Sunday, October 28, 2018

ARC Review: A Deeper Blue (Rules of Possession, #2) by S.E. Harmon

A Deeper Blue (Rules of Possession, #2)
A year ago, Kelly Cannon couldn’t imagine he’d end up with his formerly straight best friend. It’s hard to believe he can finally kiss Blue any time he wants… as long as they’re in private. And there’s the rub. Despite Kelly’s promise to wait until Blue is ready to come out, he’s tired of sneaking around. The cracks in their relationship are starting to show, and there might not be enough spackle in the world to fix them.

Britton “Blue” Montgomery may not be the physics brainiac his boyfriend is, but he’s not stupid. He knows Kelly isn’t completely happy. But he’s not ready to be the poster boy for bisexuals and gays in the NFL. He just wants to keep his head down, play the game he loves, and go home to the man he adores. Is that too much to ask?

With the truth slowly coming to the surface, Blue must make a choice. If it means losing Kelly, there’s no decision to make…. He has to find enough courage to face the music and hope they’ll survive the fallout.

Man. Happily-ever-afters may not be just for Disney princesses, but they sure are a lot of work.

Jewel's rating:

A Deeper Blue was just the follow up I wanted for Blue and Kelly. I recall when I finished The Blueprint, I wanted more. Well, I'm happy to say I got it. A Deeper Blue was just what I needed.

After the guys officially got together in The Blueprint, Blue offered to come out. He wasn't really ready, though, and Kelly didn't want to push it. Blue wasn't ready to retire and he wasn't much interested in being a poster-child for LGBT+ NFL players, either.

A Deeper Blue gives us some delicious relationship angst due to Blue still being closeted. Having to play is as "just" best friends, in public was tough and the stress is a lot for the both of them. They're both so committed, though, and I never once thought they'd break.

I'm so happy that there wasn't a bunch of unnecessary drama or breakups or the various and sundry other places the author could have taken this story. Nope, we just get Blue and Kelly working hard for their HEA. They fight hard for it and when they get it, it just felt right.

There is plenty of banter in A Deeper Blue as well, and as usual with this author, I loved it!

If you enjoyed The Blueprint, you're going to love A Deeper Blue


ARC of A Deeper Blue was generously provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

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