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ARC Review: Unwritten Law by Eden Finley

Unwritten Law
Being an identical twin doesn’t come without issues.

No one can tell us apart, not even our parents sometimes. We don’t usually use that to our advantage, but it comes in handy when my brother needs help breaking up with his boyfriends—which happens more than I’d care to admit. I know it’s enabling him, but I can’t say no to Anders. I will do anything for my twin. The breakups always go the same; they’re swift and simple.

Until Reed.

He’s everything I've fantasised about but never allowed myself to have. When I give in to temptation and begin to freak out, it’s not because he’s a guy. It’s because he thinks I’m my brother, and I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth.

Todd's rating:

Well, I'm glad I Facebook stalked Eden down for an ARC of "Unwritten Law" now, because it turned out to be a very fun and entertaining read.

I'd expected this to be one of those "my brother slept with the same guy I'm sleeping with now" stories, but that wasn't at all the case here. Eden took a slightly different approach, which I enjoyed more than my initial "sloppy seconds" assumption.

Law's identical twin brother, Anders, the twin who Law was pretending to be, never even met the other MC, Reed, until significantly later in the book. After the point where Reed 'thought' he was engaged in a a friendship with Law and a hookup situation with 'Anders'.

Trust me, it's way less confusing than it sounds while reading the story, which was very well-laid-out and superbly written.

The story had steam, but it wasn't what I would call rife with it. And when sex happened, they pretty much did the deed, then Law ran for the door.

The book was much more about the developing friendship and subsequent feelings between 'straight' (*cough-bi-cough*) Law and Reed, which was a joy to watch.

Of course, Law was extremely conflicted as he constantly chickened out in coming clean that he was neither straight nor the brother he'd been pretending to be.

Reed's friendship had come to mean so much to Law, and the sexy bits were bringing on genuine feels, that he was terrified that his little revelation would result in the loss of both.

But as one would expect, secrets can't remain hidden forever, and when the truth came out, it came out spectacularly badly.

The story wasn't as angsty as you might assume. Both MC's were fairly level-headed, so while there was hurt, the pair eventually worked through the deceit and anger.

There was also a side-plot where one of Law's martial arts students, who Reed taught in school as well, was suffering from abuse at home. I absolutely adored 15 y.o. Davis and felt for what he was going through.

All of the additions to the main plot felt organic and never forced, so I was glued to the pages as I read.

The story overall felt fairly laid back, with two great guys getting to know one another much better, as feelings developed. Yet, since they were so even-keeled, I didn't feel quite the same level of raw excitement that I felt while reading Eden's "Fake Out (Fake Boyfriend #1)" story.

Yet I'd still rate this one at 4.25 stars for the sheer enjoyment that it made me feel.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author for a fair, unbiased review.

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