Saturday, October 6, 2018

ARC Review: Lord of Vice by Erica Ridley

Lord of Vice (Rogues to Riches, #6)From the blurb:

Appearances can be deceiving…

Vice merchant Maxwell Gideon is wickedly handsome, sinfully arrogant, and devilishly ruthless. Rumor has it, his gaming hell has the power to steal souls and grant miracles. Truth is, Max only owns half of The Cloven Hoof. He’d buy out his silent partner if he knew the man’s identity. But it’s hard to focus on business matters when a fallen angel tumbles right into one’s lap…

Miss Bryony Grenville has a well-earned reputation as an unrepentant hoyden. But even the gossipiest of the pinch-faced matrons ruling High Society could never imagine the daughter of a baronet secretly financing the ton’s most infamous gambling parlor. Its maddening, sexy proprietor doesn’t suspect a thing… and two can play at temptation!

Heather's rating:

Enjoyable and entertaining, Lord of Vice was another good book by Erica Ridley.

I had a little bit of trouble in the beginning believing the whole set up. I couldn't picture Bryony having the level of freedom that she did, sneaking around London with ease and without anyone from her house knowing she was missing. I also didn't buy that Max would be cool with her breaking into and chilling in his study. No, not him. I just couldn't see it.

I also thought that the romance was too fast. They were feeling these deep feelings way too quickly. I like a really slow burn where emotions and romance take a long time to develop, so the speed of their romance took me by surprise.

However, once I got past my initial obstacles and made it into the second half of the book, I couldn't put it down. I still don't think this story was very historically feasible, but I was too swept up in the romance to care. The second half of the story was very lovely and totally enjoyable, and I stayed up WAY too late to finish.

Though Lord of Vice started off a little shaky, it ended beautifully. A very nice read in the Rogues to Riches series.

*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

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Enjoy, my friends!

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