Friday, September 14, 2018

Book Review: The Pursuit of... by Courtney Milan

The Pursuit Of... (The Worth Saga)From the blurb:

What do a Black American soldier, invalided out at Yorktown, and a white British officer who deserted his post have in common? Quite a bit, actually. 
• They attempted to kill each other the first time they met. 
• They're liable to try again at some point in the five-hundred mile journey that they're inexplicably sharing. 
• They are not falling in love with each other. 
• They are not falling in love with each other. 
• They are… Oh, no.

Heather's rating:

Holy crap, THIS is the Courtney Milan book I've been waiting for.

A few years ago, Courtney Milan was my favorite historical romance author. I bought up everything she has ever written, and I absolutely devoured her backlist. But since then, I've had issues.

I hated her contemporary romance series, and her more recent works have felt uninspired and forced. I didn't get that sense of ease and humor that I had from her earlier books, and that made me feel disinclined to keep reading her.

The last few CM books I've read have all been ARCs (advanced review copies), and so I vowed to stop requesting her ARCs because I don't exactly enjoy giving negative reviews. However, once I spotted the cover for The Pursuit Of... and read a few positive reviews from my friends, I knew I had to get it. I one-clicked it that day and started it a couple days later. And, holy F, I was blown away.

I like that Courtney Milan puts her money where her mouth is and actually writes diverse books, especially in the historical romance category where diversity is hard to find. I loved that we had a POC MC in The Pursuit Of..., and that his circumstances and hardships weren't brushed aside.

But what made The Pursuit of... really special wasn't the fact that we had a diverse romance, but that the book was funny and easy and, most importantly, felt natural. The storyline just flowed, and I loved the plot and characters, which is really, really hard in a novella format.

The humor is what really sold me. The story is the farthest thing from slapstick-funny, but the cheese... oh god... the cheese. I had tears, I was laughing so hard. I f-ing loved that horrible/delicious cheese.

I also loved the characters, who both had personality and made a huge impression on me, which, again, is very difficult to do in less than 200 pages.

This book showed the spunk and talent that made me fall in love with Courtney Milan. I'll buy 100 more of her books if she keeps this up.

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Enjoy, my friends!

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