Monday, November 5, 2018

ARC Review: The Kinsey Scale (Campus Connections #1) by CJane Elliott

The Kinsey Scale (Campus Connections, #1)

Life is good for Eric Brown. He’s a senior theater major, an RA for a freshman dorm, and has a great circle of friends. Single since sophomore year, Eric isn’t looking for love. But then Will Butler—fellow senior, co-RA, and the cutest guy Eric’s ever seen—walks into his dorm. Will has a girlfriend he sees off campus—a minor disappointment that becomes a major problem when a housing shortage causes Will and Eric to become roommates, and Eric is forced to witness Will’s hotness day in and day out. For protection, Eric asks Jerry, his ex-boyfriend, to pretend they’re still together. Jerry warns him it’s a stupid idea, but he reluctantly agrees.
Too bad it won’t save Eric from losing his heart.
Will Butler has never believed in himself. His dysfunctional family saw to that. Although Will has loved music since childhood, he’s never seriously considered pursuing it, and the person he’s dating doesn’t encourage him. Then he and Eric Brown become roommates, and everything changes. Eric believes in Will and his talent. He’s also gorgeous and playful and fast becoming Will’s best friend. And that’s not good, because Will is hiding some big things, not only from Eric, but from himself.

Todd's rating:

Meh. Sadly, this "campus connection" story felt much more about the campus than the actual connection for me. : (

Stories about collegiate MC's are totally my ideal jam, but I never fully bought into the growing relationship between Eric and Will.

I suspect that the main reason for that was the single point of view given, Eric's. I would've killed to know what was going on in Will's head, as he and Eric were assigned to the same dorm room, then spent loads of time together, getting to know one another better.

Also, Eric's complete obliviousness to knowing when others are interested in him "that way" didn't really help the reader see that there was attraction on both sides -- until Eric's friend Jerry broke off a big ole' piece of OBVIOUS and beat Eric upside the head with it, until he finally thought, "huh, maybe"...

I did like the whole girlfriend "Jessie" twist, although, I did see it coming from several miles away.

But the plot point where Eric felt it necessary to fake-date his ex, Jerry... umm, okay, no clue as to why *that* was remotely necessary or helpful in resisting Will's undeniable hotness.

The one full-on steamy scene on the couch was pretty hot, so I was pleasantly surprised, there.

But shorter stories generally leave me with a bit of an unfulfilled wish list, so I'm not eliminating the very likely possibility that my lukewarm reception of the story was probably just me.

Either way, I wanted more, so I'd rate this one at around 3.25 stars.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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