after years of therapy. Developing anything with Raven was about as impossible as me ever achieving normal.
I brought the hoodie to my face and breathed in the lingering scent of spices, sweat, and all things Raven. A smell that jolted and tugged at something in my core. Studiously, I ran my fingers over the fabric, imagining in a backward sort of way that I was touching Raven in every place his hoodie had touched him.
People assumed I didn’t want touch, but that wasn’t true. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have spent years in therapy trying to achieve it. Fondling Raven’s hoodie and breathing in his scent could be the closest to him I would ever get. So, I absorbed it all, soaked it in, and allowed my blood to run warm, if only for a moment.
In the next breath, embarrassment and stupidity filled me. If anyone saw what I was doing or heard my thoughts, they’d probably call the crazy wagon.
Reluctantly, I inhaled his scent from the fabric one last time before returning it to the couch where he’d left it. In my bedroom, I lay in the dark for a long time, thinking. Perhaps our friendship had grown in a week, but not nearly enough for a firm foundation of trust to have developed. The mere thought of sharing a simple touch with Raven instantly spiked my pulse and made me squirm.
I’d had relationships with women in the past and successfully managed to progress toward intimacy with a few. Over the years, I’d been attracted to plenty of men, as well, but struggled to break barriers with them every time. That was all on me. My reluctance. My issues. Although Erin never failed to point out it was their impatience that inevitably ended things. I wasn’t sure if months down the road when I’d recovered enough from this setback if I’d be comfortable enough sharing anything more than friendship with Raven. The likelihood was, he’d give up long before that happened anyhow. As much as my mind showed interest where he was concerned, there was simply no way it would ever happen.
My morning jogs were a lot more fun with company, and Raven was laid back enough he didn’t seem to mind friending someone with innumerable issues. Despite wanting to, I didn’t allow myself to hope. Hope would lead to hurt, and I had enough of that in my life.
With him on my mind and his lingering scent a clinging memory thanks to his forgotten hoodie, I picked up my phone and sent him a text.
Me: I think I’d love to come see a rehearsal if the offer is still open.
He texted back right away with what I knew was plenty of enthusiasm. I could feel his smile through my phone and envisioned the way it carved indents into his unshaven cheeks. From there, we ended up texting back and forth for an hour about music and the songs Raven had performed over the years.
By the time I fell asleep, it was late, but I did so with a smile on my face—and shamefully—Raven’s hoodie in my arms. No one had to know.

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Book 3.5, Fearless


Maxwell Cunningham is a daddy who’s spent far too many years without a boy to call his own. It’s a part of his past he was sure he’d buried long ago. While in town for business, he ventures into Bottoms Up and sets eyes on a sassy, stubborn bartender whose flair and poorly hidden struggles call to him on a level he can’t ignore.

Krew Cruwys may be a spitfire, but he is not a boy. No way. No how. Not gonna happen. It’s not his kink. Besides, Krew prefers to be free. To explore men and sex on his own terms—which doesn’t include commitments or emotions. Period.

When a hookup gone wrong leaves Krew in the concerned hands of the sexy silver stud he’d been snubbing all night, things get complicated. Maxwell feels a pull he hasn’t felt in over ten years, but Krew is unequivocally decided that he doesn’t want a daddy. 
Or love. Or a relationship.

But what could it hurt to play a role for a night? It’s only words. It’s just a game. It doesn’t mean anything… …until, maybe, it does.

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And book 4, Lost In A Moment


One moment in time, one unfortunate accident, and Grayson Brooks’ life changed forever. Not only is he suffering physically, but as each day passes, he’s convinced he’s losing his mind. Terrorized by each passing minute, fighting to get back on track, Grayson only succeeds in slipping further into the clutches of his anxiety. He’s convinced time will heal all wounds. But time is his enemy. There is no escape.

Beckett O’Keefe has known Grayson all his life. Best friends to the end, he’s determined to help Grayson recover from his accident. Taking Grayson under his roof while his physical injuries heal seemed like a good idea at the time. But every day, Grayson slips further out of reach, and Beckett struggles to understand what haunts his friend’s mind.

To make matters worse, their close proximity has brought on feelings Beckett can’t understand. Beckett is straight… or so he thought. The heart says one thing. The mind says another. Has Beckett spent thirty years in the dark? Could he be falling for his best friend? Except, Grayson is only a shadow of the man he once was. If Beckett can’t help Grayson get back on track, there may be no future.

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A Personal Story:

I’m a huge gamer, and World of Warcraft changed my life. I played this massive multiplayer online game for 10 solid years. While playing, I made amazing friends all over the world, and one of those friends eventually became my husband.

Our lives were different when we met, but over the course of ten years, we got to know each other so well, we looked forward to spending time together daily online. We weathered storms together, supported each other, laughed together, and cried together.

When the game became tiresome and we decided to quit, we didn’t want to lose our friendship. We became Facebook friends and exchanged phone numbers. It wasn’t enough.

I’d never been in a plane before but decided it was time we met in person. My first flight of my life was to another country to meet this man I only knew from gaming. We clicked amazingly. Over the following year, we traveled back and forth taking turns visiting each other. Eight months into visits, we decided to marry and begin the process of one of us switching countries.

It’s been almost six years and I couldn’t be happier. So I found my soulmate on World of Warcraft.

About the author:

Nicky James lives in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and is a mother to a wonderful teenage boy and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn't think she is crazy. Nicky has always had two profound dreams in life; to fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since one of those dreams is impossible, she decided to make the other come alive on paper. Nicky writes mm romance novels of many varieties. She is a strong advocate for mental health and likes to advocate and spread awareness through her books.


Thank you for stopping by to celebrate this fabulous author with us. Come back next week for more of Nicky's books, our author interview, and another chance to win!

Until then, happy reading!


  1. I love the story about how Nicky met her husband.

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  3. Love that the internet could be used for good. Great story.


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