Thursday, December 20, 2018

ARC Review: Summer Santa by Ward Maia

Summer Santa
Sam is a journalist struggling with the recent transfer to his magazine’s Brazilian office. He doesn’t speak the language and isn’t all that familiar with the customs. It also isn’t easy to make friends when you’re the new guy. Then there’s James, his friendly and gorgeous coworker, who is so out of Sam’s league, he knows he doesn’t stand any chance with the handsome Brazilian. 

Just as Sam is preparing to spend Christmas away from his family, an unexpected surprise spins his lonely holiday plans around. Another unforeseen gift is James’s offer to show Sam some of the city’s holiday traditions. With his significant low self-esteem, Sam doesn’t know what to make of James’s offer and apparent interest. Can some last-minute decorations and an impromptu meal make Sam’s apartment feel more homely? 

Maybe everything could come together in a wonderful way—if Sam can find the courage and confidence to accept all James wants to give.

Todd's rating:

Christmas stories generally aren't my thing, but this one was sort of a fun palate cleanser.

The short length didn't allow for tons of emotion, but having Sam's entire family in the story, and the fact that James was at times as unsure of himself as Sam, well, that kind of won me over.

There was one steamy scene and almost zero internal or external angst.

This one was all about two guys who really liked one another, but had to fumble around like idiots for a while, until they figured out that feelings were mutual.

The last chapter is a bit of an info-dumpy mini-epilogue, which was nice, but I would've liked for it to have been expanded on a bit more.

3.5 stars.

My ARC copy of the story was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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