Saturday, December 29, 2018

ARC Review: Haste Ye Back by R.Quincy Cameron

Haste Ye Back
Blurb :
The situation seems ideal: a month off work and a sweet deal to extend his stay in an unexpected paradise. Needless to say, Aaron is thrilled to snag an extra few days in Scotland after his work conference to soak up the magic of the country.

However, his plans to tourist his way around Edinburgh before his January 1st flight home are thwarted by a strange influx of people into the capital. Add in trains that don't run on New Year's, fireworks, first-footing, and running into the same gorgeous stranger as he exits every other shop, and Aaron really should have googled what “Hogmanay” was before he found himself whisked into the whirlwind of Scottish revelry and the impossible draw of that sexy stranger who tastes like scotch and, impossibly, already feels like the beginnings of home.

Christelle' rating :

This is a short “Christmas story” set in Edinburgh during the Scottish Hogmanay celebrations happening at the end of the year. Aaron, on a business trip, is delayed from his return to the US for a few days and uses his time to visit Edinburgh where he keeps bumping into "Connor", a man for whom he feels a lot, a lot of attraction, not one-sided !!

What didn’t work for me ? It felt like an unfinished story, a teaser about what could have been a sweet and hot romance. Alas, I’m among the readers who believe that no HEA takes the romance away.

What work well for me ? The setting was really enjoyable and well displayed, the characters were charming, their encounter was promising and full of chemistry. I give three stars for that good and entertaining introduction, but like the Cadbury kid would say : “can’t you make it a bit longer ?”.


ARC of “Haste Ye Back” was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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