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ARC Review: Daring Duke (Love Letters, #4) by Anyta Sunday

Daring Duke (Love Letters, #4)From the Blurb:
D is for Duke Lawrence-Decker.

Distracted by his older cousin, Duke yearns for what he cannot have.Dare he risk admitting his true feelings? Or should he conceal them in his aching heart forever?Desire this deep, though, cannot be extinguished.Dreaming about his forbidden love, Duke wonders if it’s destiny—or just a delusion.

Do they dare dance with the devil and risk losing it all?

D is for Daring Duke.

Ky's rating:

The fourth book of the "Love Letters" series is a tale of forbidden love between two cousins so it dips a toe in the taboo side of things.

Duke and Rohan are second cousins that used to be best friends and had a very close relationship despite the eight years that separate them. The last few years though something changed. They have become distant and Duke is acting out for no apparent reason. Rohan is on track to take over his uncle's very successful company and dedicate his life to it so he's working basically non-stop and travels a lot.

I'm sure we met Duke at Ben's book (since it's mentioned here that they used to be roommates) but I can barely remember him - it's been I while since I read the three first books. It doesn't matter though, because it was great getting to know him here. He's a complicated character with a lot of depth. He's sensitive but has learned to hide it behind snark and sarcasm so no one sees the real him. He has learned to guard his heart and not let anyone in but he misses having a family that loves and supports him. Luckily, Rohan and his family have stepped up since his own parents weren't up to the job.

Rohan is mature and responsible. He has worked all his life to become the head of SmallQ and it's finally time to show everyone his worth. He loves his family and wants to make them proud so he is prepared to sacrifice his own happiness in order to do what's expected of him. His mother doesn't get a lot of page time and I'm not sure if his father even has a line but I was sure they would support Rohan no matter what he decided to do with his life, so really all the expectations he strived to fulfill were just his own, and maybe his uncle's as well.

When the story starts they are both fighting their feelings and neither knows that the other is going through the exact same things. I'm not sure what was the catalyst for them to come clean, I think it was just an obscene amount of UST that finally it gave way and they couldn't pretent any more.

It's a medium-length story but it's got everything: well developed MCs, important side characters, interesting plot, meaningful issues and a nicely done solution along with a satisfying epilogue.

I can't say that I love the book titles for this series but the content sure makes up for that. Next up is Erik's story, I'm not sure if we've met him yet but I've liked these stories so far so I'll keep track of the ones to come. One book I look forward to is Kyle's story, assuming he gets one.

*An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review. *

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