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ARC Review : Neutral Zone : A Christmas Railers Novella (Harrisburg Railers, #6.5) By RJ Scott and VL Locey

Neutral Zone: A Christmas Railers Novella (Harrisburg Railers, #6.5)

Blurb :

Tennant Rowe has it all, a boyfriend he adores, a loving family, and a career on the rise. He’s sure of his place in the world, and the future can only get brighter. Then one night, in a flash of skates and sticks, life changes forever. Getting back on the ice is Ten’s priority, and experts tell him that it’s just a matter of time.

Jared watches his lover fall in more ways than one, and when tragedy strikes, even the strongest of relationships are tested. Ten is strong, but Jared has to be stronger to help the man who holds his heart. Only, he has to admit that maybe it isn’t just him who can make Ten whole again.

Jared and Ten’s love is forever, but the rocky path to the romantic Christmas Jared had planned may be hard to travel.

Christelle's rating :

For all the fans of the Harrisburg Railers series, a sport MM romance series where the reader gets to know each player of this great Hockey team and follow their falling in love.

This Christmas novella is not a standalone “per se” : it’s better to have previously read at least books #1, 4 and 6 of that series as well as Ryker, the first instalment of a spin-off series, to fully enjoy this addition.

And let me say that I once again fondly appreciated this story! First, because I got again a focus on Ten and Jared, the first couple introduced in this series, one of my favorite. Then, I got to discover how they deal after the stunning twist RJ Scott and VL Locey pulled out in “Goal Line” (book#6) : with strength and determination but also fear and vulnerabilities, cementing their love in the process.

Age-gap, not a lot of steam (under the circumstances, it’s not surprising) but still a lot of chemistry between these 2, a light dose of Hockey times, a touch of friendship among and from the team, especially Stan being…well, “Stan” to my delight, and of family gatherings.

RJ Scott and VL Locey are a great team : their writing flows with a nice dynamics and they draw endearing characters. I warmed up quite fast for this series and am now totally on board, so it’s no surprise when I say I will be there to get more in a few months with Stan being the front star.


ARC of Neutral Zone was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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