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ARC Review: Ghost's Dilemma (Ghost's Sight #2) by Morwen Navarre

Ghost's Dilemma (Witch's Apprentice #2)

Ghost is content to spend all his free time with Gerry. But scandal and hate surrounding Ghost’s appointment as the first male witch, along with a deadly epidemic, force Ghost to make choices that will separate him from his love.

Spurred on by a message from his mentor, Ghost embarks on a journey through mystical underground tunnels and lost civilizations to the frozen lands of his origin, seeking a way to neutralize the threat back home. While he struggles to find a balance between his duties as a witch and his calling as a seer, all Ghost really wants is to return to the haven he has found in Gerry’s arms.

Todd's rating:

While this story was fine, it wasn't until over 60% into the book that I became fully invested in the story.

Before that were all of the pages about Ghost discovering an illness in the village and trying to come up with a cure. I found these early parts of the book fairly boring and hard to care much about.

Then came word of a possible cure very far away in the Northlands, where Ghost's mentor, the Witch, had recently left to roam.

Once Ghost boarded the secret, underground transportation to the Northlands, my attention had officially been grabbed.

The series had previously taken place in what I'd consider a pre-industrial era setting, with everyone being hunters and gatherers, wearing pelts and drying meats to survive the harsh winters.

Then suddenly...   


... there was talk of mysterious, magical devices called centrifuges and traveling aboard a high-speed train, complete with computerized kiosks that prepare meals on demand.

And HOLY SHIT, suddenly you realized that they were most likely on future Earth, after some type of enormous disaster, and that the "ruins" were actually crumbling, ancient human cities.



Once Ghost is in the Northlands, I couldn't put the book down, wanting to know every little detail as soon as possible.

One of my very favorite parts was the addition of 9 y.o. Egill, another pale-haired, northern boy who, like Ghost, had "the sight". He was a smart little guy and played a huge help in providing the cure to the epidemic killing people in Ghost and Gerry's village.

As far as the romance goes, Ghost and Gerry had formalized their mate status, but there wasn't a lot of new ground covered here that wasn't covered in book 1.

In regards to steamy scenes, there were a few, but they felt entirely unnecessary to me in this particular story. I found myself automatically skimming past every page where the pene came out to play. For me, sex doesn't automatically equate to deep feelings, and it felt like a distraction here, so meh.

I would love to read the follow-up story of Ghost, Gerry and Egill's little family, as they grow and face upcoming challenges.

I'd rate this story at around 3.5 stars, mostly because the first 60+% of the story didn't really grab me.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.

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