Saturday, October 6, 2018

Spotlight: The Reluctant Ghost Whisperer by Neptune Flowers

Today we shine the spotlight on Neptune Flowers and 

The Reluctant Ghost Whisperer 

Barrow And Sparrow #1


All you need is love, or so they say!

Owning a building company means long hours, lonely days and too much physical labour.

When Adam Barrow employs a fit, capable guy, life begins to look up. His business thrives from the extra muscle, and so does Adam. Being around chatty Johnny really helps the time fly past. Adam is shy and inexperienced in ways of the heart, but very soon his awkwardness eases and he finds himself flirting and having fun.

Johnny Sparrow has a mysterious past and seems to have a knack of stirring up inexplicable presences. From the day he arrives on a motorbike, weird things begin to happen, like strange noises and creepy mists. Even motorbike Angus has a personality!

All you need is love, but can Adam find the strength to confront the ghostly goings-on? Can Johnny find a use for the egg whisk, and can Angus really carry them both to safety?

A story of paranormal divas, supernatural aromas and head-over-heels romance.


Sex? I haven’t got words for what that man did to me, how he made me feel. He owned my body. Despite my lack of experience, I’m sure it was as good for him as it was for me, if the shouts and screams were anything to go by. I knew sex wasn’t emotions, or I thought I did. It’s just that, lying in his arms afterwards, I was so happy. Trite? Shallow? I don’t know. I was high-high up a mountain, soaring in the clouds with contentment. He unlocked me in ways I never thought would happen. My body and mind were both satisfied. I thought it would go on for ever. Maybe I was naïve. Everyone knows there’s only one way off a mountain, and that way is downwards, sliding, tumbling headlong.

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  1. I love ghostly beings! This sounds like a really fun read.


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