Friday, November 2, 2018

ARC Review: Push Me Pull Me by Amanda Rhodes

Push Me Pull MeFrom the blurb:

At twenty-four, Mallory Grant is still struggling with adulthood. She can’t seem to make it in to work on time and deals better with her Tumblr friend on the other side of the world than a face-to-face with a real live human. But when her boss threatens to fire her as a rental agent, Mallory has to buckle down with her new client or end up jobless.

Corinne Ibori is moving to the Chicago area and needs a place to call home. Mallory’s goal is to find just the right location for Corinne’s needs and show her boss she’s turned over a new leaf. Corinne is thirty-five, self-confident, beautiful, flirty, has a French accent, and knows what she wants.

Mallory is finding it hard to believe that what Corrine wants might be her.

Heather's rating:

I have an atrocious track record with F/F romance, but I keep trying to find winners. Who knew that the key to my lesfic heart was a generous dose of humor?

Push Me Pull Me is the first book from newbie Amanda Rhodes, but I already know I'll read anything that she writes. Any author that can start off this strong and make me not want to stop reading is an author I have to watch.

I enjoyed mostly everything about this story, but I'm not sure all readers will. It's really funny in a way that I personally connected with. I loved, loved, loved the insecure, spastic, anxious female MC, and I related to her so much. Plus, I'm a sucker for a butch girl, so that was an automatic bonus for me.

I felt like I was reading my friend talk about a date. Well, a hot date, and spilling all the dirty details. The sex scene was pretty steamy, but dirty little me wishes it was even hotter, more explicit, and kinkier. There is always the next book for that...

Parts of the story were a bit underdeveloped, but that is understandable and hard to avoid in novella format. However, if you want something that will make you smile, nod your head, and squirm in your seat, and you like F/F, this story is for you.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Enjoy, my friends!

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