Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Book Review: If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4) by S.E. Jakes

If I Ever (Hell or High Water #4)
Some ghosts refuse to stay buried . . .

Prophet and Tom have been through the wringer more times than they can count, both as partners in the field and in life. Yet despite it all, they’ve built something great together. But now they need to protect it again: Prophet’s old nemesis, John Morse, is back and threatening everything he loves.

Prophet is driven enough to take John down alone, and with a chance to do exactly that on the table, he runs with it, risking himself in the process. But trusting Tom to help him is so much more than mission critical.

It’s the final stand, and with Tom and his team behind him, Prophet’s in for the fight of his life. Then a figure from his past goes missing, and the consequence of an old mission rears its head. As complications and destruction mount all around them, getting out alive becomes the most important mission of their lives.

Jewel's rating:

If I Ever is the looooooong awaited conclusion to Prophet and Tommy's (main) story. I read the other books, originally, back in 2014 so before diving into this one, I did a full reread -- I encourage you to do the same if it's been a while. Now, was it worth the wait? A definite YES!

Prophet and Tommy each have their ghosts, but not all of Prophet's ghosts are content to stay that way. John has haunted him and his team long enough and now is the time to finish things. So much hangs in the balance, here, so when they decide to go after John, once and for all, it's not just for their own safety, but for those they love.

Picking up pretty much where Daylight Again left off, If I Ever drags our guys through the wringer and when they come out the other side? Oh, they are strong and solid and whole. Secrets, secrets, and more secrets put unimaginable strain on Prophet and Tommy's relationship, testing them and their resolve and dedication to one another. There were a few touch and go moments within these pages, but I never actually doubted our guys would make it.

Wow, what a ride that was. A truly exciting, wild, ride. I look forward to reading more of Mal and Cillian's story and hopefully Doc and Nico, too. Stubborn men, always resisting....

I most definitely recommend If I Ever to fans of Prophet and Tommy.


Review copy of If I Ever was generously provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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