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Book Blast - The M/M Romance Christmas Box Set by Isobel Starling


Award-winning author Isobel Starling presents 

The M/M Romance Christmas Box Set containing four funny, kinky seasonal romances

Book Title: The M/M Romance Christmas Box Set

Author: Isobel Starling

Publisher: Decent Fellows Press

Cover Artist: Isobel Starling

Genre/s: M/M Romance, comedy, puppy play

Heat Rating: 4 flames 

Length: 46,193 words/262 pages

This is two novellas and two short stories, all with a Christmas theme.

With the holidays approaching Isobel Starling presents 

The M/M Romance Box Set 

containing four delightfully humorous and kinky seasonal romances. 

This box set is available as an e-book; 

you can read it free in Kindle Unlimited 

or listen to the exceptionally funny audiobook by award-winning narrator Gary Furlong.

The stories in the box set are:

Fred and Ginger
Chris Miller, a patisserie chef for Big Boy Cupcakes has to rush the last minute order of cock cupcakes for the party of a celebrity, but in his haste to deliver, he falls foul of an over-keen chocolate labrador named Fred, and his handsome owner...

The Christmas Bonus
The Investobank Christmas shindig at the Lorien Hotel puts Jake Walters, and the object of his lust in the same place at the same time... and it's Christmas!

Daddy Christmas (Daddy Kink short story) NEW!
Ryan Sutherland, a side character from 'Detective Fox and the Christmas Caper' at last gets the happy ending he deserves.

Back Where He Belongs (M/M Puppy Play Novella)
Kier Campbell returns to Scotland from Australia to spend Christmas with his family. What he finds there is a gift that is worth more than money could buy.

Please note: These stories are gay romance stories and contain graphic depictions of sex.

The total word count is approximately 46k, the audiobook is just over 4 hours long. These stories have all the Christmas feels to give you a warm glow inside.

Excerpt (from Fred and Ginger):

Christopher Miller had been looking forward to hiding for the Christmas period.  He didn’t have an ounce of ‘Fa la la la la’ left in his body after dealing with the mountainous stress that being a master baker at Christmas always brings.  Christopher’s parents had decided to go on a Caribbean cruise for the holidays, and he happily turned down Christmas day with his sister and her brood. He wasn’t religious or, for that matter, fond of Christmas.  He wanted nothing more than a few days alone in bed watching movies, maybe a little porn, and to eat a lot of food that was very, very bad for him.
Chris groaned upon hearing his phone’s ringtone and then, reluctantly rolled over.  He glanced sleepily at the screen and saw the call was from his boss, Graham Cox, owner of Big Boy Cupcakes, London’s only gay bakery.  It was eleven a.m. on December the twenty-fourth, and the bakery had closed the day before. It would stay closed until the New Year.
“He’s supposed to be on bloody holiday!”  Chris said gruffly, frustration bubbling in his chest.  He flailed out a hand and touched the screen to put the phone in speaker mode.  Then, throwing his legs over the edge of his bed he sat up.
“Whaaat” he groaned to the phone.
“Sorry, Chris, I know I promised you the time off while I was away, but I just got an order, and it’s too good to miss.  I really need you to go in.” his boss relayed apologetically.
Chris raked his fingers to flatten his short, ink-black bed hair.  The twenty-eight-year-old patisserie chef threw himself back into his goose down duvet and groaned again.  He’d loved the indulgence of this rare, short-lived lie-in. Especially because it included such a delicious filthy dream, involving whipped cream and Jason Beck, his favorite actor.
“Ohh-kay.  Go on. Tell me the details—” Chris huffed reluctantly, hoping it wasn’t an order for a multilayered Christmas cake or last-minute catering for a party.
“You know that they’re filming the new ‘Bonded’ movie at Pinewood Studios, yeah?”  Christopher’s interest peaked. He grew up on those movies.
“Well, Jason Beck is in town, and he’s throwing a small impromptu Christmas party for his husband, Andrei.”
Christopher sat bolt upright “Jason Beck…actor Jason Beck?”  He nearly choked getting the words out.

“The very same!”
“Shit, I love that guy!”  
Graham chuckled. ”Yeah, I know you do. That’s why I think that you are the best man for the job!” he said. “Beck saw the photoshoot we did for the Gay Times.  He wants four dozen of the black velvet ‘North Pole’ cupcakes for the party this evening. He’s staying at a rented house in St John’s Wood. I’ll email the details.  There’ll probably be a few stars and photographers, so make sure your cocks are outstanding and upstanding!” Graham snickered.
The Big Boy Cupcakes naughty Christmas-themed range included all kinds of toppers for the cupcakes, including Santa’s sac, Santa’s snowy balls, Jules’s log, Good Elf, and Bad Elf…which added a little bondage theme to the topper.  The ‘North Pole cupcake’ topper consisted of a fondant cock on top of whipped meringue frosting and marzipan holly over the balls.
“You know very well that I make the best dicks in London! ”  Chris retorted, chuckling too.
Christopher’s mind was swimming with possibilities.  Not only would he be baking his signature black velvet cupcakes, but he would also have to sculpt forty-eight marzipan penises in the next few hours, ice and decorate each cake, and deliver them to the party thrown by his favorite actor—and the cause of many a wet dream through his early teens.
Actor Jason Beck was Christopher’s first gay role model.  The blond, slender actor was nothing short of brilliant on the screen.  He played men, women, gay, straight, hero and villain, and everything in between.  Beck knew no boundaries, and he didn’t care who knew about his fluid sexuality. He’d flaunted his many lovers and taunted the tabloid press throughout his years in the movie industry.  The man proved that it didn’t matter what his sexual preference was. Talent was at the heart of his craft, and he could kick ass with the best of them. Jason Beck was happy in his own skin, and he became the inspiration for thousands of men, including Christopher, to come out and live as their authentic selves.  

This cake order was Christopher’s Christmas dream come true, and he hoped he would get the chance to tell Jason what a positive influence he had been on his life.

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About the Author 

Isobel Starling is an award-winning author of gay romance. Isobel spent most of her twenty-year professional career making art in Ireland. She relocated to the UK, and faced with the dreaded artist’s creative block, Isobel started to write and found she loved writing more than making art.

The Shatterproof Bondseries is an Amazon Gay Romance bestseller and has been translated into French, German and Italian. 

“As You Wish” (Shatterproof Bond #1), narrated by Gary Furlong, won the Audiobook Reviewer Award, Romance Category 2018. Isobel and Gary have produced ten audiobooks together, including whole Shatterproof Bond series.

Isobel will release the first book in her thrilling new fantasy series The Quiet Work in March 2019.

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