Thursday, December 27, 2018

Book Review: The Wolf at the Door (Big Bad Wolf #1) by Charlie Adhara

The Wolf at the Door (Big Bad Wolf, #1)From the Blurb: 

Hunting for big bad wolves was never part of Agent Cooper Dayton’s plan, but a werewolf attack lands him in the carefully guarded Bureau of Special Investigations. A new case comes with a new partner: ruggedly sexy werewolf Oliver Park.
Park is an agent of The Trust, a werewolf oversight organization working to ease escalating tensions with the BSI. But as far as Cooper’s concerned, it’s failing. As they investigate a series of mysterious deaths unlike anything they’ve seen, every bone in Cooper’s body is suspicious of his new partner—even when Park proves himself as competent as he is utterly captivating.
When more people vanish, pressure to solve the case skyrockets. And though he’d resolved to keep things professional, Cooper’s friction with Park soon erupts…into a physical need that can’t be contained or controlled. 
But with a body count that’s rising by the day, werewolves and humans are in equal danger. If Cooper and Park don’t catch the killer soon, one—or both—of them could be the next to go.

Ky's rating:

I decided to read this book after one of my friends wrote a very enthusiastic review about it. I trust her judgement since we usually like the same things and our tastes mosty line up, so when the book went on sale I snatched it right up and dove in. I was in for a surprise! I couldn't put the book down until I learned who was the bad guy. The mystery kept me glued to my screen and the plot as a whole was very nicely crafted. Likeable characters, unique paranormal universe, captivating mystery, unpredictable turns and suspects all around. The author didn't even give me a chance, I was hooked right from the start!

I don't want to give anything away so I'll only mention the basics. In a world where werewolves are real, live quietly among humans and recently revealed themselves only to a select few humans, the new guy in the paranormal unit gets paired up with a werewolf in order to solve a case. Secters are being kept close to the chest and nothing is as it seems.

It's a safe bet that fans of mysteries and paranormals will love this, though, fair warning, werewolves are so far only present in their human form. Maybe in the next book wolves will make an appearance!

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