Wednesday, January 23, 2019

ARC Review : The Devil's Breath by A.Nybo

The Devil's Breath
Henri’s stalker has left him with a paradoxical legacy: his mind rebels at the thought of being touched—the very thing his body craves.

For three years Henri has fought to overcome the horrors of the past. Now on the other side of the world—after leaving Australia for Canada—Henri’s nemesis is hunting him with maniacal focus. Trying to escape, he meets Birch, a kind horse trainer, who’s confounded by Henri’s idiosyncrasies even as he is drawn to him. But when Birch discovers the truth, he encourages Henri not to just survive, but to live.

Maybe even to love

Christelle's rating :

What a *thrilling* read. You know you’ve hit the jack pot when you can’t put a book down and eagerly turn page after page.

The start ? Well, imagine you’re waking up, going to grab a coffee, see a guy having like a panic attack and trying to help him…and from there, your day, well even your life, goes from normal to a real shambles !! That’s what happens to Birch.

And imagine that one morning, your belief that the horror of being the target of a stalkerish sociopath unfortunately met during a social gathering is far from over and that the nightmare starts again. Maybe you get a panic attack. That’s what happens to Henri.

It’s fast-paced – so, so well done…-, the balance between the romance and the mystery was well managed, the characters were well fleshed-out and I couldn’t help but love the chemistry and the banter between Birch and Henri and the way Birch and Henri reached out to each other, one with so much care and understanding, the other with so much fear but also need.

I had only one niggle. The ending felt rushed for me: an abrupt closure of my entertainment.

Well written : I’m going to check out this author from now on. If you’re fan of mystery/thriller romance, this book is worth a go.


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