Saturday, November 17, 2018

ARC Review: Mr. Frosty Pants by Leta Blake

Frosty former friends get a steamy second chance in this Christmas gay romance!

Can true love warm his frozen heart?

When Casey Stevens went away to college four years ago, he ghosted on his straight best friend, Joel Vreeland. He hoped time and distance would lessen the unrequited affection he felt, but all it did was make him miss Joel more. Home for the holidays, Casey hopes they might find a way to be friends again. But Joel’s frosty reception reminds Casey of just how hard he had to fight to be Joel’s friend in the first place. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to get past that cool fa├žade again.

Joel isn’t as straight as Casey believes, and his years of pining for Casey have left him hurting and alone, caring for his abusive father and struggling to get by. Unable to trust anyone except his rescue dog—and with no reason to believe Casey is interested in him for more than a holiday fling—Joel’s icy heart might shatter before it can thaw.

Can Casey and Joel’s love overcome mistrust, parental rejection, class differences, and four long years apart? Mr. Frosty Pants is a stand-alone, Christmas gay romance by Leta Blake featuring a virgin hero, childhood friends-to-lovers, second chance romance, and romantically steamy scenes.

Dani's rating:

Mr. Frosty Pants is a holiday story and features Christmas trees, wreaths, ugly sweaters, and snow.

But it's more complicated than that.

When Casey left for college four years ago, he ghosted his friend Joel. Coming out to his snobby parents was hard enough. Casey didn't want to risk Joel's wrath. He didn't trust enough, even though he'd been in love with Joel for eons.

Joel is prickly and standoffish. He is not an easy character to like, but because the story is told in a dual POV, we see that Joel's sarcastic, aloof exterior hides a heart that's been bruised by his abusive father.

Joel wants nothing to do with Casey's offer to renew their friendship. But then Casey kisses him, and everything changes.

While Joel's father is truly despicable, Casey's parents are more complicated. I think they really wanted the best for Casey, even though they went about it the wrong way. The way Casey's dad treated Joel was unforgivable. And I kind of wanted to shake Joel for making a promise he never intended to keep, a promise he didn't want to keep.

Both MCs have soft edges and rough patches; they are real people. Joel's love for his dog made me smile, and I loved the way Casey cared about Joel and wanted to see him succeed. Joel worried Casey would judge him for living in a trailer home, but Casey couldn't care less about that.

This is a slower-paced novel where the relationship is nurtured and allowed to evolve; it's not always easy, but Joel and Casey talk and cuddle and make love (and holy hell does Leta Blake write amazing sex! *growls*).

The epilogue is warm and passionate and absolutely perfect. When Leta Blake writes sweet, she adds enough angst and hot sex to elevate the story from nice to naughty.

I would love to read more about the secondary characters (like Walker) who were introduced here.

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